The Naked Truth

By Sandy Lowe

When Rowan Marks signs up to be a research subject in a study on sexual fantasies, she's not looking forward to baring her soul to PhD candidate and head researcher Genevieve Fielding. But she's running out of choices. Her fantasies are as unsettling as they are arousing, and she has to make them stop. Who better to help  than the quietly gorgeous, future Dr. Sex-Fantasies-Are-My-Specialty?

Genna isn't what you'd call a people person. Breaking the rules and compromising her objectivity by helping a subject with real-life problems? Hard no. She's not capable and not qualified. But Rowan won't be deterred, and Genna has to learn to apply her findings in a clinical setting or risk losing a prestigious grant. 
As one intimate confession leads to another, and the professional blurs into the personal, powerful attraction threatens to overwhelm their better judgement. How far are they willing to go, and how much will they risk, to make their most captivating and forbidden fantasies a reality?
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Trial Run

By Carsen Taite

Children / Families
Courting Danger Romance | Book 3

Reggie Knoll imagined all kinds of new adventures after leaving her job at the courthouse, but getting stuck on a jury for a headline-grabbing murder case is not one of them. Picked to serve against all odds, she’s determined to do everything in her power to coax the other jurors to a swift verdict so she can figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life. But a pushy, beautiful woman is about to send her life spinning in a direction she couldn’t have anticipated.

Brooke Dawson doesn’t want to be on a jury any more than the rest of the people summoned to the courthouse, but she’s one hundred percent certain that when the judge calls the names of the chosen few, she’ll be on the list. The ominous voice on the phone told her that much right before they threatened her. Now she must convince the eleven other jurors, including the infuriating but devastatingly attractive know-it-all Reggie Knoll, to agree on a verdict—the only verdict that will keep her and her family alive.

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Digging for Heaven

By Jenna Jarvis

The lands of Jeenobi and Aelshia are separated by hundreds of miles of dangerous desert, and antithetical views on dragons. Now, under a tenuous new peace agreement, Jeenobi has agreed to ban dragon slaying within its borders.

As a visiting ambassador to Jeenobi and a rider to the dragon Loren, Litz expected to meet resistance to all she represents. She did not expect Kella, the kingdom’s most famous living dragon slayer, and she certainly didn’t expect to find her attractive.

When Litz is forced into extraditing Kella to Aelshia for trial, they’ll discover more monstrous things in the wilds of the desert than each other, and they’ll need to put aside their differences if they want to survive. The future of both nations may hang in the balance.

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Forever's Promise

By Missouri Vaun

Marriage of Convenience/Fake Relationship

Wesley Holden migrated west with her brother, Clyde, to build a life neither of them could hope for back East. To share the homestead claim, Wesley had to disguise herself as a man. As brothers, Wesley and Clyde began to carve a new home out of the Kansas frontier. When Clyde is unexpectedly killed, Wes is left alone with the farm, determined to carry on, but more isolated as the days pass.

For the promise of a better life, Charlotte Rose answers an ad for a bride. But the hope of a frontier husband ends when she arrives to find Clyde Holden is dead. Charlotte can’t return home because she discovered en route that she’s pregnant. Her only hope is to convince Clyde’s brother, Wes, that she can be a good wife. Desperate and out of options, Charlotte is resolved to win Wes’s heart.

Allowing Charlotte to get too close is dangerous. If Wes marries, she’ll have to reveal her secret and risk everything for a woman who might never really love her, but resisting Charlotte is easier said than done.

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A Degree to Die For

By Karis Walsh

University Police | Book 2

Tig Weston’s beloved classics department is evolving, expanding its course offerings to entice a new and more diverse generation of students. Not everyone is willing to accept these changes, though. Tempers flare, and when the body of a prestigious alum turns up outside Denny Hall, Tig doubts she can bring her department through the crisis.

Sergeant Adriana Kent always pictured classical scholars as tweedy bookworms, but suddenly her campus police officers are being called to Denny on a near-daily basis. Arguments in the halls, threatening emails, and even a fistfight, for God’s sake. What should have been the most sedate department on campus seems to be going through a volatile transformation. And the most visible proponent of that transformation? The decidedly unstuffy and very sexy Professor Antigone Weston.

Kent and Tig seem to be on opposing sides in this battle until the stakes become more personal. But before they can even think about a future together, they’ll need to fight to protect the campus from a killer.

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A Talent Within

By Suzanne Lenoir

Evelyne, born into nobility, and Annika, a peasant girl with a deadly secret, struggle to change their destinies in Valmora, a medieval world controlled by religion, magic, and men.

If only she’d been born a boy, Evelyne could fight with her brothers and fulfill her dreams of glory. Instead, her father has arranged her marriage. Annika knows she’s different. She has gifts the Valmorans call talents, and she’s waited too long to turn herself over to the Temple for training. If she tells anyone now, she will burn as a heretic.

