By Grace Lennox

Chock full of unforgettable characters, Chance is the sexy, funny, touching story of two women who, in finding themselves, also find one another.

At twenty-six, Chance Delaney decides her life isn't working so she swaps it for a different one. On a quest for adventure, meaning, and a girlfriend, she finds herself transported from her safe job in a San Francisco gay and lesbian bookstore to No.1 on the charts, as lead vocalist for the all-women band Virgin Blessing.

An instant celebrity, Chance has no shortage of sexual partners, yet the woman of her dreams, songwriter Layla Wilde, won't have anything to do with her after just one passionate night. Chance's friendship with charismatic bass guitarist, Lucrezia, the band's resident heartbreaker, is strictly platonic but how long can it stay that way when her body has its own agenda?

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