Barnabas Bopwright Saves the City

By J. Marshall Freeman

Political Thriller
Virgins/First Love
Big City
Children / Families
Amateur Sleuths
Coming Out
People of Color
Friends & Community
Other Worlds

Fifteen-year-old Barnabas Bopwright is proud to live in the greatest city on earth. But under the shiny exterior lurks the hidden cost of the city’s skyscraping success.

On his way to school, Barnabas discovers a transit map with an unknown subway line. Soon he’s on an impossible train, running from authorities who have guarded the city’s dark mysteries for a century. The subway brings Barnabas to a hidden valley outside the city where he’s drawn into a terrifying world of deception and revenge.

 In the valley, Barnabas discovers new friendships, a death-defying circus, an evil emporium, and a surprising attraction for another boy. But when his investigations uncover a terror plot to destroy the city he loves, Barnabas realizes it’s up to him to save his home and bring deadly secrets into the light before it’s too late.

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Heckin' Lewd: Trans and Nonbinary Erotica

By Mx. Nillin Lore

If you've been searching for smutty, fearless, gender diverse erotica written by affirming own-voices folks who get it, then this is the book you’ve been looking for! Packed with explicit erotic stories from trans and nonbinary gender diverse writers, Heckin’ Lewd celebrates sexual nonconformity, queerness, nontraditional relationship structures, and unrestrained lust, pleasure, and kink.

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Emerging Selves: An Exploration of Gender Identity

By Mx. Nillin Lore

Exploring the diverse narratives of those questioning, discovering, or well on their transition journeys, <i>Emerging Selves</i> is a vibrant collection of own-voices personal essays from trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse authors. Offering intimate insight into the emerging self from first awakening to wholehearted knowing and everything in between, Emerging Selves examines what it means to live your truth even when who you are and how you live disrupts the social construct of gender.

Whether you’re going through it all too, or just wanting to learn more to better love your loved ones, this collection is for you.

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Pack of Her Own

By Elena Abbott

Natalie Donovan jumps at a friend’s offer to stay in the family cabin for a month—she desperately needs the chance to get away from, and get over, her messy breakup. She doesn’t count on the owner of the local diner making her heart pound and her body desperate to be touched.

Wren Carne is a lone wolf. As an Alpha shifter, she has no pack and maintains her territory without causing drama, just the way she likes it. When she checks on the girl staying in a local cabin, she’s not expecting her wolf to identify the human as her One True Mate.

As fallout from their pasts encroaches upon the sleepy town of Terabend, Wren must decide if she wants a pack of her own, while Natalie worries that her secret—she’s transgender—might be too much for Wren.

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