Goldie Winner Flash Sale!
July 10

Goldie Winner Flash Sale!



We are proud to announce our winners for the 2016 Goldie Awards

Celebrate with a Flash Sale for 24 hours!

50% off our finalists, all formats

Sale ends 11 July 12pm EDT



Debut Author

The Revelation of Beatrice Darby by Jean Copeland
Threads of the Heart by Jeannie Levig


Summer Passion by MJ Williamz
The Muse by Meghan O'Brien

Historical Fiction

The Witch of Stalingrad by Justine Saracen


Cold to the Touch by Cari Hunter
Tarnished Gold by Ann Aptaker


The Deadening: Book Three of the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy by Yvonne Heidt
Twisted Whispers by Sheri Lewis Wohl

Romantic Suspense/Intrigue/Adventure

One Last Thing by Kim Baldwin & Xenia Alexiou
Reasonable Doubt by Carsen Taite
Science Fiction/Fantasy

Dragon Horse War: The Calling by D. Jackson Leigh

Traditional Contemporary Romance

Making a Comeback by Julie Blair