Their blossoming love changes everything.

Both are forced to confront who they are when saving an innocent life exposes Annika’s talent and she’s held prisoner by the unforgiving Temple Paladin. Saving Annika will cost Evelyne all she’s ever known, but her sacrifice may lead them on a path to love and a destiny that will change Valmora forever.

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By Allisa Bahney and Others

The Badlands Series | Book 3

Months have passed since General Turner’s attack on Rapid City, and Dani’s group of resistance fighters are still grieving the loss of one of their own. Through tragedy and inner turmoil, Dani and Kate have finally found themselves on the same side of the war and fighting for control of the wasteland.

When the rumor of a traitor among Dani’s inner circle is revealed and information about the past threatens to completely derail Kate, it makes staying hidden from the general and Simon all but impossible.

With the help of an unexpected ally within the National Armed Forces, and a final showdown imminent, Dani and Kate must push past their grief and rely on each other more than ever if they have any chance of a future together.<b></b>

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Just One Dance

By Jenny Frame

The Regency Romance Club | Book 1

Taylor Sparks is sick of swiping left or right. Online dating, where a casual glance at a profile forms your opinion of a person, has no sparkle. She has a business idea to make dating special—the Regency Romance Club. Guests fall in love in the regency style, with grand balls and regency pursuits, while enjoying some of Britain’s most magnificent stately homes.

Jaq Bailey is mourning the death of her best friend. She wants to feel every inch of the pain and guilt she deserves for their death. A professor of early modern history, Bailey has sequestered herself in her study writing books and articles. Life is lonely and unchanging, until her publishers ask her to meet with Taylor, who is looking for a historian to help with her new business.

As they start working together, Taylor’s bubbly personality and Bailey’s guilty angst clash, but as Bailey gets dragged into the magical, regency romance world, Taylor’s sparkle brings hope back into her life. They’re working to help others find their true loves, but they just might find it for themselves too.

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Transitioning Home

By Heather K O'Malley

Thomas Simmons nearly died when a rocket-propelled grenade threw him ass over teakettle while flanking insurgents in Mosul, ending his military career. Recovery’s rough and gives him all the time in the world to face the question he’s avoided all his life: Why does he feel jealous of women?

The more Thomas searches, the closer he comes to an answer: gender dysphoria.

Seeking therapy as a road through his confusion, Thomas embarks on an unexpected journey as Emily is born. Emily’s route to self-acceptance, love with another woman, and community are only some of the challenges that began the day her world exploded.

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Vintage and Vogue

By Kelly & Tana Fireside

Wealthy tech whiz Sena Abrigo has deep roots in the Arizona-Mexico borderlands. But when she marches into Owen Station on red-soled stilettos like she just walked off the cover of Vogue, she plans to pull this little town into the future. And she is used to getting exactly what she wants. First, she has to get past Hazel Butler.

The proud granddaughter of Irish immigrant miners, Hazel loves her job at the library, her spooky cat, her opinionated friends, vintage Mary Janes, and the little house she inherited. And she is determined to protect the historic legacy of her town.

In spite of their differences and because of them, sparks fly and love isn’t far behind. But Sena’s arrival doesn’t just turn Hazel’s life upside down in the most wonderful of ways. It sets off an explosive series of events exposing an ugly truth lying just beneath the town’s surface, threatening their chance at love…and their lives.

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Broken Fences

By Jo Hemmingwood

Former army sergeant Seneca Twist has difficulty adjusting to civilian life after losing her brother in Afghanistan. She picks up her backpack and begins walking. Her travels take her to a boys’ ranch in Idaho where she meets residential psychologist Robyn Mason. Seneca and Robyn couldn’t be more different, and they can’t seem to agree on anything, but when Seneca decides to winter at the ranch, their shared values draw them together.

Robyn is determined to get to the bottom of the resignation and pain Seneca keeps locked inside, but the more Robyn learns and the closer they become, the more she can’t resist falling for Seneca. The warmth of the local community, the surrogate family they have created, and their feelings for each other mean everything, but will it be enough for Seneca to call the ranch home?

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By Kris Bryant

Josie Lockner scores big when she’s awarded a summer artist-in-residence in the small beach town of Goda, Massachusetts. The Wellingtons are the perfect host family and Revere Estates the best backdrop. She’s more than ready to capture the beauty of nature with her pencils and brushes. Falling for the Wellingtons’ quiet neighbor, Olivia Monteclair isn’t in the picture, but just because it won’t last forever doesn’t mean she can’t have some fun. 

Olivia’s peaceful days are interrupted when Josie, with her infectious grin and sunny disposition, crowds her space. Was Olivia ever that young or that hungry about life? She isn’t in the market, not after her devastating heartbreak, but there’s something about Josie that brings out a lightness she’s missing from her life. 

Both cherish the time spent together, but when the summer ends and their temporary romance melts into the real deal, reality gets complicated.

