By Jen Jensen

Jamis is still healing from her last adventure when she’s pulled into another dangerous mystery.  

There’s an inherited house in the middle of the Arizona desert and a strange spirit visiting the new owners at nighttime, repeating, “She knows.” There’s a living person creating mayhem. There’s a demon whispering in Jamis’s ear. Behind it all is a woman Jamis only glimpses in shadows. 

Somehow, it’s all connected to Jerome, Arizona, where Jamis witnessed a terrifying vision years before. Jamis is about to learn her path wasn’t arbitrary and the truth of her origins as a ghost hunter. But will she and her new relationship withstand the answers she finds?

Cover Artist: Tammy Seidick
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Release Date  
Words   62,000
ISBN-13  978-1-63555-838-8
File Formats  epub, mobi, pdf

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