Trial Run

By Carsen Taite

Children / Families
Courting Danger Romance | Book 3

Reggie Knoll imagined all kinds of new adventures after leaving her job at the courthouse, but getting stuck on a jury for a headline-grabbing murder case is not one of them. Picked to serve against all odds, she’s determined to do everything in her power to coax the other jurors to a swift verdict so she can figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life. But a pushy, beautiful woman is about to send her life spinning in a direction she couldn’t have anticipated.

Brooke Dawson doesn’t want to be on a jury any more than the rest of the people summoned to the courthouse, but she’s one hundred percent certain that when the judge calls the names of the chosen few, she’ll be on the list. The ominous voice on the phone told her that much right before they threatened her. Now she must convince the eleven other jurors, including the infuriating but devastatingly attractive know-it-all Reggie Knoll, to agree on a verdict—the only verdict that will keep her and her family alive.

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Forever's Promise

By Missouri Vaun

Marriage of Convenience/Fake Relationship

Wesley Holden migrated west with her brother, Clyde, to build a life neither of them could hope for back East. To share the homestead claim, Wesley had to disguise herself as a man. As brothers, Wesley and Clyde began to carve a new home out of the Kansas frontier. When Clyde is unexpectedly killed, Wes is left alone with the farm, determined to carry on, but more isolated as the days pass.

For the promise of a better life, Charlotte Rose answers an ad for a bride. But the hope of a frontier husband ends when she arrives to find Clyde Holden is dead. Charlotte can’t return home because she discovered en route that she’s pregnant. Her only hope is to convince Clyde’s brother, Wes, that she can be a good wife. Desperate and out of options, Charlotte is resolved to win Wes’s heart.

Allowing Charlotte to get too close is dangerous. If Wes marries, she’ll have to reveal her secret and risk everything for a woman who might never really love her, but resisting Charlotte is easier said than done.

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Never Kiss a Cowgirl

By Ali Vali

Las Vegas
Friends to Lovers Romance
Second Chance at Love

Asher Evans is living her dreams eight seconds at a time. She’s finally at the top of the rankings and headed for the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, and she owes it all to the man who taught her everything, Silas Wilson.

Reagan Wilson vowed she’d never return to Louisiana. Her father, Silas, had been a world champion rodeo rider until an accident destroyed his career, then killed him. Now she’s interning at a sports clinic in New Orleans, and her first patient is Asher Evans. Seeing her childhood neighbor and teenage crush brings all those painful memories rushing back.

Asher and Reagan are from different worlds, even if they grew up side by side. Reagan doesn’t understand why anyone would risk their life for a title and belt buckle, and Asher doesn’t do safe and predictable. Falling in love makes no sense, but as the spark between them ignites they may have more in common than they think.

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Harvest Dreams

By Jacqueline Fein-Zachary

Walking through the luscious Napa harvest in the summer of 1982, agricultural student Kate Bauer is inspired to grow grapes, and charismatic business major Sydney Barrett might just be the perfect person to make that dream come true. If only Kate knew what to do with her unexpected attraction to Sydney.

On the threshold of the AIDS pandemic, Kate is appalled by her father’s homophobia toward her closeted uncle, Louie. When Uncle Louie dies, he leaves his potato farm on Long Island to Kate. Soon Kate and Sydney are planting thousands of baby vines, even as the unspoken desire between them grows.

As the vineyard thrives, Sydney caves to family pressure and heads to Paris for a once- in-a-lifetime banking apprenticeship, leaving Kate to struggle with the feelings for Sydney that never wane. Their possibility for a shared harvest grows faint until Sydney returns, and a threat to the vineyard and their dreams forces them to confront their unresolved feelings.

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The Value of Sylver and Gold

By Michelle Larkin

Sylver and Gold | Book 2
Police Procedural 
Federal Agents
First Responders

When word gets out that former Boston homicide detective Reid Sylver can talk to the dead, the FBI solicits her help on a serial murder case. Reid has only one condition: the FBI must let her run the investigation on her home turf with Detective London Gold, her dog Mugshot, and the rest of her team by her side.  

