Two Weddings and a Funeral

By Claudia Parr

Theo and Stella will never work out as more than just friends. Then why can’t they stop fighting and making out—up!—making up.

Stella James is back in town after ditching her friends for her (now) ex, whose career took her to London, and she’s bound to make a big entrance at her best friend’s wedding. What Stella fears more than an awkward reunion, though? Theo and their messy more than friendship but never quite love.

Theo Kingsley is an activist and a human rights lawyer in the making, oh, and she thinks monogamy is so last century. Stella couldn’t be any less socially conscious if she tried, unlike the women Theo dates. It’s not as if Stella really believes forever exists, but she’ll never understand how Theo can seem so into her and be dating other people at the same time.

When things between them quickly get complicated again, their push and pull threatens to ruin the friendship in all the worst ways and break their whole friend group apart.

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Coming Up Clutch

By Anna Gram

College freshman Kelly “Razor” Mitchell boldly asked out senior star pitcher Ashton Sharpe and was crushed when Ashton turned her down. Seven years later, Ashton is one of the team’s coaches and shows up on Razor’s doorstep asking her to don her gear once more. Razor is cautious. She hung up her cleats early for a reason. But Ashton is very persuasive and as beautiful as ever, and Razor can’t help but hope the longing in her gaze has nothing to do with softball.

Ashton has few regrets, but one is turning down Razor’s request for a date back in college. Ashton can’t think about what-ifs now, or how great Razor looks, or her dormant feelings stirring. A crisis has left the university softball team without a catcher, and their best solution is the one person Ashton never expected to see again.

Ashton and Razor’s coach-player dynamic gets tricky as the sparks fly faster than a line drive. As they struggle with old feelings and new discoveries, the season seems endless. Plus, Razor is sure Ashton won’t want to explore romantic possibilities once she discovers the real reason Razor abruptly departed the team all those years ago.

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The Hunter and Her Witch

By Rachel Sullivan

Hunter Sarah left her religious witch-hunting family behind for the freedom to be herself. Simplicity is her mantra now, as she lives and works alongside her found family of supernatural women. The day Sarah shows up at a witch’s property to build a yoga studio, though, her mantra skips a beat.

For witch Oriana, leaving her abusive ex was her first step toward a new life. Moving to Obsidian Falls and becoming a yoga instructor quickly followed. Her dismal romantic track record is proof she needs to focus on anything but love. But the moment she sets eyes on a member of the supernatural construction crew building her studio, she knows her heart didn’t get the memo.

When Oriana’s ex shows up, and Sarah’s inner Hunter responds, their painful pasts collide in a waterfall of revealed secrets and fears come to life. They must decide if their love is worth building, or better left behind.

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The Naked Truth

By Sandy Lowe

When Rowan Marks signs up to be a research subject in a study on sexual fantasies, she's not looking forward to baring her soul to PhD candidate and head researcher Genevieve Fielding. But she's running out of choices. Her fantasies are as unsettling as they are arousing, and she has to make them stop. Who better to help  than the quietly gorgeous, future Dr. Sex-Fantasies-Are-My-Specialty?

Genna isn't what you'd call a people person. Breaking the rules and compromising her objectivity by helping a subject with real-life problems? Hard no. She's not capable and not qualified. But Rowan won't be deterred, and Genna has to learn to apply her findings in a clinical setting or risk losing a prestigious grant. 
As one intimate confession leads to another, and the professional blurs into the personal, powerful attraction threatens to overwhelm their better judgement. How far are they willing to go, and how much will they risk, to make their most captivating and forbidden fantasies a reality?
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Trial Run

By Carsen Taite

Courting Danger Romance | Book 3
Children / Families

Reggie Knoll imagined all kinds of new adventures after leaving her job at the courthouse, but getting stuck on a jury for a boring bribery case is not one of them. Picked to serve against all odds, she’s determined to do everything in her power to coax the other jurors to a swift verdict so she start her new career. But a pushy, beautiful woman is about to send her life spinning in a direction she couldn’t have anticipated.

