Flowers for Dead Girls

By Abigail Collins

Seventeen-year-old Astra Vaughn isn’t exactly living her best life, with no friends, an absentee father, and a mom everyone thinks is crazy. Plus, one huge secret: she can talk to ghosts.

Astra inherited her mom’s gift, but sometimes it feels more like a curse. Especially when she meets sweet, cheerful, and absolutely gorgeous Isla. She’s just the right kind of girl to bring Astra out of her shell—and maybe more. The only problem? She’s dead.

When Isla enlists Astra’s help with her so-called bucket list, Astra intends to do just enough to help her move on to the afterlife. She doesn’t plan on getting close to her, and she definitely doesn’t plan on falling in love. By the time the list is finished, Astra realizes that her gift might not be such a bad thing after all.

But Isla has secrets of her own. And when the truth behind her death is discovered, even Astra’s love might not be enough to convince her to stay.

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Ghost Town

By R.E. Ward

Paranormal investigator Blair Wyndon is hell-bent on proving that ghosts are real. She posts the evidence she collects on the website, SpiritScientific, a well-known haven for like-minded paranormal believers. Well, like-minded except for Leif Henderson. 

Leif is a ghost hunter, not some stuffy paranormal investigator. She makes the kind of videos that thrill her audience, not bore them nearly to death. It’s all about clicks, views, and keeping the public watching to grow her fan base. She’s going to prove that ghosts exist with a dash of flair. Not like Blair.

When they each receive an exclusive invitation to investigate the famed ghost town of Masonville, they jump at the chance. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity neither is willing to give up, even if it turns out that they must share the glory.

But they aren’t the only ones who have been invited. The mystery suddenly turns deadly. Someone or something else is in Masonville, and if Blair and Leif don’t find a way to escape, they might never leave.

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Winter's Spell

By Ursula Klein

Theater director and high school drama teacher Tessa Flowers is still carrying a torch for her old college roommate, Roxy Bright, despite not having seen her in years. When they end up in Provincetown over the winter, Tessa convinces Roxy to help her put on a Shakespeare production. What better way to fan the long-held spark of attraction into the roaring fire of passion. Cue the instant attraction they long to explore. But when Roxy unwittingly saves a stranded mermaid named Mo, things go off script.

Mo is tall, curvy, and stunning, with long green hair and absolutely no clue about life on land. Lured into Cape Cod Bay by an evil spell, she cannot return to her true form. In gratitude to Roxy for having saved her, she vows to help Roxy find her true love. This would all be great, except that Mo doesn’t actually know anything about human courtship, and her help creates more problems than it solves. Throw in Tessa’s icy ex, who has the lead role in the play, and the stage is set for a comedy of errors that even the Bard could appreciate.

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Grave Consequences

By Sandra Barret

When Tamar Richler, an unlicensed necromancer, raises someone from the dead, she is forced to earn her license from researcher and top necromancy expert in the state, Maddy Wu. Maddy is both beautiful and unreachable, with lofty standards Tamar feels she can never meet.

Maddy knows better than anyone the dangers of unlicensed magic. After an accident years before leaves one brother dead and the other mysteriously uninjured, Maddie attempts a resurrection herself before the ambulance and licensed necromancer can arrive. The result leaves her with chronic illness and fatigue, and her brother in a coma. Now her only goal is to right her wrong and bring him back. 

When Tamar connects the dots to what really happened, the two of them must fight against the most politically powerful necromancer in the state to save a life and prevent the threat to their own survival.

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Haunted by Myth

By Barbara Ann Wright

Chloe knew her future would be boring. Every job pales in comparison to the family legacy: hunting monsters and banishing ghosts. But that birthright belongs to her mother and sister, leaving Chloe forever outside looking in. Until her sister dies without warning. Chloe gets the family magic, a lack of self-confidence, a grieving mother, a sarcastic spirit guide, and room for nothing else, especially love. And lately, someone seems to be summoning ghosts and protecting monsters, and all clues point to one very famous face: Helen of Troy.

Helen has spent hundreds of years running a sanctuary and rehab for the last mythical creatures on earth. And she has a huge chip on her shoulder about that whole Trojan War thing. When Chloe tries to shut the sanctuary down, Helen plots to get rid of her. Neither has time for the other’s philosophy or to see if their growing attraction is more than skin-deep, not when there are some monsters that won’t be sent to the Underworld without a fight.

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Bait and Witch

By Clifford Mae Henderson

Zeddi's cursed with bad luck. A housing shortage in the Bay Area’s Tres Ojos has left Zeddi and her nine-year-old daughter, Olive, living in a van. Working as a housekeeper, trying to save money, Zeddi worries about Olive’s welfare. When she finds her friend and housekeeping client Mags dead—and something about her death doesn’t sit right—she faces her biggest worry of all.

Mags’s longtime lover, Ida, confirms her suspicions of foul play, revealing that Mags served as high priestess to a dwindling coven of old witches—who are positive that Mags was murdered. Zeddi owes it to Mags and Ida to uncover the truth, but the more she digs, the more she fears that Mags’s love for Olive may have unintentionally made Olive the killer’s next target.

