Isle of Broken Years

Isle of Broken Years
By Jane Fletcher

Catalina de Valasco’s  parents have her future fully planned. The most important step for a 17th century Spanish noblewoman being, of course, an advantageous marriage. 

Unfortunately, a series of setbacks has left Catalina unwed. On a galleon bound for the Americas and her latest husband-to-be, Catalina again finds her marriage plans frustrated. Pirates capture the ship, and she is held for ransom. The danger intensifies as they sail into seas which, one day, will become known as “The Bermuda Triangle”. 

Catalina enters a terrifying world that she could never have imagined or planned for. Yet of all the surprises awaiting her, the most unexpected one is love.

Cover Artist: Sheri Halal

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Release Date  
Words   99,000
ISBN-13  978-1-63555-176-1
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