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Never Kiss a Cowgirl

By Ali Vali

Las Vegas
Friends to Lovers Romance
Second Chance at Love

Asher Evans is living her dreams eight seconds at a time. She’s finally at the top of the rankings and headed for the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, and she owes it all to the man who taught her everything, Silas Wilson.

Reagan Wilson vowed she’d never return to Louisiana. Her father, Silas, had been a world champion rodeo rider until an accident destroyed his career, then killed him. Now she’s interning at a sports clinic in New Orleans, and her first patient is Asher Evans. Seeing her childhood neighbor and teenage crush brings all those painful memories rushing back.

Asher and Reagan are from different worlds, even if they grew up side by side. Reagan doesn’t understand why anyone would risk their life for a title and belt buckle, and Asher doesn’t do safe and predictable. Falling in love makes no sense, but as the spark between them ignites they may have more in common than they think.

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Pantheon Girls

By Jean Copeland

Cassie Burke never believed in second chances. If something didn’t work out, then it was never really meant for her. In the years following two heart-wrenching breakups, she kept her life simple. She’d dated when the opportunity arose but focused her energy on her career and best friends of over thirty years, Jenn and Maggie. Tight since their high school days in the 80s, they’ve weathered many storms. The most tempestuous being Deana, who had briefly joined their “pantheon” and stirred things up as only a beautiful lost soul can, testing their friendship and the strength of Cassie’s heart.

 Now as Cassie, Jenn, and Maggie plan a celebration for their fiftieth birthdays, none of them are prepared for the whiplash changes their half-century mark year has in store. Least of all Cassie, who discovers a second chance with Deana might be just what her heart needs.

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Reeled In

By Fiona Riley

Chelsea McGovern’s dream of attending art school ended when a teenage prank cost her the scholarship she desperately needed. Now, ten years later, her art is finally paying the bills. Well, with the help of all her bartending shifts, that is. 

Maia Abraham has spent her life studying great white sharks. After one of her journal publications makes big waves, an unexpected opportunity arises, and Maia drops everything to dive headfirst into the shark-filled waters off Cape Cod.

 To become a full-time artist, Chelsea needs to prioritize better, but she can’t stop daydreaming about the gorgeous scientist across the bar. And while Maia’s research stint requires all her focus, she’s unable to resist the charming local with the flirty smile.

Their summer romance is heating up when a D-list celebrity’s Shark Week television stunt endangers Maia and exposes the truth about Chelsea’s past. Can their love survive this perfect storm?

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Roux for Two

By Aurora Rey

When her celebrity chef boss is taken down in a sexual harassment scandal, Chelsea Boudreaux’s dream of getting her own cooking show comes true. Her hometown of Duchesne, Louisiana, provides the perfect backdrop for her modern takes on traditional Cajun fare. Vindicating herself to the mother who never believed in her is icing on the cake.

Bryce Cormier never left Duchesne and has no regrets, except that falling in love as a trans guy in a tiny town is easier said than done. When Chelsea comes home after more than a decade away, Bryce thinks he may have found the perfect woman. At least until Chelsea’s burgeoning celebrity spills over and turns his world upside down.

It turns out love is like a good gumbo—what seems simple is complex, and the best results require a bit of courage. And like all the recipes say… First, you make a roux.

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Starting Over

By Nance Sparks

Sam Phillips is going through the motions. She was happily married for thirty-four years when a car accident stole her wife and destroyed her perfectly planned future. Now, it’s all she can do to exist day by day. The one thing that keeps her going is her IT administration job at Walsh Software Design. All seems lost when software stability issues threaten her career, until a hotshot programmer struts into her world and makes Sam want to feel again.

Jennifer Delgado doesn’t do cold and snow, but when a fluke February wildfire in the Southwest means evacuating for the third time in two years, it’s time for a change and she accepts a contract job in Minnesota. The weather is nothing compared to the unexpected feelings she develops for Sam. Jennifer has no idea if she can mend Sam’s broken soul, but it’s never too late for starting over.

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The Accidental Bride

By Jane Walsh

The Spinsters of Inverley | Book 2

Miss Grace Linfield has resigned herself to life as a lady’s companion as the only path to respectable security. At least it allows her to visit the beautiful seaside town of Inverley with her charge, Lady Edith. Passions flare when botanist Miss Thea Martin whirls into town—and into Grace’s bed for a scandalous night of passion. 

Disaster looms when Lady Edith elopes with Thea’s brother. Prim-and-proper Grace and wildly outrageous Thea each wish it was anyone else by their side as they race after them to Gretna Green. In the midst of attempting to stop a wedding that will incur the wrath of both their families, they discover their passion for each other is too strong to resist.

A chance at a real relationship was the last thing either of them expected. When Grace and Thea return from Scotland, will the honeymoon be over? Or will love finally be in full bloom?

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