BSB Preview
June 19

BSB Preview

BSB Preview * July 2021 Releases

Bold Strokes Books authors read from and discuss their upcoming releases


registration for each session required

all sessions stream live online, free of charge


Saturday, June 19, 2021


Session 1 * 5pm EDT



Gun Brooke Yearning  preorder

'Nathan Burgoine A Little Village Blend  preorder

Amanda Radley Flight SQA016  preorder

D. Jackson Leigh Unbridled  preorder

PJ Trebelhorn Moving Forward  preorder


Session 2 * 6pm EDT



Julie Cannon Summer Lovin’  preorder

Jean Copeland Poison Pen  preorder

Jackie D VIP  preorder

Jenny Frame Home Is Where the Heart Is  preorder

KC Richardson Seasons for Change  preorder