Stellium in Scorpio

Stellium in Scorpio
By Andrews & Austin

Stellium in Scorpio, a Richfield & Rivers mystery, is the passionate reuniting of two powerful women on the glitzy Las Vegas Strip where everything is an illusion and love is a gamble.

L.A. screenwriter Teague Richfield is headed for the Desert Star Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, laser-focused on her hot reunion with Callie Rivers, the gorgeous, psychic astrologer who's had their relationship on planetary pause. But Callie is intent on discovering why a young Vegas showgirl is on the ghoul pool list; and who's behind the hotel's darkest secrets. The casino proves to be a place where murderers and kidnappers are indistinguishable from theater performers and hotel staff, and where Callie and Teague ultimately become the targets of sexual blackmail.

2nd in the Richfield & Rivers Mystery Series

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