Erotica Exotica

By Richard Labonte

Great sex can be magical, but what if magic adds sizzle--or horror--to the sex?

A young man's magic binds him to both a demon and a vampire. The unlikely love of two men survives the tragic death of one. A college student experiences a nerve-wracking close encounter with dick-grabbing tentacles slithering out of his toilet. And when a man comes to visit an old school buddy, he's seduced by the father who has stolen his son's soul...

Arcane mystery, supernatural seduction, sex that haunts in a manner both weird and wondrous--these stories by ‘Nathan Burgoine, Gregory L. Norris, Mark Wildyr, Jeff Mann, Johnny Murdoc, Davem Verne, and others offer sexual thrills and perverse arousal, spooky chills, and magical orgasms. Dare to enter a sexual Otherworld.

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