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Buried Secrets

By Sheri Lewis Wohl

Tuesday Johnson spent her career helping the Spokane, WA, community as a probation officer and a search and rescue K9 handler. After suffering a career-ending gunshot wound, all she wants is to heal and spend quiet time with her mother during her last days of battling cancer. Instead, visions of murder disrupt her hopes for peace, and family secrets shake up everything she thought she knew.

After twenty-five years of searching, private detective Addie Caine has all but given up hope of finding her brother alive. When the last known sighting brings her to Spokane and a routine search uncovers a decades-old burial ground, the hunt for her brother means pursuing a serial killer. Tuesday and Addie, along with Tuesday’s dog, Tripper, struggle to solve a twenty-five-year-old mystery while searching for love and redemption along the way.

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Living For You

By Jenny Frame

A Wild for You Novel | Book 4

In the final installment of Jenny Frame’s Wild For You series, danger and desire are impossible to avoid in the end game of good versus evil. 

Eternity is a long time, but for Serenity Debrek, immortality has been one long party. As little sister to Byron Debrek, the leader of the Debrek vampire clan, Serenity has never wanted for anything. If only she could be useful to her sister and be taken seriously, especially as she accidentally endangered the clan during their last encounter with the dark witch Anka.

Bhal has lived all eternity serving the Debreks. She has only one rule to avoid inevitable tragedy: never fall in love again. But Serenity haunts her dreams. Bhal shouldn’t love, and Serenity hates her it seems.

When Serenity falls into a path of self-destruction, only Bhal can save her and show her she has everything to live for. But in the end game of good versus evil, will they be able to find reasons to live, and love?

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Mate of Her Own

By Elena Abbott

Heather McKenna has no idea how to be a werewolf. Her wolf might be free from its cursed cage but has shut the door between the two of them, leaving Heather still reeling from the emptiness. When Heather discovers her mother is in the hospital, she is certain that closure from the person who cursed her in the first place will settle her wolf’s grudge and is quick to pack a bag. 

V Raines sees the problems with werewolf society all around them. Despite being a nonbinary outcast in their own pack, they still have the responsibilities of being the Alpha’s only child. When their father attempts to pair them off with a dominant male pack member, V is all but ready to abandon their pack.

When V is called to the hospital to take care of a possible rogue shifter, they aren’t ready for the consequences of finding their true mate in Heather. V’s all in as Heather worries she’s not wolf enough to stand between V’s intense pack and her true mate. Fate just made their lives a lot more difficult.

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The Haunting of Oak Springs

By Crin Claxton

A Supernatural Detective Novel

Ghosts are rising at Oak Springs farm, and supernatural detective Tony Carson is facing her deepest mystery yet. Tony and her Trinidadian best friend, Jade, unravel clues searching for a woman who doesn’t want to be found.

Red and Chris are the last two lesbians living on what was once a women’s land farm, oblivious to the secrets buried around them. If the developers start digging before Tony finds the ghost’s accomplice, then Red and Chris are in trouble. When an old enemy returns to the village, will the rural community of Wooly Mill side with Oak Springs, or will homophobic history repeat itself?

And while Tony and Jade are rallying the women’s group, a devious plan is spinning around them. The supernatural detective needs to watch her step. The past has long fingernails, and they’re clawing at the ground beneath Tony’s feet.

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Witch Finder

By Sheri Lewis Wohl


Hereditary witch Tamsin Chaney didn’t ask to be the Keeper. But you don’t mess with centuries of tradition. Even though she’ll do everything in her power to keep the Witch Finders of the Dark Faction from gaining possession of the Book of Darkness, she’s just fine tucked away on her farm dispensing white magic to keep her community safe and healthy.

Morrigan James, a Witch Finder of the White Faction, will stop at nothing to guard the Keeper and the sacred grimoire that holds the secrets to unleashing unstoppable evil into the world. The Dark Faction grows stronger and bolder, and time is growing short. Tamsin is in terrible danger, and Morrigan must protect her and the secrets she guards even if it costs Morrigan her life.

As they grow ever closer, only Tamsin and Morrigan can stop the Dark Faction and fulfill the prophesy that will keep the world safe forever.

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A Second Chance at Life

By Genevieve McCluer

Marriage of Convenience/Fake Relationship
Virgins/First Love
People of Color
Reunion Romance

Dinah Pelletier managed to be a vampire for an entire minute before she was arrested for murder and sent to prison at nineteen. Now, twenty-four years later, she’s about to be up for parole…and is still nineteen.

Dinah has done her best to avoid her once girlfriend (and also a vampire), Rachel Evans. Dinah went to prison to save her that night, but no matter how much she’s pushed Rachel away, she could never force herself to move on. So Dinah’s surprised to be face-to-face with her long-lost love, and the reason for her upcoming parole.

