Something Between Us

Something Between Us
By Krystina Rivers

In the waning days of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Quinn Prescott and Kirby Davis met during military training. Despite different backgrounds, services, and plans, they fell hard and fast. However, it wasn’t long before distance and the pressures of serving in silence drove them apart.

Ten years later, Kirby literally runs into Quinn at Chicago Pride. Although she lives in a city of three million, she continues to see Quinn everywhere, and she can’t seem to ignore the pounding in her chest that isn’t always frustration no matter how much she tells herself it is.

Quinn knows she made the biggest mistake of her life when she chose her career over Kirby. She’s desperate to make amends, and perhaps even turn their chance meetings into a second chance for romance.

Kirby’s definitely not giving Quinn a second chance. But how long can she ignore the truth that there's something between them?

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