Holy Rollers

Holy Rollers
By Rob Byrnes
When Grant Lambert and Chase LaMarcapartners in life and crimelearn that $7 million in not-so-petty cash is hidden in the safe of a rightwing mega-church, they assemble a team of gay and lesbian criminals to infiltrate the church and steal the money. But this Gang That Can't Do Anything Straight quickly finds its plans complicated by corrupt congressmen (and their gay aides); an "ex-gay" conference; an FBI investigation; the unexpected appearance of a long-lost relative; andmost jarring for these born-and-bred New Yorkerslife in the northern Virginia suburbs. And then there is Dr. Oscar Hurleyfounder of the churchand his right-hand man, the Rev. Dennis Merribaugh, who prove themselves every bit as adept as the professionals when it comes to larceny"...
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