One Verse Multi

By Sander Santiago

People of Color
Other Worlds
Friends & Community

For the last ten years, Martin King has been a rift repair technician for the Multi-verse Protection Corporation (MVP), closing gaps between universes. But he is ready for a change and joins a research team tasked with answering some exciting questions. “Exciting” quickly becomes “troubling” as the team learns that the multi-verse is on the fast track to a collision event that could destroy everyone and everything. MVP is there to help, right? Maybe not. Everything changes when Martin is kidnapped by an anti-MVP group who claims MVP is secretly propelling the collision.

And if the multi-verse issues weren’t enough, several men make Martin rethink what it means to be single or even monogamous. Martin’s growing feelings for Luca, the data manager on his research team, and Tidus from the FOX universe, help him understand what’s truly at stake. Only one thing is certain, Martin must figure out how to keep the multi-verse and his love life from collapsing into chaos.

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Three Left Turns to Nowhere

By Jeffrey Ricker and Others

Young Adult

Three strangers heading to a convention in Toronto are stranded in rural Ontario, where a small town with a subtle kind of magic leads each to discover what he’s been searching for.

Ed Sinclair and his friends get stuck in Hopewell after their car breaks down. It’s snark at first sight when he meets local mechanic Lyn, but while they’re getting under each other’s skin, the town might show them a way into one another's hearts.

Rome Epstein is out and proud and clueless about love. He’s hosting a giant scavenger hunt at the convention, but ends up in Hopewell. When the town starts leaving him clues for its own scavenger hunt, he discovers a boy who could be the prize he’s been searching for.

Fielding Roy has a gift for seeing the past. His trip to reunite with friends hits an unexpected stop in Hopewell, but a long-lost love letter and two local boys give him a chance to do more than watch the past. This time, Fielding might be able to fix the present.

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By Michelle Grubb

Reunion Romance
Federal Agents
Workplace Romance

National Crime Agency Assistant Director Ash Voss is highly intelligent and a must have on any table at a quiz night. She knows how to do one thing above all else: catch the bad guys. Ash has been out and proud since she could tie her shoelaces, and loving an ambitious young agent was as natural as Mother Nature herself. Until she got her heart broken into a million pieces.

Years later, Ash is thrust into Operation Syphon to oversee the conclusion of years of undercover work. The undercover NCA officer turns out to be none other than Nate Young, her ex-lover, who has since transitioned. When the dangerous criminals they worked so hard to put away discover Nate’s betrayal, a deadly cat-and-mouse chase will take them across the country and into each other’s arms. 

Ash thought she knew herself, what she wanted, how she wanted it, and more precisely, who she wanted. Nate couldn’t possibly be what she was looking for. Could he?

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Barnabas Bopwright Saves the City

By J. Marshall Freeman

Political Thriller
Children / Families
People of Color
Coming Out
Amateur Sleuths
Big City
Virgins/First Love
Other Worlds
Friends & Community

Fifteen-year-old Barnabas Bopwright is proud to live in the greatest city on earth. But under the shiny exterior lurks the hidden cost of the city’s skyscraping success.

On his way to school, Barnabas discovers a transit map with an unknown subway line. Soon he’s on an impossible train, running from authorities who have guarded the city’s dark mysteries for a century. The subway brings Barnabas to a hidden valley outside the city where he’s drawn into a terrifying world of deception and revenge.

 In the valley, Barnabas discovers new friendships, a death-defying circus, an evil emporium, and a surprising attraction for another boy. But when his investigations uncover a terror plot to destroy the city he loves, Barnabas realizes it’s up to him to save his home and bring deadly secrets into the light before it’s too late.

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Heckin' Lewd: Trans and Nonbinary Erotica

By Mx. Nillin Lore

If you've been searching for smutty, fearless, gender diverse erotica written by affirming own-voices folks who get it, then this is the book you’ve been looking for! Packed with explicit erotic stories from trans and nonbinary gender diverse writers, Heckin’ Lewd celebrates sexual nonconformity, queerness, nontraditional relationship structures, and unrestrained lust, pleasure, and kink.

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