BSB Preview

BSB Preview * December 2021 Releases Bold Strokes Books authors read from and discuss their upcoming releases · registration for each session required all sessions stream live online, free of charge · Saturday, November 27, 2021   Session 1 * 5pm EST REGISTER   Amanda Radley Humbug  preorder Brey Willows Song of Serenity  preorder Kathleen Knowles A Fairer Tomorrow  preorder Ana Hartnett Reichardt Changing Majors  preorder Anna Larner Highland Whirl  preorder   Session 2 * 6pm EST REGISTER   Georgia Beers On the Rocks  preorder Diana Day-Admire & Lyn Cole Holiday Hearts  preorder Lisa Moreau The Christmas Proposal  preorder Morgan Lee Miller The Infinite Summer  preorder Lee Patton Fresh Grave in Grand Canyon  preorder Jesse J. Thoma Wisdom  preorder

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November 27 5:00 PM