Defiant Hearts

By Lee Lynch

Small Town Romances
Virgins/First Love
Workplace Romance
Blue Collar
Big City
Financial gap/Class disparity
New York City
Coming Out
People of Color
Friends & Community
Age Gap
Friends to Lovers Romance

Gathered for the first time in one collection, these short stories from Lee Lynch represent a quarter century of passionate portrayals of lesbian women. Lynch chronicles the lives of old women who fall in love, a Black firefighter seeking her place in the feminist community, bar dykes unwilling to back down, the denizens of lesbian-owned Café Femmes, and Henny—who runs an urban fruit stand while regaling her baby butch assistants with tales from her life. Iconic characters from Lynch's novels also make an appearance: Frenchy Tonneau from The Swashbuckler and Annie Heaphy from Toothpick House.

Lee Lynch’s work is considered among the classics and a cornerstone in the large and permanent foundation of lesbian literature.


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Desiring More

By Raven Sky

International Setting
People of Color

In this collection of steamy stories, a rich variety of lovers desire more—more from a lover, more from themselves, and more from life. Their erotic journeys in search of answers range from oh-so-hot to incendiary. 

Adventure with them on their exciting trysts in unusual locales—an empty theater, an ice fishing hut, a sex club, a remote hot spring. Powerful transformation occurs when opposites attract, whether it’s a rich housewife and her genderqueer gardener, or a shy divorcee and a latex-clad dominatrix.

This collection has something for everyone, from sweet tales of little old ladies reminiscing about a lifetime of lovemaking to gritty explorations of jaded sex workers finding true love together. A goddess and a Valkyrie. A model and a two-spirit, lone wolf. Even the classic English teacher meets gym teacher.

Spanning differences of race, age, and class, these queer couplings ultimately find pleasure and empowerment together.

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In Our Words

By Victoria Villasenor and Others

In Our Words: Queer Stories from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Writers is a thoughtfully curated collection of short stories at the intersection of racial and queer identity. Comprising both the renowned and emerging voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color authors, across multiple countries, and diverse in style, perspective, and theme, In Our Words reflects the complexity and diversity of human experience.

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Silk and Leather: Lesbian Erotica with an Edge

By Victoria Villasenor

What happens when you leave your inhibitions at the door? When you’re ready for something different, something that pushes your boundaries and makes your wildest, wettest fantasies come true? What would you do if no one was watching? Or if they were? Is there something you’ve always wanted try? A bit of role play? A top to someone’s bottom? That chance meeting that leads to unexpected pleasures?

Life is anything but ordinary when the lights go out and there are no rules to follow. This collection of stories by award winning authors offers fantasies as soft as silk and tough as leather. The only question is: How far will you go to make your deepest desires come true?


Praise from Publishers Weekly: "The 20 stories in this scorching anthology of lesbian erotica celebrate Sapphic love, freedom of choice, and female sexuality...Readers will be thrilled by the erotic journeys of these empowered heroines who break out of their shells and claim their pleasure. There are no false notes in this red-hot anthology." (starred)

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Escape to Pleasure: Lesbian Travel Erotica

By Sandy Lowe and Others


Have you ever fantasized about dipping into sensual waters? Tasting exotic fruit? Watching forbidden pleasures? Ever dreamed about the erotic games lesbians  play when they’re far away from home?

When life becomes mundane, the best way to shake things up is by getting away from it all. On vacation, anything is possible and fantasies really can come true. Edgy, wild, and wanton encounters promise satisfaction for those ready to play while away.  Join these award-winning authors as they explore the sensual side of erotic lesbian travel.



  • The Lodge by Aurora Rey
  • Let Go by Rion Woolf
  • The Night Orchestra by Sam Ledel
  • Remain Overnight by Kara A. McLeod
  • XO, Beatrix by Jane C. Esther
  • Green Gables and Golden Opportunities by Allison Wonderland
  • Galapagos Dreams by NR Dunham
  • Happy Anniversary by T.L. Hayes
  • A Fantasy Getaway by Jeannie Levig
  • Battle of the Bands Over Desperation Pie by Ina Brix
  • Mistakes Happen by Brit Ryder
  • Like a Flash Flood by T.C. Mill
  • The Lay of the Land by Raven Sky
  • On Her Trail by Renee Roman
  • The Girl in the Taxicab by Angora Shade
  • Clueless and the Tormentor do Thailand by Ali Vali
  • Where It Began by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk
  • The Piña Colada Effect by Amelia Thorpe
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Saints+Sinners 2018

By Paul Willis and Others


An anthology of short fiction featuring the finalist selections from the 2018 Saints+Sinners Literary Festival.