Brooke Dawson doesn’t want to be on a jury any more than the rest of the people summoned to the courthouse, but she’s one hundred percent certain that when the judge calls the names of the chosen few, she’ll be on the list. The ominous voice on the phone told her that much right before they threatened her. Now she must convince the eleven other jurors, including the infuriating but devastatingly attractive know-it-all Reggie Knoll, to agree on a verdict—the only verdict that will keep her and her family alive.

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Ghost of the Heart

By Catherine Friend

Ghosts aren’t real, time travel isn’t possible, and aliens do not live among us.

This has been Gwen Tucker’s mantra since childhood, but when she—completely without artistic skill—visits an old Spanish fort to sketch as part of a fundraising challenge, something invisible takes control of her hand and draws a series of stunning images: a man dressed as Hamlet, herself being held at gunpoint, and her wife Billie being attacked. Being possessed by a ghost was not on Gwen’s bucket list, but she must finally admit that ghosts might be real, and one is obviously trying to send her a message.

With the help of Billie and the local paranormal group, Gwen struggles to figure out why they’re in danger. Their progress is hampered by an unfriendly neighbor, an irritating colleague, and a stepbrother with a hidden agenda. Just as the confusion ramps up, Billie disappears.

Gwen and Billie must answer the question: Would you sacrifice everything to save the woman you love?

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New Horizons

By Shia Woods

Big City
Children / Families
New York City

Quinn Collins is ready for her Off-Broadway debut. With her modeling days behind her and a contract secured for her one-woman show at the prestigious Horizon Theater, she’s eager for a fresh start.

Alex Anders was born into the world of theater. Her father owns one of Manhattan’s most distinguished theater companies, and Alex has spent her life performing. Now the managing director for Horizon, Alex is content to be around the stage, even if she’s not on it.

As Quinn prepares for her opening night and Alex works to clinch Horizon’s coveted executive director position, ghosts from Alex’s past may jeopardize both their goals.

Neither of them can afford a romantic distraction, but the pull of their attraction is hard to resist. Their love story may be the encore performance of Alex’s worst fears or the one act that could change their lives forever.

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Writ of Love

By Cassidy Crane

Kelly Lattimore dreams of using her legal skills to help those in need, but practicalities force her into the soul-crushing world of Big Law. Despite the shock of a one-night stand being her new boss, she’s determined to excel…and maybe even make her family proud of her for once.

As cutthroat as she is beautiful, the last thing high-powered attorney Jillian Briggs is looking for is an office romance. Still smarting from her divorce, she distracts herself with work and casual sex. She never planned to mix the two, but when Kelly turns out to be her new associate after their night of passion, Jillian’s carefully partitioned life is turned on its head.

Try as they might, Kelly and Jillian can’t resist their attraction. They’re determined to keep their connection purely physical, but the more time they spend together, the harder it gets to ignore their hearts.

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Back to Belfast

By Emma L McGeown

When the opportunity of a lifetime comes knocking, Claire Brennan is ready for a break from responsibility and the stuck feeling that won’t go away. Move across the world to Vancouver for six months? Absolutely.

Stacie Farran is a career-obsessed eternal optimist, so when the opportunity to trade jobs with a colleague in Belfast comes up, she jumps at the chance. That it gives her a bit of space from her girlfriend doesn’t hurt either.

Living in each other’s shoes, Claire and Stacie discover so much about each other and get a fresh perspective on their own lives as well. When a family emergency has Claire returning home early and they finally meet, the attraction they felt from afar is real.

But Stacie’s stay is temporary. Are they on a collision course to a long-distance dating disaster or will love find a way?

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By Kimberly Cooper Griffin and Others

Jax Bailey has built a successful career photographing famous women, but she’s blocked creatively and frustrated by her inability to hold on to a romantic relationship.

