Stealing Sunshine

Stealing Sunshine
By Tina Michele

In the heart of the Sunshine State, beyond the mouse ears and magic, is a city growing with art and culture. However, in a dark room grows a plot of greed, deception, and revenge twenty years in the making.

Belle Winters has made a successful life and career in art. Although she's never known a real family, she dreams of having her own someday, unfortunately not with the carefree Tara Hicks.

Tara keeps herself in constant motion, from job to job and from woman to woman—a technique she has perfected to avoid the mundane grooves of life, love, and obligation. Belle moves her unlike any woman she's ever met, but is that enough?

Belle and Tara struggle to break down the walls that protect their hearts, while the unforeseen consequences of a promise threaten not only priceless art but human lives.


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