London’s profiling skills are put to the test when she’s abducted by the killer they’re hunting. If the killer holds true to his pattern, she’ll be dead in forty-eight hours. She must get inside his head and buy some time until Reid finds her.

Pressure mounts as Reid hits one dead end after another. The clock’s running out, and her team’s fresh out of ideas. There’s one tool left in Reid’s investigative arsenal. But using it scares her almost as much as losing the woman she loves.

Book 2 in the Sylver and Gold series

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Made for Her

By Carsen Taite

Enemies to Lovers Romance
Age Gap

Newly-made capo Neal Walsh has devoted her life to protecting the powerful Mancuso crime family, but when a crisis crushes connections within the organization, she must carefully navigate shifting alliances to ensure her loyalty is not misplaced—a task made even more complicated when she begins falling hard for the reclusive wife of her boss’s sworn enemy.

Anastasia Petrov surrendered to her fate as the trophy wife of powerful mob boss Mikhail Petrov long ago, but their marriage of convenience has become increasingly less so since his reckless power grabs have put their fortune in peril. Taking matters into her own hands, she secretly seeks out new allies. But what starts as strictly business turns into a dangerous attraction to the striking younger woman on the other side who awakens a desire she’s long denied and ignites a fire that could either burn them all down or save her soul.

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Stolen Kiss

By Spencer Greene

Annabelle Nelson, at a dive bar in her hometown after her life in New York City falls apart, is searching for the courage to face her family when she meets a beautiful stranger. Their chemistry is instant, and they share a stolen kiss. What could be the harm? They’re never going to see each other again. Only when Anna arrives at her parents’ house, she comes face-to-face with the woman she kissed, Louise Tanner, her brother’s new girlfriend.

Louise is exhausted from a long semester of medical school and is rethinking the distracted promise she made to visit her boyfriend’s family. Spilling her heart to a gorgeous woman in a bar was a completely uncharacteristic move, not to mention their parting kiss. She didn’t think it would hurt anyone. But when she sees Anna again, Louise finds it hard to suppress her growing feelings.

Anna and Louise try to forget their stolen kiss but struggle to resist their attraction. Surely, one kiss can’t change everything...Can it?

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The Naked Truth

By Sandy Lowe

When Rowan Marks signs up to be a research subject in a study on sexual fantasies, she's not looking forward to baring her soul to PhD candidate and head researcher Genevieve Fielding. But she's running out of choices. Her fantasies are as unsettling as they are arousing, and she has to make them stop. Who better to help  than the quietly gorgeous, future Dr. Sex-Fantasies-Are-My-Specialty?

Genna isn't what you'd call a people person. Breaking the rules and compromising her objectivity by helping a subject with real-life problems? Hard no. She's not capable and not qualified. But Rowan won't be deterred, and Genna has to learn to apply her findings in a clinical setting or risk losing a prestigious grant. 
As one intimate confession leads to another, and the professional blurs into the personal, powerful attraction threatens to overwhelm their better judgement. How far are they willing to go, and how much will they risk, to make their most captivating and forbidden fantasies a reality?
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Before She Was Mine

By Emma L McGeown

Children / Families

Dani Raye has finally got her life back on track. After a messy divorce, Dani and her ex-wife, Catriona, have found a way to co-parent successfully. Most of the time. While Catriona has moved on, Dani is in no rush to find love again. She has her work and son, Jonah, and that’s all she needs to be happy.

Lucy Matthews is anything but happy. Her relationship is falling apart, and her son is taking out his frustrations on a boy in school. When Dani and Lucy are thrust together to sort out their children’s squabble, their priorities are clear—family first—despite the attraction neither expected.

