“I’ve always wanted to try this,” Quinn said. Riley could feel her girlfriend’s hand on her shoulder as they stepped haltingly forward in the pitch-black restaurant. She could hear the usual sounds of people dining, but she couldn’t see a thing, even with her eyes wide open. Riley knew this odd experience would be especially thrilling for Quinn because Quinn was a photographer who relied on her eyesight for her living.

“I thought you’d like it,” Riley offered. She didn’t say it aloud, but she had suspected Quinn would enjoy a dining in the dark restaurant because she responded so enthusiastically to any kind of lovemaking that involved a blindfold. Though Riley couldn’t see her beautiful face at the moment, after a year of dating, she was pretty certain that Quinn would catch the connection. She was firecracker smart, this one. 

The restaurant was entirely staffed by blind waiters, and it gave patrons the opportunity to experience the world as the blind do. The advertising suggested that when one sense was restricted, the others would become more powerful, and the sense of taste in particular was heightened. The waiter led them to their seats and helped orient them to the table. He explained what they could expect of the experience. Riley tried to listen politely, but they were both too busy laughing at the awkward and unsettling sensation of being in a room full of people without being able to visualize any of them. 

Riley felt her hands come alive in new ways, driven to search out the tiny table in order to understand its contours and contents. She discovered details with her hands that her eyes would have glossed over. The rough weave of the tablecloth. The cold, smooth, efficient lines of the cutlery. The satisfying swirl of the raised pattern adorning the ceramic salt and pepper shakers. Riley’s fingers met Quinn’s unexpectedly in the middle of the table, and they laughed and clasped each other for reassurance. They both ordered the Surprise Me menu, and the waiter toddled off to deal with other customers. All around them, people were tittering, chatting, and enjoying meals—at least from the sounds of it. 

“This feels so strange.” Quinn laughed. They stroked each other’s hands in the middle of the table as they talked. 

“I know. I can’t tell how close anyone is to me.” Their knees were touching under the table, it was so tiny, and Riley felt unnerved at being unable to get a sense of the size of the room or the number of occupants. “Is there a table right beside us?” Riley reached out and made contact with something. It took a moment of confusing, fumbling touch to realize it was someone’s purse atop an adjacent table.

“Sorry, I’m not trying to steal your purse. I swear!” she said in the general direction of whoever was seated to her right. A feminine voice murmured assurances, and Riley and Quinn laughed at the entertaining absurdity of the situation.

“Scoot your chair closer to me, babe,” Riley said. They were that couple who still couldn’t be out of arm’s reach from each other. 

Quinn eagerly managed it, and then sighed. “You’re so romantic, Riley.” She trailed her fingertips up Riley’s forearm. “I love that you brought me here. This is a fantastic place to celebrate our one-year anniversary. Thank you.” 

Riley blushed. Not that Quinn could see it. Riley was always blushing around Quinn and she hated it, even if Quinn said she only teased her about it because it was so endearing. The darkness freed Riley up a bit. Just as the blindfold always did. Quinn was so very perceptive; she noticed everything. Sometimes it put too much pressure on Riley in the bedroom. But with the blindfold, Quinn was free to focus on her other senses, and Riley was free to be as sexy as she damn well pleased, without worrying about what she looked like. Darkness emboldened her. And Riley liked feeling bold, because it wasn’t her usual state of being. She was a nice girl. A reliable caretaker. But with Quinn, she felt different, like she could be anything she wanted to be. With Quinn, only with Quinn, she could be the badass no one suspected. 

Riley responded to Quinn’s touch by trailing her fingers up Quinn’s forearm too. But she kept going up. Up and across to her collarbone. And then down, down to her cleavage, amply available for touch in a form-fitting new white shirt Quinn had donned for the occasion. Quinn made a sound in the back of her throat that Riley could just catch above the din of the other restaurant patrons. Riley didn’t have to see her face to know that she’d be smiling that wicked smile of hers.

Quinn met her mild fondling and raised her one hot instance of finger sucking, bringing her strong, capable hands to her lips and surprising Riley by tracing her tongue along the length of one of her fingers and then boldly placing it in her warm, wet mouth. 

Things were getting steamy enough that Riley had begun to squirm in her seat, when the waiter suddenly appeared with the wine they had ordered. “Merlot, on your right,” he said as Riley rushed to resume the normalcy that no one knew they had deviated from. They found their glasses and raised a joyful toast to their one-year anniversary. 

