Lucky in Lace

Lucky in Lace
By Melissa Brayden

Juliette Jennings lives her life like a tightly laced corset—not that she’d ever wear one. As a business owner of a stationery store, structure is her favorite. But when her best friend and her ex fall head over heels for each other, everything unravels and leaves her exposed. Even worse, a scandalous lingerie shop has moved in next door, and its tantalizing window displays will drive away her conservative customers. If only the owner would turn off the charm, Juliette is sure she could stop imagining her in nothing but the shop’s lacy best sellers.

Peyton Lane loves a clean slate. So much so, she moves around way too often. When life gets tricky, she gets going. She likes sexy things, and uptight Juliette next door would be a fun bow to untie. But when Peyton’s feelings enter new territory, she considers sticking around permanently. Juliette has Peyton longing for forever on one hand and lacing up her running shoes with the other.

What’s a structured stationery store owner and a sexy lingerie peddler to do?<b></b>

Cover Artist: Inkspiral Design


Release Date  
ISBN-13  978-1-63679-435-8

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