The Price of Cash

The Price of Cash
By Ashley Bartlett

Cash Braddock’s summer started bad and it’s getting worse. Her suppliers keep getting arrested. Her competition is poaching all her customers. Laurel isn’t who Cash thought she was. And her farm is under a microscope, which makes money laundering difficult. 

There’s a new dealer on Cash’s turf. When kids start dying from the dealer’s pills, Detective Kallen turns to Cash for answers. Turns out her reputation for selling pills doesn’t make her an expert. It makes her a suspect. Cash preferred it when she knew which cops were bad and good.

Last time, her business and reputation were on the line. Now, she’s got to worry about staying out of jail. And stay alive.

Second in the Cash Braddock series.

Cover Artist: Megan Tillman

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Release Date  
Pages   312
ISBN-13  978-1-62639-708-8
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The Price of Cash

The Price of Cash


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The Price of Cash

The Price of Cash


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