Saints+Sinners 2015

Saints+Sinners 2015

New Fiction From the Festival 2015

By Paul Willis, Amie Evans

An anthology of short fiction featuring the finalist selections from the 2015 Saints + Sinners Literary Festival.



  • Introduction by Andrew Holleran
  • Gingerbread by Eric Andrews-Katz
  • Wren’s Knell by Kristyn Dunnion
  • Hustler Court by Frank Perez
  • Maple Beach People by Lee Lynch
  • What It Was Turned Ollie Queer by Mike Tuohy
  • Femorph by James Russell
  • Fat Hands by John Kane
  • Days of Awe by N.S. Beranek
  • Pageant Girl by Sam Hawk
  • ’Til It Bleeds by Jerry Rabushka
  • A Perfect Fit by Felice Picano
  • Basketball Fever by Maureen Brady












Release Date  
Words   69,500
ISBN-13  978-1-62639-391-2
SKU  9781626393912e
File Formats  epub, pdf, prc

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