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Juliann Rich

Juliann Rich

Juliann Rich grew up in rural Minnesota and spent her childhood either climbing trees or searching the racks at the local library. She won the Saints & Sinner's Literary Festival's Emerging Writer Award for her first novel, CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE, in 2014.


She has written three subsequent young adult novels: SEARCHING FOR GRACE, TAKING THE STAND, and GRAVITY. She writes character-driven books about young adults who are bound to discover their true selves and the courage to create an authentic life…if the journey doesn’t break them. 


She speaks frequently on writing uncompromisingly while standing at the intersection of art and advocacy and teaches aspiring authors of young adult fiction how to capture the contemporary young adult voice in both narrative and dialogue. 

Juliann lives with her husband and an adorable but naughty dachshund named Bella in a quaint 1920's brownstone in Minneapolis she is lovingly restoring to its original beauty and readily admits being disgruntled about not having lived as a flapper in the 1920's.