By Barbara Ann Wright

Cressida loves Greek mythology, tales of gods and monsters, but she knows they aren’t real no matter how awesome it would be to meet the beautiful women of myth. When her aunt June disappears, Cressida realizes the other members of her family aren’t so rational. June’s notes point to a possible entrance to the fabled Underworld before they cut off completely.

Following June’s footsteps leads Cressida into a world she knew only as legend, a place of marvels and danger, where the living are highly prized by the dead. Desperate, Cressida turns to Medusa, a demigoddess who’s been maligned by myth, but everything in the Underworld comes with a price. Medusa is more than willing to help find June, and all it will cost Cressida is one little murder.



A unique take on the Greek gods and the afterlife make this a memorable book. The story is fun with just the right amount of camp. Medusa is a hot, if unexpected, love interest... A truly unexpected ending has us hoping for more stories from this world.

When Cressida’s beloved Aunt June disappears, the last place she expects her to turn up is the fabled Underworld. Demigoddess Medusa offers Cressida her best chance at rescuing her aunt but it comes at a high price. How far will Cressida go to free June? When everything Cressida thinks she knows turns out to be false, will a gorgon be a girl’s best friend … and more? 



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Release Date  
Words   91,000
Pages   288
ISBN-13  978-1-62639-599-2
File Formats  epub, mobi, pdf

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