Mickey Brent
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Mickey Brent

Ever since Mickey Brent was little, she knew she would write books. She has always had an insatiable curiosity about human psychology and what makes people tick. She began penning adventure stories as soon as she could hold a pencil. She would pretend she was a famous author by creating colorful little picture books and selling them to her brothers and neighborhood kids for a dime a piece.

As an adult, Mickey worked as a freelance artist and writer for various editorial publications in San Francisco, CA. When the travel bug bit her, she relocated to several countries in Europe, where she became a translator and language teacher and studied creative writing. Mickey has finally settled down, to the astonishment of family and friends, after thriving for two decades as a globetrotter. Through the adventures of her fictional characters, Mickey’s aim is to provide readers with delicious entertainment as well as glimpses of her favorite cities and cultures around the world. She relies on her linguistic and teaching skills to fund her writing passion, and spends her free time learning exotic languages, drawing, taking photos, and jotting down crazy anecdotes from her travel experiences in faraway lands.