BSB PubFest 2021

BSB PubFest   June 26, 2021   Join us for BSB PubFest!   Are you a first time author looking for the best way to publish in today's publishing world? A seasoned writer interested in expanding your audience and/or exploring new ways to hone your craft? Or only just beginning to make your dream of writing that special story a reality? When faced with so many choices, how do you decide what fits you best?   Bold Strokes Books, with an international audience, worldwide distribution channels, multifaceted marketing plans, and editors with decades of experience, is a great choice for new and established authors. Please join us for BSB PubFest to learn more about us, all we offer, and how we can help you bring your stories to readers around the world.   All sessions free of charge, but registration is required for each session.   REGISTER

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June 26 1:30 PM