Dancing With Dahlia

Dancing With Dahlia
By Julia Underwood

The dahlia represents love, devotion, dignity, and beauty in Victorian floriography. Piper’s new boss, Dahlia? One out of four—Dal is beautiful and that’s where the similarities end.

When Piper Fernley, Pipes the unPlugged when writing her popular blog, is knocked down by a frightened dog on her morning run, she doesn’t expect the dog’s owner to land on top of her. Or the attraction she feels for the rude woman who isn’t her type. But that’s nothing compared to the shock of finding out the woman is her new boss. Fortunately, the gig at the job is temporary, but how is she supposed to survive six weeks with a guarded, uptight woman who doesn’t even like her?

Veterinarian Dahlia Noble prefers animals to most people—they aren’t duplicitous. After a difficult childhood and the divorce from hell, Dal’s focus is her daughter and her work. The unpretentious office temp is growing on Dal, but her past, the boss/employee rulebook, and a divorce agreement mean there is no place in her life for Piper.

Sometimes when you stop looking, your heart finds exactly what it needs.

Cover Artist: Tammy Seidick

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ISBN-13  978-1-63679-664-2

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