The Value of Sylver and Gold

The Value of Sylver and Gold
By Michelle Larkin

When word gets out that former Boston homicide detective Reid Sylver can talk to the dead, the FBI solicits her help on a serial murder case. Reid has only one condition: the FBI must let her run the investigation on her home turf with Detective London Gold, her dog Mugshot, and the rest of her team by her side.  

London’s profiling skills are put to the test when she’s abducted by the killer they’re hunting. If the killer holds true to his pattern, she’ll be dead in forty-eight hours. She must get inside his head and buy some time until Reid finds her.

Pressure mounts as Reid hits one dead end after another. The clock’s running out, and her team’s fresh out of ideas. There’s one tool left in Reid’s investigative arsenal. But using it scares her almost as much as losing the woman she loves.

Book 2 in the Sylver and Gold series

Cover Artist: Tammy Seidick

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ISBN-13  978-1-63679-094-7

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