BSB Preview
May 21

BSB Preview

BSB Preview * June 2022 Releases

Bold Strokes Books authors read from and discuss their upcoming releases


Saturday, May 21, 2022


Session 1 * 5pm EDT



Joy Argento, Missed Conception  preorder

Sandra Barret, Racing the Dawn  preorder

Jane Fletcher, A Fox in Shadow  preorder

Jeannie Levig, Embracing the Moon  preorder

Amanda Radley, Reclaiming Love  preorder


Session 2 * 6pm EDT



Kimberly Cooper Griffin, Sol Cycle  preorder

D. Jackson Leigh, Forever Comes in Threes  preorder

Mx. Nillin Lore, Heckin’ Lewd: Trans and Nonbinary Erotica  preorder

Carsen Taite, Trial and Error  preorder