Barbara Ann Wright at ConDFW
February 16

Barbara Ann Wright at ConDFW

Barbara Ann Wright is a panelist at this years ConDFW, a literary-focused science fiction convention brought to you by the Texas Speculative Fiction Association (TSFA).

Here's her schedule:



Friday, 4pm: You Got Your Politics in my Fantasy!
Panelists: Julia S. Mandala (M), Barbara Ann Wright, Robert W. Pietzsch, Adrian Simmons
Don’t you hate it when you’re reading a great escapist fantasy novel and suddenly you draw connections to the real world? Does it help in writing to tap into the well of hatred that is modern-day politics? How can you do so safely? Do you want to be safe?

Friday, 5pm: Mapmaking for Dummies
Panelists: Christie Meierz (M), Paul Black, Barbara Ann Wright, Rhonda Eudaly
You may not need to draw a map, but to build a world you definitely need to have geography in mind! How do you decide what is where? And where does the “Here Lie Dragons” go? Our worldbuilder panelists discuss. Drawing may or may not happen.


Saturday, 1pm: Linda Donahue, Carole Nelson Douglas, Barbara Ann Wright

Saturday, 2pm: Literary Fight Club
Panelists: Seth Skorkowsky, Barbara Ann Wright
Over the past couple of years we’ve seen various talented panelists show off martial arts. It’s easier to demonstrate those martial arts, but how exactly do you write them? Somehow “I punch him in the stomach” just doesn’t cut it. Our panelists examine fight scenes, how to set them and how to write them.

Saturday, 5pm: Escape from the Slush Pile
Panelists: Julia S. Mandala (M), Barbara Ann Wright, Catharine Jones Payne, Michelle Muenzler, Teresa Patterson
The perennial panel returns as we tantalize people with mistakes and errors you should try to avoid. Beware: someday you may end up here if you do not learn from your mistakes. Come and learn from our editors on what to avoid so you don’t end up on – the slush pile.


Sunday, 1pm: Karl K. Gallagher, Barbara Ann Wright 

February 16, 2018  To  February 18, 2018