Location, location, location
December 22

Location, location, location

Brey Willows blogs:

Book release month is always fun. I mean, it’s fun in a nerve-racking, please-let-people-love-my-baby kind of way. A needy, validation heavy, dreading the reviews kind of fun. 

Writers are an odd breed, I suppose. 

My latest book, Song of Serenity, came out this month. It’s my first book in two years, as I’ve taken a Covid sabbatical, of sorts. It’s the first of a series featuring the nine muses from Greek mythology, and it’s placed in the world of the Afterlife, Inc. trilogy, but five years on from the end of the third book. 

I wanted to write a series that was fun and romance driven, but still with the fantasy and sociological elements I like to sneak in as well. And what better place for romance than muddy, wet, windy, cold Scotland? 

I love Scotland, really. It’s stunningly beautiful and the perfect place for a plethora of fantasy creatures. It also happens to be the real home of the Temple of the Muses in Dryburgh. My book centers around the temple and how important it is to the people who go there to ask the muses to guide them. 

The temple is unimposing, and the village is out of the way. There’s a beautiful river, a footbridge, and lots and lots of hills and trees. There’s nothing like going to a place to really get the feel of it so that you can impart that to the reader. If a reader can picture the area I’m talking about, and if they can feel it the way I did when I was there, then I’ve done my job. (And I have it on good authority from a Scottish reviewer that I did this job in particular!) 

I hope you like book one in the Memory’s Muses series. It’s going to be a series that is close to my heart, and I hope it connects to yours. Maybe you’ll even go visit the temple yourself…