Never a Bridesmaid

Never a Bridesmaid
By Spencer Greene

Jessica Monroe is not going to her sister’s bachelorette party. She hates weddings, she hates her sister’s friends, and she hates everything having to do with her sister’s maid of honor, Tanner Caldwell.

Jessica knows Tanner from high school and has vowed never to speak to that preppy know-it-all again. When Jessica’s mother holds her inheritance hostage unless Jessica agrees to be a bridesmaid and attend all her sister’s pre-wedding events over the next six months, she must fly to Ashville for what’s sure to be the longest weekend of her life. It’s one thing to be blackmailed into obligatory heteronormativity, but it’s quite another to be continually thrown into situations with Tanner, who seems to enjoy getting under her skin.

As the wedding gets closer, Jessica’s hatred for Tanner is a bit more complicated than she thought. Maybe it’s not just hatred that’s getting under Jessica’s skin, but something more?

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