Cass Sellars
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Women's Week 2018

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 October 10, 2018 - October 13, 2018
 Provincetown, MA

Cass Sellars

Cass Sellars is a certified fraud examiner and criminal justice professional. She has led white-collar criminal, corporate and financial fraud, and theft investigations. Formerly an editor of a small magazine, a creative journalist, and a public speaker, she’s always been a writer at heart. The Lightning Series has allowed her to explore the world of romantic suspense fiction. 

After life-changing experiences as a victim of corrupt “justice,” she felt compelled to write about powerful lesbian characters that have the opportunity to fight for those who have been victims and seek justice where money and politics are not always the only winning assets. 

Sellars grew up in the Midwest and in Great Britain, but spent much of her adult life on the East Coast. She currently lives with her wife near San Francisco. She dabbles in interior design, event planning, singing, travel, and women’s music and works at being a vital part of the lesbian and creative communities.