Thor: Daughter of Asgard

 Thor: Daughter of Asgard
By Genevieve McCluer

Hannah Olsen just wanted to be an accountant. She met the girl of her dreams and was more than ready to settle in for an ordinary life. Then she found out she was the reincarnation of Thor. Suddenly, she’s thrown into a world of magic and intrigue, unexpected attraction, and a mystery she’s got to unravel. All she can count on are her friends and her partner, and perhaps her new crush. With their help, she just might be able to find her way in this new life, and maybe stop an evil plot along the way.


Praise from Publishers Weekly: "Norse mythology intrudes on a bubbly romance in this light adventure from McCluer. Hannah Olsen, an athletic, heavy drinking recent graduate of Portland State University, meets bombshell bartender Emily Johnson on a night out, and the pair soon start dating...Soon thereafter, two burly, armor-clad men accost Hannah and Emily, claiming the women are reincarnations of husband and wife Norse gods, Thor and Sif....Readers will come for the gender bending mythology and stay for the light romance."

Cover Artist: Jeanine Henning

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Release Date  
Words   101,000
ISBN-13  978-1-63555-815-9
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