By Melissa Brayden

When enemies fall into temptation, love brings out the most delicious flavor of all.

Marigold Lavender lights up every room she enters. Then she’s left to turn out the lights and head home alone. Soft on the inside and a go-getter on the outside, Marigold just wants to make sure everyone else is okay before worrying about herself. When an awful big-city food critic trashes her sister Aster’s new restaurant, Marigold pauses her search for her own happily-ever-after to go to war with the woman, who happens to be just as delectable as she is sour.

Alexis Wakefield’s brutal honesty is what makes her successful. Her readers trust her judgment, and a few sharp strokes from her keyboard can make or break a new restaurant. When, on a whim, she reviews a small-town eatery getting lots of buzz, the owner’s sister sabotages everything, leaving her professional world in jeopardy. Marigold Lavender has gone too far and must pay for the damage she's caused.


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Release Date  
Words   87,000
ISBN-13  978-1-63679-437-2
File Formats  epub, mobi, pdf

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