BSB Preview
September 25

BSB Preview

BSB Preview * October 2021 Releases

Bold Strokes Books authors read from and discuss their upcoming releases


registration for each session required

all sessions stream live online, free of charge


Saturday, September 25, 2021


Session 1 * 5pm EDT



Cari Hunter Unbreakable  preorder

Kimberly Cooper Griffin Can’t Leave Love  preorder

Julie Tizard Free Fall at Angel Creek  preorder

Sophia Kell Hagin Not All A Dream  preorder


Session 2 * 6pm EDT



Greg Herren Bury Me in Shadows  preorder

Cass Sellars Love’s Compromise  preorder

Carsen Taite Trial by Fire  preorder

Ali Vali Turbulent Waves  preorder

Nancy Wheelton Veterinary Surgeon  preorder