Dirty Diner

Dirty Diner

Gay Erotica on the Menu

By Jerry L. Wheeler

Food and sex. They go hand in...um, hand, don't they?

How many millions of dates start out in restaurants and end up in bedrooms? And it's not just the patrons either--it could be the waiter who catches your eye. Or the cute busboy with a tantalizing lock of hair that falls over his eyes as he's wiping your table. Maybe it's the hairy arms of the cook as he bellows out "PICKUP!" and you hope he's talking about more than the order he's just plated.

The stories on our menu will feed more than one of your appetites, so don't just stand there outside with your nose pressed up against the glass (that is your nose, isn't it?). Come on in and please seat yourself.

Someone will be with you in just a minute.

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