Can't Buy Me Love

Can't Buy Me Love
By Georgia Beers

London Granger gave up her modeling career for investigative journalism only to discover no one would hire her to write anything important. The only way out of her dead-end job? Investigate something the internet will actually read. That’s how her next assignment becomes “What’s it Really Like to Date a Billionaire?” Her boss hooks her up on a glitzy getaway to St. Kitts as the companion of obscenely wealthy Miranda Northbrooke. Miranda’s only request: when they inevitably run into the ex who dumped her, London must play the role of Miranda’s adoring new girlfriend.

Tennyson Securities protects the rich and famous, and Kayla Tennyson built it from the ground up. She has more money than she can spend, but when you move in the circles she does, sorting through the fakes and finding someone honest and genuine is tough. She’d tried with Miranda Northbrooke, and it ended in disaster.

London isn’t sure what she expected of Miranda’s ex, but it certainly wasn’t icy beauty. And while Kayla would like to write London off as Miranda’s new plaything, she can’t get past how smart and funny she is. London and Kayla are perfect for one another, but if London reveals the ruse, she risks not only the opportunity of her career, but Kayla’s trust as well.

Cover Artist: Inkspiral Design

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