Trace Logan is independent to a fault but somehow failed to launch. The daughter of a career army mother, she’s moved around so much she doesn’t have a place she calls home, and she longs to return to school in pursuit of becoming a film editor. Working as a delivery driver, her dream seems impossible.

After reading about the gig economy, Jax’s search for a new perspective that can renew her passion, professional and personal, inspires her to break out of her rut by seeing the city through the eyes of a delivery driver. When Trace shows her the ropes, a spark ignites between them. Their differences in age and direction caution them to keep it casual, but what happens when everything they expose just pulls them closer together?

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Hunt of Her Own

By Elena Abbott

Danaan Rias is a witch without a coven, forbidden from using her magic. When her magic begins to act out of control, she realizes she can no longer stay hidden from the world. Learning to live her life, she meets Ashly and learns to love too.

Ashly Mercer is a monster hunter. The youngest daughter of a proud family, she’s sacrificed most of her life to the whims of her parents. While fighting for a life on her own terms, she meets Rias and discovers possibilities she never considered.

As fate brings these two women together, their bond is put to the test. Ashly must decide if her life as a hunter is more important than the woman she wants to spend her future with, as Rias learns what it is to truly live, in spite of her past.

Together their paths lead back to the supernatural sanctuary of Terabend.

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By Kris Bryant

Behind the lights, camera, action of Hollywood lies the real world and the real lives of the A-list.

Alix Somers has it all. New job hosting a primetime dating show, new beach house, and the new face of the queer scene. Fans chase them, paparazzi stalk them, and Hollywood loves them, but the interviews and parties aren’t bringing Alix happiness. Just when they think they’ve had enough, a run-in with a beautiful stranger gives them something they thought was lost. Hope.

Marianna Smith hates Hollywood. Her ex-girlfriend dumps her the minute she finds fame, and most of her friends are looking for the next big break. What’s the draw? It’s fake people pretending to be other people. She’s perfectly happy being a teacher and making extra cash working for her aunt’s catering business. Until Alix leaves her swooning.

They say opposites attract, but they have totally different dreams. No Hollywood love story is perfect, right?

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Royal Expectations

By Jenny Frame

Royal Generations | Book 2

When your first girlfriend is the only one you’ve ever loved, how can anyone compete?

Princess Teddy Buckingham has felt the pressure of her destiny since she could first understand it, and finding someone to love when you’re an object of interest to the whole country is nearly impossible. Teddy learned that the hard way when her childhood sweetheart broke her heart by leaving when the attention became overwhelming.

Summer Fisher congratulates herself on dodging a bullet as she watches Princess Teddy’s latest love affair hit the news. Teddy was her first love, and now that Teddy’s been with woman after woman, it appears Summer made a lucky escape. It doesn’t help that Summer is a friend and PA to Teddy’s sister Anna. She has tried to keep her distance as much as she can, but it isn’t easy.

Queen Georgina instructs Teddy to work with Anna on a project that will launch Teddy as the new Princess of Wales. As Summer and Teddy are forced to work together, their feelings for each other resurface. Teddy’s royal profile gets stronger, and so does the public scrutiny that broke them apart. Will life under the microscope make love impossible?

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The Breakdown

By Ronica Black

When Natalie Brewer finally forged the courage to leave her husband, Allen, she thought she’d be able to live life on her own terms. But to Allen, they are still married, and they are to remain that way till death do them part. When Allen begins to stalk her, Natalie does the only thing she can do—she runs.

Horse rancher Vaughn Ruger is having a bad day. Two of her best broodmares have escaped, and two of her ranch hands are no-shows. What’s worse, her ranch is already on the brink of going under, and just one more thing will send it all spiraling. With so many problems on her mind, she almost passes up the woman on the side of the road crying in her vehicle. Almost.

