Bold Strokes Books brings together a multi-talented team of consulting editors, artists, and marketing professionals with decades of experience in the world of independent publishing. We not only have first-hand knowledge of the product and the market, we have the expertise to make your publishing experience the rewarding process it should be. This is our primary goal.

Len Barot, President

Len Barot has had a lifelong passion for the importance of affirming, validating literature to the LGBTQ community and brings more than twenty-five years experience in both writing and publishing to Bold Strokes Books. As an author writing under the noms de plume Radclyffe and L.L. Raand, she has published over fifty novels and fifteen anthologies. With her unique perspective as both author and publisher, she provides a forum to support the growth of each author's career while producing quality works to enrich the body of LGBTQ literature. She states: "I believe that publishing is about building long-term relationships and establishing careers through a combination of attention to craft, quality production, aggressive marketing, and wide-scale distribution. I also believe my charge as a publisher is to aid excellent authors in honing their skills in an environment of mutual respect, intellectual vitality, and rapport. I am an author, and I know how much more it takes to 'make a book' than just placing a cover on a manuscript. Done with love for the craft and respect for creativity, producing a book is a never-ending joy. My mission is to provide that experience to every author at Bold Strokes Books."

She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Saints and Sinners Literary Hall of Fame, and the Independent Book Publishers Association. As an author, she has received the Alice B. Readers Award twice, once for lifetime achievement, the Lambda Literary Award in both romance and erotica, multiple RWA chapter awards, and the 2014 Dr. James Duggins Outstanding Mid-Career Novelist award. She has contributed as a workshop instructor, moderator, and presenter worldwide.

Sandy Lowe, Senior Editor

Sandy has a Master's degree in Publishing from the University of Sydney, Australia. In her capacity as Senior Editor, she reviews submissions and proposals, edits and develops content for publication, and oversees publication production.