Buried Heart

Buried Heart
By Laydin Michaels

Drew Chambliss started her life at age twelve. Everything before then was lost when trauma wiped her past away. She adjusted to a new family and a new life, but something was always missing. 

Cicely Jones lives life big and out loud. She has no room in her life for secrets. When Cicely meets Drew at a music festival, the chemistry is unbelievable. They fit effortlessly. When Drew starts to remember bits of her past and a stranger begins to stalk her, she pushes Cicely away to protect her. When Cicely demands the truth, Drew has to choose between keeping her safe and the past that could destroy them both.


Praise from RT Book Reviews: "Michaels provides thrills and heat aplenty in this unusual and occasionally deeply disturbing story of haunted pasts. The connection between the scarred heroines is palpable, grounding this story and providing the emotional charge to drive the plot forward....Michaels delivers plenty of high-stakes tension as her heroines race to survive the clutches of a genuinely chilling adversary."

Cover Artist: Melody Pond

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Release Date  
Words   82500
Pages   264
ISBN-13  978-1-62639-802-3
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