Pride and Porters

Pride and Porters
By Charlotte Greene

For Erin and Jen Bennet, growing up in craft-beer-obsessed Colorado made opening Bennet Sisters Brewing their only dream. Their beer is popular, but like any small business, their brewery is never far from closing forever.

When Boston brewer Charlie Betters and his friend Darcy Fitzwilliam ask for their help, the Bennet sisters are happy for the attractive distractions. Life, after all, is more than making beer. Still, while Charlie and Jen seem to be made for each other, Darcy’s pretentiousness and her cruel remarks make a bad first impression.

Despite this, and almost against her will, Erin finds herself attracted to Darcy, but events out of their control result in a misunderstanding that might ruin the chances for love for both couples.


Praise from Publishers Weekly: "Greene’s charming retelling of Pride and Prejudice transplants the Bennets into the world of Colorado craft beer....The story beats are comfortingly familiar, with the unusual backdrop of brewing and beer competitions, modern setting, and twists on the characters providing enough divergence to keep the reader engaged....Feminism, lesbianism, and class are all touched on in this refreshing update on a classic." (starred review)

Cover Artist: Tammy Sedick

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