The Straight Shooter

By Paul Faraday

Fresh from a summer on the beach, West Hollywood Junior Collegiate, Nate Dainty is armed with a syllabus and a hidden agenda: to meet adult film sensation and (somewhat less) dedicated calculus student, Myles Long. Myles returns Our Red-Haired Amateur Sleuth's desire, but before their big scene, the Paragon of Porn is snatched out from under Nate by masked men in a van in a parking lot!With the help of his good pals, Beso Tangelo and Jorge Ramirez, Nate tackles the case. Soon, life as Nate and his gay friends know it takes a dangerous turnfirst into the Valley (!!) and then into a bathhouse (!!!)

Who holds the secret to Myles Long's kidnapping? A jealous roommate, an aging houseboy, or a drag queen with a weakness for Vodka Martinis? The fearless and nubile Nate Dainty takes on the list of suspects with charm, willingness to disrobe, and a disarming ability that only West Hollywood's favorite amateur detective could muster!
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Blood Sacraments

By Todd Gregory

They walk in the darkness, seeking their prey, driven by needs and desires they cannot control.

Their lust for human blood struggles with their desire for the body of a beautiful man--and if they are truly lucky, they can satisfy both lusts at the same time. In these tales of the gay vampire, some of today's top erotic writers explore the duality of blood lust coupled with passion and sensuality, and the need of the vampire to take blood and give erotic delight in return.

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Midnight Whispers

By Curtis Christopher Comer


Paranormal investigator Blake Danzig, star of the syndicated show Haunted California and owner of Danzig Paranormal Investigations, has been able to see and talk to the dead since he was a small boy. Born into a circus family, Blake eventually made his way to San Francisco where he wrote his first book and opened his paranormal investigation office. Assisted by his best friend and self-proclaimed witch, Melody Adams, Blake helps his ex-lover and San Francisco Police Detective, Brian Cox, solve cold case murders by contacting the spirits of the victims. But, when he gets too close to a psychotic spirit, all hell breaks loose and Blake ends up risking losing not only his boyfriend, Joe, but his very soul.

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Vieux Carre Voodoo

By Greg Herren

New OrleansĀ 
A Scotty Bradley Mystery
Private Investigator

Former go-go boy turned detective Scotty Bradley is back!

When an old family friend apparently commits suicide from his French Quarter balcony, Scotty's life accelerates from boring to exciting again in a nanosecond. Why would anyone want the old man dead, and what were they looking for in his ransacked apartment? It's up to Scotty, Frank, his crazy family, and friends to get to the bottom of this bizarre mystery--and when an old, all-too-familiar face turns up, it's not just Scotty's life that's in danger, but his heart.

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By John Caruso

Lucifer: fallen angel or martyr of desire?

Condemned to die by God and branded a traitor by his fellow fallen angels, Lucifer descends on Boston in a blizzard. He is drawn to humanity and vows to appear before the world again as Lucifer. But with Heaven's longstanding disinformation campaign stacked against him, he does not yet dare. When he learns of a celibate cult, the Wise Virgins, he dons human disguises and enters the lives of two of its leaders, Virgil Caldera and his aunt, Agatha Brimsmead. The powerful archangel Michael, Lucifer's creator and former lover, is behind the cult. Michael is convinced that sex is the source of all misery on earth, and has decreed that humans must renounce erotic love or burn in hellfire.

The battle of wills and wits is on--not only over the bodies and souls of Virgil and Agatha, but in that age old struggle between desire and divine authority. Lucifer has one hope of defeating Michael: he must expose the deadly flaw in Michael's plan of salvation. But as long as he remains hidden, he cannot reveal the truth about his past in heaven or the scandal of the world to come.

In The Bible and Milton's Paradise Lost, Lucifer is portrayed as the angel whose pride caused him to fall from heaven and turn toward evil. In Lightbearer, he is the artist, the dissident, and the genius of desire who dares to question the premise of creation itself, and who reveals that sin may be all that stands between us and living hell.

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Rough Trade

By Todd Gregory

'Rough trade' once signaled a risky encounter with dangerous straight men who were 'gay for pay.' In the almost forty years since Stonewall, 'rough trade' has come to mean everything from S/M to wrestling to violent rough sex. Some of the top male erotica writers have penned their own hot, sexy versions of the term, producing some of the hottest, nastiest, and most dangerous fiction ever published. Jonathan Asche, Dan Boyle, Bill Brent, Dale Chase, M. Christian, Todd Gregory, Greg Herren, Adam McCabe, Kelly McQuain, Christopher Pierce, Neil Plakcy, Nic P. Ramsies, Max Reynolds, Jay Starre, Cage Thunder, Aaron Travis, Greg Wharton, and Logan Zachary.
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Late in the Season

By Felice Picano

Children / Families

A telling novel about gay life after Stonewall, Late in the Season is one of the finest novels in the long career of one of the founding members of the Violet Quill Club. Set on Fire Island in late September, this is the story of an unlikely pair of friends--a gay composer in his late thirties and an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl--both of whom are trying to make sense of their complicated lives. But much more than this, it is a compelling portrait of a magical time and place, after the Stonewall riots opened up so many possibilities and before AIDS forever changed the face of the gay world. Reprint.

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Looking Glass Lives

By Felice Picano

Children / Families

Stories within stories, secrets buried for generations, and the ghostly presence of a tragic figure from Civil War times haunts a seaside Rhode Island town and the lives of sexually precocious cousins Roger and Chas Lynch. When grown up Roger returns to live in the town's "haunted house" with his new wife, he discovers its cruel story. And the cousins' love triangle plays out eternal cycles of passion, jealousy, and perhaps also redemption. Reprint.

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The Lure

By Felice Picano

New York City
Big City
People of Color
Police ProceduralĀ 
Psychological Thriller
Noel Cummings's life is about to change irrevocably. After witnessing a brutal murder, Noel is recruited to assist the police by acting as the lure for a killer who has been targeting gay men. Undercover, Noel moves deeper and deeper into the dark side of Manhattan's gay life that stirs his own secret desires--until he forgets he is only playing a role.
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Sistine Heresy

By Justine Saracen

International Setting

Eros, art, and gorgeous blasphemy...

Adrianna Borgia, survivor of the Borgia court, presents Michelangelo with the greatest temptations of his life while struggling herself with soul-threatening desires and heresies. Her growing passion for the painter Raphaela Bramante mirrors the sculptor's damnable interest in a castrato in the Sistine choir and in the ideas of secular humanism. Claimed as the epitome of Christian inspiration, Michelangelo's ceiling is revealed as a coup of Eros upon religion, a gorgeous blasphemy and a paean to forbidden love in the very heart of the Church.

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