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Chasing Cypress

By Ana Hartnett Reichardt

Small Town Romances
College Life
Friends & Community
The Alder Series | Book 3
Virgins/First Love

All Maggie Hyde wants is to graduate from the School of Agriculture at Alder University and settle into her legacy by taking over Hyde Hill Farm, the apple orchard that’s been in her family for four generations. Well, okay, it’s not all she wants. Finding someone who loves her small hometown of East Sparrow, Georgia, is high on her list of priorities, too. Who wouldn’t want to fall in love and settle down?

Olivia Cypress, that’s who. A free-spirited traveler at heart, Olivia is enjoying life way too much to limit her options, especially by settling down in nowheresville East Sparrow. But when Olivia walks into Maggie’s horticulture class, she’s charmed by Maggie’s gorgeous smile. It’s fine, though. They can’t seem to agree on anything, especially farming.

Maggie is sure Olivia will leave, just like her mother did. Olivia is sure Maggie doesn’t need a 30-year life plan. Opposites don’t really attract, right?

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Desires Unleashed

By Renee Roman

Workplace Romance

No-nonsense executive administrator Kell Murphy wants to let loose and have some fun. Moonlighting as a bartender provides just enough adventure with strangers who don’t expect anything more than a well-made cocktail.

Business owner Taylor Simpson wants ultimate control. She might be at the bar every week to check out the sexy bartender, but she only ever orders one drink. Longing for a D/s dynamic that satisfies her need for dominance and her sexual desires, Taylor hopes to find her perfect power exchange in Kell.

As their attraction intensifies, Kell must decide if she’s willing to surrender to Taylor’s control while Taylor struggles to trust her real-life fantasy come true. Neither went looking for love, but as they explore their desires unleashed, their hearts lead them on an unexpected journey.

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Here For You

By D. Jackson Leigh

Financial gap/Class disparity

Competitive barrel racer Lacey Bishop has worked her way from homelessness and poverty to needing only a few points to qualify for the National Rodeo Finals when her only horse suffers a career-ending injury. Without the money to buy new horse, Lacey has no choice but to trust an offer from Two Rivers Ranch to lease one of their best barrel-racing horse.

Horse trainer Wil Rivers is working hard to get her family’s ranch profitable again after the coronavirus pandemic shut them down for more than a year. Her best chance to save the ranch from foreclosure is a million-dollar-plus offer to buy the one barrel horse that could defeat the mare she’s leased to the bewitching Lacey Bishop.

When Lacey discovers Wil’s plan to sell the Two Rivers “money” horse to her fiercest competitor, she sees their chance for a future together and her chance to qualify for the finals disappearing in the rodeo arena dust.

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Maybe, Probably

By Amanda Radley

Medical Romance
Close Quarters
Big City
Children / Families
Coming Out
Friends to Lovers Romance
Age Gap

Gina Henley doesn’t keep up with current events. She’s too busy partying with her friends and fending off her mother’s well-intentioned nagging about finding a man and settling down. When a mysterious illness causes her boss to close the office, Gina must work from home and life as she knows it changes forever.

Dr. Eleanor Osborne works at a busy London hospital and knows all too well the virus is causing panic. As if that weren’t bad enough, it’s too unsafe for her elderly neighbor to continue minding Eleanor’s daughter, Sophia. She needs a babysitter pronto, but who can she ask to take the risk?

Cut off from her social network, Gina finds the silence of her own company suffocating—who is she when no one is watching? Eleanor is sure she picked the worst time ever to become a single mother—how can she possibly raise a child in such an unpredictable world? Set against the backdrop of a viral pandemic, Gina and Eleanor are about to discover that loving another person is complicated when you’re desperately searching for yourself.

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The One

By C.A. Popovich

Financial gap/Class disparity

Jody Acosta’s life was turned upside down the day her father died in a work-related accident. Struggling with her grief, all she can do is immerse herself in her work at the local animal shelter and help her mother while they wait for the settlement from the wrongful death lawsuit.

Nicole Bergeron, the company's representative, is conducting an internal investigation into the accident. She understands the Acosta family’s grief, but that doesn’t mean the company her father built is automatically responsible for the tragedy.

