Hearts Aflame

Hearts Aflame
By Ronica Black

Sometimes the key to love is not in the destination, but in the journey.

Real-estate guru Krista Wyler is soon at the mercy of more than just the Arizona desert when she learns she has inherited her family's business, Wyler Ranch. Her aunt is dying and her uncle is no longer capable of making decisions. Krista reluctantly takes the helm, but only temporarilyshe plans to sell the ranch as soon as possible. Rae Jarrett, the alluring vet who has cared for the ranch as well as the horses, objects and offers her aid.

Krista resists the offer of help as well as her attraction to the mysterious vet, but instead decides instead to turn the ranch into a dude ranch. Soon city folk are knocking at the door ready to pay for the privilege of herding the Wyler cattle across Arizona. It seems fail proof winner until Krista herself, along with Rae, has to set out on the trail with her charges.

The journey leads to a life-changing adventure neither woman could have foreseen and will never forget.


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