Vaughn and Natalie have chemistry they can’t ignore, but neither is safe to act on it. They join forces to help each other, but the outside world keeps knocking at the door, threatening more trouble and making the love and the life they want together impossible.

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By L.M. Rose

In the year 2597, Earth’s colony world of Mariposa is shared with an alien race, the Tipruii. When war breaks out between the human colony and the aliens, Fiona learns that her future will be the price of peace. To save her people, she will be the tribute in a treaty marriage to the Tipruii princess, Simaala, and spend the rest of her days on the other side of the wall between their races.

As the war escalates, Simaala and Fiona navigate the confusion of new cultures and new desires to find a love that will transcend their differences. But not everyone wants peace, and Fiona is in more danger than she knows, putting all their plans and the fate of the human race in jeopardy.

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Wild Wales

By Patricia Evans

Aisling Moss is balanced on the crystal edge of success as one of the most sought-after wedding planners in London...until a single split-second decision sent her career crashing to the floor like a toppled tower of shattered champagne flutes. Soon after, a letter from the family solicitor arrives and she has to choose between picking up the scattered pieces of her career in London or taking the next flight to Wales to honor the last wishes of the grandmother she loved.

Finn Morgan was forced to end her fighting career after a sudden injury sidelined her rise to stardom in the cutthroat world of professional women’s boxing. Her job as a short- order cook in a Brooklyn luncheonette certainly doesn’t compare, but it also doesn’t require her to think about what to do next. Sleeping with her boss’s wife and spending quality time with a gym punching bag is all she needs, until she arrives home to a letter from across the pond in a pool of warm sunlight on her entry table.

In Wales, long-kept secrets and unexpected emotions surface for both Finn and Aisling. As they grow closer they’re forced to make difficult decisions about their futures: Do they return to the safety of the lives they had, or take a chance on wild love in windswept Wales?


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Can't Buy Me Love

By Georgia Beers

Bodyguard/Protection Romances

London Granger gave up her modeling career for investigative journalism only to discover no one would hire her to write anything but fluff. The only way to get ahead? Investigate something people will actually read. That’s how her next assignment becomes “What’s it Really Like to Be a Billionaire?” Her boss hooks her up on a glitzy getaway to St. Kitts undercover, as the totally platonic companion of media mogul Miranda Northbrooke.

Tennyson Security protects the rich and famous, and Kayla Tennyson built it from the ground up. She has more money than she can spend, but sorting through the fakes and finding someone honest and genuine is tough. She tried with Miranda Northbrooke, and it ended in disaster. But the gorgeous writer she meets while protecting a movie star on St. Kitts just might be the real deal. Until she learns London and Miranda are at the resort together.

London isn’t sure what she expected of Miranda’s ex, but it certainly wasn’t strength and beauty. And while Kayla would like to write London off as Miranda’s new plaything, she can’t get past how smart and funny she is. London and Kayla are perfect for one another, but if London reveals the ruse, she risks not only the opportunity of her career, but Kayla’s trust as well.

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Chance Encounter

By Renee Roman

Close Quarters

Montessori teacher Sky Roberts doesn’t think twice about entering a charity raffle for a free vacation. She can hardly believe it when the winning ticket turns out to be hers, but the trip conflicts with the summer school program she’s scheduled to teach. She can’t give up on her students.

Drew Mitchell excels in her job as a travel agent, and her success makes up for never quite measuring up to her family’s gender expectations and her disappointingly single status. That’s why she’s determined to win her company’s latest competition for best travel package and be named the top regional agent.

Drew can’t believe Sky is turning down a free vacation. She has to take this trip. In a desperate attempt to get Sky to change her mind and ask another teacher to step in for her, Drew suggests they go on the vacation together. What better way to relax than with your very own travel guide? Plus, she can win the competition by keeping tabs on her travel plan as it unfolds.

As Sky and Drew travel beautiful Fiji together, they’re about to discover that the trip of a lifetime may just lead to the kind of love they've been searching for.

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