Sins of Our Fathers

Sins of Our Fathers
By A. Rose Mathieu

Attorney Elizabeth Campbell turned her back on her silver spoon upbringing and finds emotional fulfillment in her work at a nonprofit legal clinic, much to the dismay of her parents.

Her propensity for bending the law, as well as uttering a few choice phrases, makes her pairing with a Catholic priest to investigate the case of a simple man with an IQ of a child, who confessed to a brutal killing, a challenge. But solving a gruesome murder is not even her greatest trial—it’s her growing attraction to sexy but cranky Detective Grace Donovan who is hell-bent on keeping her client in prison.

While chasing a mystery that found its way from the concentration camps of WWII to an abandoned Catholic school, Elizabeth and Grace struggle to set personal boundaries, as their relationship slowly evolves from one of hostility to indifference, to something neither wishes to define.


Advance praise from Foreword Reviews:

"A thematically compelling journey through a town’s dark underbelly, Sins of Our Fathers, by A. Rose Mathieu, is an excellent blend of mystery and romance....In addition to dealing with an ever-growing stream of murders, [Elizabeth] Campbell must also contend with her feelings for steely yet attractive Detective Grace Donovan....Sins of Our Fathers is excellently paced, introducing characters and situations in a way that allows for their natural extrapolation as the novel progresses. While the case that Campbell is charged with reinvestigating initially appears to be an open-and-shut claim, larger forces are shown to have influenced it. The novel weaves together a political and religious world outside of the courts....Sins of Our Fathers seamlessly blends a ghastly murder mystery with an intriguing romance."

Cover Artist: Melody Pond


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Release Date  
Words   86,500
Pages   264
ISBN-13  978-1-62639-874-0
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