Blood Rage

Blood Rage
By Ileandra Young

Working with SPEAR is never easy, but it also isn’t boring. Until now.

Evicted from her team, chained to her desk, Danika Karson must instead endure dozens of tedious experiments to diagnose the marks on her back. And no, she <i>may not</i> be part of the ongoing efforts to restore human-<i>edane</i> relations after last month’s Werewolf Riots.

So, when Rayne invites Danika to a wedding in her humdrum hometown, Danika seizes the opportunity to be useful. Not only can she support her vampire girlfriend in coming out to her estranged family, but she can also fulfill one of many debts owed to the nasty little goblin, Shakka.

One mundane favor, a nervous vampire, and an expensive, high-profile wedding. Stressful, perhaps, but given the choice between that and one more biopsy, Danika hurls herself in, feet first.

If only the unnamed creature made of smoke and bad memories would wait one more weekend…

Cover Artist: Jeanine Henning

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ISBN-13  978-1-63679-540-9

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