An Intimate Deception

An Intimate Deception
By CJ Birch

Flynn County Sheriff Elle Ashley has spent her adult life atoning for her wild youth, but when she finds her ex, Jessie murdered two weeks before the small town's biggest social event, she comes face to face with her past and all her well-kept secrets.

Not only is this her first murder investigation, it’s the town’s first in over fifty years. Elle must find a killer before there are any more casualties and keep her troubled little brother off the suspect list, all under the watchful eyes of a Chicago reporter.

Investigative reporter Robin Oakes isn’t a small-town kind of girl, and she’s determined to get in and out of Turlough as fast as possible. One look at Sheriff Ashley has her rethinking her plans. 

As pressure mounts to solve Jessie’s murder, Elle gets help from the most unlikely source--Robin, who appears to be more interested in her than getting the story.

Cover Artist: CJ Birch

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ISBN-13  978-1-63555-418-2

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