  • Stockyards Harlot by W. L. Hodge
  • Sand Angels by Jeremy Schnotala                                                            
  • Aloha, Ollie Bell by William “Chris” Smith                                                    
  • Frey and Gared by James Penha
  • Women and Children by Miranda Recht
  • Always Chasing the Serpent by Sarah Fonseca
  • The Widower by Vince Sgambati
  • Down Hawthorne Street by Mahin Ibrahim
  • When We Get Home by Dante Fuoco
  • Devoured by Andrew Schopp
  • Collecting Brass by Laura Steadham Smith                                                 
  • Mr. Darcy’s Pride by Jameson Currier
  • The Buried Bodies of Old Pompeii by J. Marshall Freeman
  • Old Friends by J. Michael Norris
  • Memorial at the Club New Orleans by Reed Vernon Waller 
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Girls Next Door: Lesbian Romance

By Stacia Seaman and Others

College Life

Sometimes the most intriguing girls are right next door—BFFs, ex-girlfriends, new girls in town, party girls, study mates, teammates, and sexy strangers. All it takes is a night out, the right moment, or an accidental kiss to discover what's been there all along—the perfect girl for a love that lasts a lifetime. Best-selling romance authors tell it from the heart—sexy, romantic stories of falling for the girls next door.


  • Cupcake by Georgia Beers
  • Guilty Pleasure by M. Ullrich
  • Hooper Street by Anna Larner
  • Snow Day by Missouri Vaun
  • Knocking on Haven’s Door by Brey Willows
  • Gold by Giselle Renarde
  • Love Unleashed by Karis Walsh
  • Bat Girl by Laney Webber
  • The Aisle of Lesbos by Allison Wonderland
  • Kiss Cam by Lisa Moreau
  • The Girl Next Door by Beth Burnett
  • October Moon by Sheri Lewis Wohl
  • Chemistry by Lea Daley
  • Black Out by Ronica Black
  • Dog Day of Summer by Kris Bryant
  • The Perfect Blend by Rion Woolf
  • Welcome to the Neighborhood by Aurora Rey
  • Neighbors by Elizabeth Black
  • Black Sheep by Nell Stark
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Saints+Sinners 2017

By Paul Willis and Others


An anthology of short fiction featuring the finalist selections from the 2017 Saints+Sinners Literary Festival.


  • Introduction by Michael Thomas Ford
  • Moonshine by Michael Chin
  • The Gay Restaurants of New York by William Moeck
  • The Gods Are Stacked Against Us by Sheila Morris
  • Jesus Year by Dale Corvino
  • Must Love Animals by Louis Flint Ceci
  • Temporary Adhesions by P.D. Walter
  • Leaves by James Penha
  • Curo The Filthmonger: A Tale of Art and Survival in the Cold Embrace of Outer Space by J. Marshall Freeman
  • Passing Through by John Morgan Wilson
  • Obituaries by Thomas Westerfield
  • The Fool by Ellis Anderson
  • Oni and Marie by Debra Curtis
  • Slaying the Dragon by W. C. Smith
  • Beauty Marks by David James Parr
  • Bear Food by Alise Wascom

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Girls on Campus

By Stacia Seaman and Others


College: four years when anything goes and rules are made to be broken. A time for freedom, experimentation, and guiltless pleasures. Come join the co-eds for a homecoming bash, crash a girls-only party, and enjoy study hall where the topic is Eros. From roommates with benefits to sexy sorority initiations, hot professors demanding extra credit after class and summer vacation threesomes, this collection is required reading for anyone looking to earn an A in sex-ed.

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Saints+Sinners 2016

By Paul Willis and Others


An anthology of short fiction featuring the finalist selections from the 2016 Saints+Sinners Literary Festival.


