Holiday Hearts

Holiday Hearts
By Diana Day-Admire, Lyn Cole

Logan Brady is dreading coming out to her family over the holidays. She’s just lost her job, her life is a mess, and the last thing she needs is to be at the center of her family’s passion for drama.

Mick Finnegan survives on coffee, adrenaline, and one-night stands that don’t complicate her entrepreneurial lifestyle. She doesn’t have anyone she’s close to, so when an old college friend invites her to spend the holidays with his family, she jumps at the chance for a good old-fashioned Christmas.

Logan and Mick are on the same hellish flight from DC to Kansas City, become stranded in Chicago overnight, and share the only available hotel room. Their chemistry is undeniable, and a fling seems like a fine idea, until Logan’s brother shows up, and they realize they’re going to be spending the entire holiday together. Being home for the holidays is complicated, and Logan and Mick are one food fight and a ride to jail away from learning to live without fear and love without limits.

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Words   66,500
ISBN-13  978-1-63679-129-6
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