Submissions Guidelines

Bold Strokes Books is interested in quality works from serious authors. We welcome authors of all identities writing queer content. Every manuscript is individually evaluated by the selections director and by select reviewers. A thorough review is a time-consuming process; therefore, we do not review manuscripts that have been simultaneously submitted to multiple publishers. Please note that we do not publish poetry.

We will consider previously published works (including self-published works) with the understanding that we will acquire all rights to the title for future publication (requiring you to remove the title from sale upon contracting). We ask that you provide date of publication, release/return of rights by previous publisher if traditionally published, and life to date sales figures (unit sales per format—not monies earned or royalties). Please query first with publication date and synopsis.

As an LGBTQ+ publisher, Bold Strokes Books strives to ensure that our list of authors represents the cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints of our world. We believe everyone should have access to write and read stories that reflect their lived experience.

For more info on the specifics of our publishing process, see our FAQ page.

For questions or to submit a manuscript, please email: Selections Director: Len Barot.

  1. A confirmation email is sent within 5 days of receiving a manuscript. Please query us if you do not receive one.
  2. Due to the large volume of submissions, we do not provide critiques.
  3. Our average time to decision regarding publication is 16 weeks.
  4. Reprints will be considered only with proof of termination of the previous publishing contract.
General Submission Information:
Submit the entire manuscript using Microsoft Word ® .doc(x) or .rtf as a single file attachment.
Please include a cover letter in body of email containing:
  • A one page synopsis of the plot (including the ending) with working title, category or genre, and word count
  • A short author bio including full legal name, pen name (if applicable), address, email, phone, website, and previous and planned publications
  • Indicate if the submitted manuscript is a reprint along with previous publication data
Preferred Word Count:
  • Romance, Crime/Suspense, Speculative Fic, Mystery, Intrigue/Thriller: 45,000–120,000
  • Contemporary, Historical, Saga, General: 75,000–100,000
  • Young Adult fiction: 45,000–75,000
  • Erotic fiction: 50,000–80,000
  • Novellas (all genres) 15,000–30,000
  • Non-fiction: Query
  • US Letter page (8.5x11 inches), 1 inch margins on all sides, 12 point Times New Roman
  • Double space, indent .5 inch paragraphs, and do not skip lines between paragraphs (no html formatting)
  • Do not use “Tabs” in the manuscript. Set your paragraph format to automatically indent on the first line.
  • Use the “Enter” key to start a new paragraph or a new line of dialogue. Do not use hard returns at the end of a line of text within a paragraph.
  • Insert a Page Break at the end of a chapter to start the next chapter on a new page. Do not use hard returns to move to a new page.
  • Triple space scene breaks with # or *** centered in middle line
  • Do not use two spaces after a period.