  • Loo Rolls by Aaron Hamburger
  • Emma’s by Vince Sgambati
  • Greedy Prayer by R. Dale Smith
  • Mr. Sissy in Sin City by Thomas Westerfield
  • The Weirding Path by Bryan Collins
  • Last Dance by Darrow Farr
  • The Most Unusual Sweet Potato Competition by Rich Barnett
  • Discretion, 1957 by Sally Bellerose
  • Trumpet in D by Jerry Rabushka
  • Do Unto Others by N. S. Beranek
  • Frenchy Retires by Lee Lynch
  • The History Professor by Andrew Willett
  • Sweet William by ’Nathan Burgoine
  • Fallen Angel by Carol Rosenfeld
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Saints+Sinners 2015

By Paul Willis and Others


An anthology of short fiction featuring the finalist selections from the 2015 Saints + Sinners Literary Festival.



  • Introduction by Andrew Holleran
  • Gingerbread by Eric Andrews-Katz
  • Wren’s Knell by Kristyn Dunnion
  • Hustler Court by Frank Perez
  • Maple Beach People by Lee Lynch
  • What It Was Turned Ollie Queer by Mike Tuohy
  • Femorph by James Russell
  • Fat Hands by John Kane
  • Days of Awe by N.S. Beranek
  • Pageant Girl by Sam Hawk
  • ’Til It Bleeds by Jerry Rabushka
  • A Perfect Fit by Felice Picano
  • Basketball Fever by Maureen Brady












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Saints+Sinners 2014

By Paul Willis and Others


An anthology of short fiction featuring the finalist selections from the 2014 Saints + Sinners Literary Festival.


  • Introduction by Jewel Gomez
  • Voodoo John by James Russell
  • Mum’s the Word by Jeff Lindemann
  • Eleusis by Robert Hyers
  • Sample Day by Jerry Rabushka
  • Stinkbug by Rich Barnett
  • If On A Dark Night Two Strangers Should Come by William Hawkins
  • Corset by Sally Bellerose
  • The Dark Symphony by Eric Andrews-Katz
  • Love Thy Neighbor by N.S. Beranek
  • Beanstalk by Clifford Henderson
  • Rhinestone Magic by J.R. Greenwell
  • The Red Coat by George E. Jordan


























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Amor and More

By Radclyffe and Others

Passion, lust, and desire don't have to end with "I do"...

Rediscover favorite couples as Bold Strokes Books authors reveal glimpses of life and love beyond the honeymoon in short stories featuring main characters from favorite BSB novels. New tales of eros, romance, and adventure from the boldest and the best!

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Saints + Sinners 2013

By Amie Evans and Others


An anthology of short fiction featuring the finalist selections from the 2013 Saints + Sinners Literary Festival.


  • Introduction by Felice Picano
  • What Took You So Long? by Vince Sgambati
  • It Only Occurred to Me Later by Anne Laughlin
  • Bruno's Last Supper by Jeff Lindemann
  • The Favor of a Reply by Joe Landrum
  • Thou Shalt Not Lie by N.S. Beranek
  • In a Chamber of My Heart by Sandra Gail Lambert
  • Mountainview by James Russell
  • Looking for Philip by George E. Jordan
  • Bucky and the Woods Cop by Jim Stewart
  • Silver Pumps and a Loose Nut by J.R. Greenwell
  • Stained Glass by Karis Walsh
  • Sky Blue by 'Nathan Burgoine
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Slices of Life

By Georgia Beers

How many people do you cross paths with on any given day? A dozen? Twenty? Fifty? Ever stop to wonder how many of them might have more in common with you than you realize? What about your mail carrier? Your Zumba instructor? Your mechanic? The girl at the cash register of the supermarket? Your waiter? The person behind you in line at the bank? The truth is, we each have contact— however fleeting—with countless people each day about whom we know little to nothing. 

Join award-winning author Georgia Beers as she explores this very concept in Slices of Life, her first collection of connected short stories. Each story gives you a glimpse into the life of a character who happens to be a lesbian. Some are in love. Some are in trouble. Some are just going about their day. And at some point during that day, each character will cross paths with another, and then you’ll get a glimpse into her life.

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OMG Queer

By Katherine E. Lynch and Others

Young Adult

Hope. Fear. Desire. Despair. Promises. Betrayals.

Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Transgender. Questioning. Intersex.

This anthology of short stories gives voice to the rising generation as they define what it means to grow up queer in the twenty-first century. What is it like to grow up in a society that embraces you in certain ways but discriminates against you in others? How do you choose a label from the alphabet soup, and should you even have to? By turns heartwarming and heartbreaking, comical and caustic, these stories, imagined and told by youth across America, provide a snapshot of queerness at the dawn of the new millennium.

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