From This Moment On

From This Moment On
By PJ Trebelhorn

When faced with the loss of everything you hold dear, you run.

After a drunk driver took the lives of her lover and unborn child, that's exactly what Devon Conway did. Three years later when offered a business opportunity she can't pass by, she decides it's finally time to return home—even though she's far from sure of her welcome.

Katherine Hunter took a different path in the face of loss, throwing herself into her work to fill the emptiness in her heart. She doesn't have the time to date, even if she wanted to. But then fate drops Devon on her doorstep—literally—and Kat begins to question if the life she has painstakingly rebuilt is really enough.

Despite Devon and Kat's powerful attraction, the past stands between them—preventing them from taking a chance on the future. Will what is growing between them be enough to convince them that from this moment on, anything is possible, even love?


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