No sooner do they reconnect than a string of vampire killings begin again and evidence seems to be pointing at Dinah. Dinah, with Rachel's help, must prove her innocence while finding out if the two of them are still compatible after all these years. Even if time can heal old wounds, these deaths could destroy any hope for a life together.

Reader advisory: References to addiction

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Undiscovered Treasures

By MJ Williamz

Enemies to Lovers Romance
Amateur Sleuths
Big City
International Setting

Cyl Waterford hates Tampa. That she’s inherited a lighthouse there does little to change her mind. Of course, she’s going to sell as soon as she can and return to Colorado. If there are rumors the lighthouse is haunted, that’s something future buyers will need to investigate. Cyl doesn’t believe in ghosts anyway.

When her deceased aunt’s friends Luna and Martinique convince Cyl to have a séance in the lighthouse, everything she thought she knew about the supernatural is shattered. A mystery she can’t ignore sets them all on a quest to find sunken treasure and a missing dead woman.

Cyl’s in for more than an adventure as their quest reveals surprising attractions that have Cyl torn between returning home and following her heart.

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Curse of the Gorgon

By Tanai Walker

The Gorgon | Book 2

Cassandra Hunt is the Gorgon, an assassin/spy. She was programmed via mind control by Thora, her handler, for Olympicorp, a shadowy, cultish conglomerate bent on world domination. Everything changed when she met reporter Elle Pharell. They survived Olympicorp’s mass experiment gone awry and fell madly in love.

Now, in exchange for Elle’s safety, Cass works with a global intelligence collective seeking to apprehend members of Olympicorp. But things don’t go as planned when Elle is abducted. Untangling Olympicorp’s sinister intentions is Cass’s only chance of seeing Elle alive again, and Thora offers to help, for a price. 

Elle wakes up at a secret medical facility with no recollection of how she got there, and the staff won’t answer questions about her lost memories. The one question she can’t get out of her head? Who is the mysterious woman she only remembers as the Gorgon?

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The Value of Sylver and Gold

By Michelle Larkin

Sylver and Gold | Book 2
Federal Agents
Police Procedural 
Police / Cops

When word gets out that former Boston homicide detective Reid Sylver can talk to the dead, the FBI solicits her help on a serial murder case. Reid has only one condition: the FBI must let her run the investigation with Detective London Gold and the rest of her team by her side. 

London’s resilience is put to the test when she’s abducted by the killer they’re hunting. The one thing she has that his other victims didn’t is a close-knit team of detectives who are willing to color outside the lines of the law to find her. 

Pressure mounts as Reid hits one dead end after another. The clock’s running out, and her team’s fresh out of ideas. There’s one tool left in Reid’s investigative arsenal. But using it scares her almost as much as losing the woman she loves.

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Pack of Her Own

By Elena Abbott


Natalie Donovan jumps at a friend’s offer to stay in the family cabin for a month—she desperately needs the chance to get away from, and get over, her messy breakup. She doesn’t count on the owner of the local diner making her heart pound and her body desperate to be touched.

Wren Carne is a lone wolf. As an Alpha shifter, she has no pack and maintains her territory without causing drama, just the way she likes it. When she checks on the girl staying in a local cabin, she’s not expecting her wolf to identify the human as her One True Mate.

As fallout from their pasts encroaches upon the sleepy town of Terabend, Wren must decide if she wants a pack of her own, while Natalie worries that her secret—she’s transgender—might be too much for Wren.

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The Fall Line

By Kelly Wacker

Small Town Romances

Jordan Burroughs is the artist-in-residence at a college in the Deep South where she paints endangered aquatic lilies growing in the rocky shoals of the nearby river. While waiting for the rare flowers to bloom, she meets Maddie Grendel, the attractive and single English professor, and Tammy Palmer-Maxfield, heir to a fortune and wife of a greedy entrepreneur, who invite Jordan to paint on Tammy's vast estate.

The town is quaint, the professor charming, but strange occurrences at the college’s historic guesthouse challenge Jordan’s rational perspective. A mischievous gin-drinking ghost more than complicates her budding romance with Maddie. When a storm tears through town, the river and the special ecosystem it supports are threatened by toxic waste. Swept unexpectedly into conflict to protect the river at any cost, Jordan must make some dangerous decisions.

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Dark Truths

By Sandra Barret

Big City
The Jade Murphy Diaries | Book 3
People of Color

Jade Murphy thinks her undead life is going great until her ex-girlfriend and vampire maker barges back into her life with a simple heist in mind. Just like the old days, except in the old days, Jade didn’t have a human partner who doesn’t know she’s a vampire. She can keep Beth from learning her secret, keep her ex from learning about Beth, and keep them both from realizing Beth’s latent magical talent, no problem. But when the heist goes horribly wrong, all bets are off, and every secret is at risk.

Can Jade keep everyone happy and safe, or will her life turn into the vampire version of Humpty Dumpty when it all comes tumbling down?

Too many secrets make for a tangled fucking mess, Jade...

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