Lost in the Wild

Lost in the Wild
By Kadyan

Allison, a Vancouver gallery owner, boards a small plane bound for Dawson City to meet a promising young First Peoples artist. Tour guide Mike is returning home to enjoy a well-deserved rest after tourist season. She’s skeptical of the sophisticated city slicker who sits next to her on the flight. The woman looks like she hasn’t camped a day in her life.

Neither the pilot nor the weather forecasters foresee the monstrous storm that forces their plane to crash-land somewhere in the Yukon wilderness, far from any town or road. As the only survivors, Allison and Mike must help each other and overcome their prejudices to survive and get home safely.

 Facing hunger, cold, and a terrifying encounter with a bear, mutual respect begins to blossom, and with it, desire neither expects.

Cover Artist: Inkspiral Design


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Release Date  
Words   64,500
ISBN-13  978-1-63679-546-1
File Formats  epub, pdf

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