Jody doesn’t know what makes her more furious, that the wealthy Bergeron family refuses to pay for what they did, or that she can’t ignore her knee-weakening attraction to Nicole. But she’ll need to push aside her anger to work with Nicole to find the truth, about the company, about her father, and about her own heart.

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Tides of Love

By Kimberly Cooper Griffin

Blue Collar
Friends & Community

Life changes like the ocean tides, and Mikayla Pierce is discovering that the hard way. Recently divorced and learning more about her bisexuality, she struggles to find her way on her own. Living in a borrowed home in Oceana Mobile Home Park, Mikayla knows one thing for sure. She’s done trying to be the person other people think she should be.

Gem Helmstaad, the property manager of Oceana, has resigned herself to the life she’s lived since she was a kid, helping her dad take care of his business. She thought she’d broken free of her family obligations, but with her father’s poor health and her siblings having lives of their own, she’s back in Oceana and it’s up to her to keep the business going.

Falling in love is the last thing on either of their minds, but when Mikayla and Gem meet, sparks of possibility begin to shine, revealing a new path that just might lead them to a future neither expected.

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By Kris Bryant

Reunion Romance
Friends to Lovers Romance

Once the first female quarterback of her high school team, Sutton McCoy has since landed her dream job as the offensive coordinator for the new NFL team the Connecticut Cheetahs. When the team recruits established quarterback Grayson Moats to lead them, Sutton’s heart is crushed. Grayson isn’t the problem. Sutton’s fifteen-year crush on his wife, Parker O’Neal, is.

Parker is living a life full of regrets dating all the way back to high school when her parents made her end her relationship with Sutton because there were too many rumors about her, not all of them good. When Grayson accepts the new quarterback position with the Cheetahs, he consults Parker first, knowing the three of them have history. But it’s not like she can tell him the truth, that Sutton still occupies so much of Parker’s head and heart.

Interfering in the personal life of the star quarterback and convincing Parker to walk away from her family were never in Sutton’s game plan. But standing on the sidelines when a second chance at true love comes their way proves all but impossible.

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Hearts in the Wind

By MJ Williamz

Small Town Romances
Enemies to Lovers Romance
Financial gap/Class disparity
Virgins/First Love

Beth Richards is a thirty-two-year-old virgin married to the family farm that’s been in her family for generations. With her mother battling Alzheimer’s, Beth is struggling to keep the farm afloat and provide for her sister. So of course, she refuses to sell everything when a beautiful businesswoman from Dallas waltzes in expecting to be the answer to her prayers. How can Beth ever let go of her family legacy?

Evelyn Bremer is used to getting what she wants, and what she wants is to build a windmill farm on Beth’s land. As she spends a little time in the small town in West Texas, she wants Beth, too. But even her best efforts at wooing aren’t enough to convince Beth to take a chance on the attraction they can’t deny.

Beth and Evelyn seem destined to remain mortal enemies, as neither is willing to give up their dreams. But love has a way of bringing people together even when their hearts seem destined to float in opposite directions on the wind.

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Hero Complex

By Jesse J. Thoma

Other Worlds
Close Quarters
Enemies to Lovers Romance

Being labeled a mad scientist doesn’t faze Bronte Scales. Accidentally gaining superpowers didn’t even seem that strange. It’s not until she realizes someone is out to get her and her do-it-yourself super tech invention, that she reluctantly becomes one part of a superpowered crime fighting team. Then things really get out of hand. And somewhere along the way she accidentally kidnaps a nurse—a smart, kind, and beautiful sort of nurse. Bronte’s screwed.

Athena Papadaki doesn’t have superpowers, but she’s scary good at squeezing everything she can from each waking minute. That feels heroic until she’s kidnapped by a group of knuckleheads who need more rescuing than she does. Once she’s done saving the day, she’ll walk away and most certainly never think about Bronte Scales ever again. Nothing to see here.

Can Bronte and Athena, and their unlikely friends, work together to defeat Bronte’s archnemesis? The fate of love, humanity, and the world might depend on it. No pressure.

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