CHOICE #1: One of them will make a bold suggestion. Will it be:

A.    Quinn, who suggests Riley wear a remote-controlled vibrator in public OR (Go to Page 9)

B.    Riley, who suggests going to a women’s only night at a sex club (Go to Page 66)

Quinn boldly suggests that Riley wear a remote-controlled vibrator in public.


After a memorable dinner, they went for drinks at a nearby piano bar. Riley was relieved to be able to see Quinn’s face again. And her body. Quinn was gorgeous. She had a tall, stately physique and a striking face. Maybe it was the medium-length black hair in an edgy bob that framed her startlingly blue eyes. Maybe it was the intelligence that shone from them. It was hard to say exactly what it was, but Quinn had a face that made you stop and want to stare. Then stop and start to want. 

Riley had endured her fair share of staring too, but not for the same reasons. She was a natural redhead with a face full of freckles. It had taken her a long time to feel comfortable in her speckled skin, but she’d worked hard to appreciate what she saw in the mirror each morning, and as Quinn liked to remind her, she was unique and special, since only two percent of the population was authentically ginger.

“I brought something I’d like you to wear,” Quinn said, eyebrow cocked. 

Nervous energy raced through Riley, but she trusted Quinn enough to say, “Okay…guess I’m not the only one with surprises up her sleeve. But you’ll have to wait for mine.”

“We made it to a year. Fun surprises are called for.” From her ridiculously oversized purse, Quinn produced a brown paper gift bag with black tissue paper. She held it before her expectantly. “Take it to the bathroom and change.” 

With a racing heart, Riley grasped the gift bag. She headed to the restroom, adding a hint of swagger into her step for Quinn’s benefit, since she knew she’d be checking out her ass as she walked away. 

Inside the stall, Riley opened the bag to find a strange purple contraption shaped like the letter U. There was a mini instruction booklet in the bag too, and just as she pulled it free of the tissue, a memory came flooding back to her and she realized what the purple contraption was all about. It was a remote-controlled vibrator called the We-Vibe that she and Quinn had explored at a sex shop. It was rather expensive, so they hadn’t bought it at the time, but they had shared some laughs together imagining all the weird scenarios in which one of them could torture the other with it.

Riley smirked, shook her head, and carefully inserted one end of the U inside herself, while the other end rested on her clit. The ends were smooth but mildly ribbed. She adjusted and went to rejoin Quinn.

“You like your present?” Quinn asked.

“I suspect I’m going to like it very much.” Riley wriggled in her chair, aware of how her pussy was pleasantly filled and her sex already slick with desire. She waited nervously for Quinn to activate the vibration, but Quinn seemed determined to make her wait. They ordered drinks, flirted, talked, and laughed. They sang along to the wide variety of songs that were requested by the audience and duly performed by the pianist, between bouts of onstage banter. Riley almost forgot she was wearing the vibe for a time when Quinn got up to sing a song at the piano, making sultry eyes at Riley that left little doubt for her—or the audience—as to the object of her affection. 

Of course, that’s when Quinn activated the vibe. When the entire room’s eyes were on her and she was momentarily distracted. Quinn didn’t ease her into the sensation either. Nope, that wouldn’t make for a good story. Quinn cranked the vibe on full power, and Riley literally jumped out of her seat with what must have been a startled look on her face, quickly followed by a blush of embarrassment. Laughing heartily, Quinn quickly made her way to Riley, who was frozen in awkward uncertainty as to what to do after dramatically leaping up from her chair in front of everyone. Quinn saved them both by reaching out to her and pulling her up to the piano, making it seem that Riley had simply jumped up to join in. 

Riley finished the song, blinded by the stage lights, but very much aware that every eye in the place was watching her stumble through this love song as she fidgeted and struggled with the sensations rocking her from both inside and outside her pussy. The song seemed like it would never end. But then it did, and the room filled with applause as Riley rushed from the stage to their table, grabbed their things, and bolted for the door. Quinn quickly followed.

“Riley. Riley!” Quinn panted, racing to keep up. “Are you mad? Wait up!”

Riley spun around and grabbed Quinn’s coat collar to pull her close and plant a searing kiss upon her lips despite her usual reluctance to engage in PDA. Riley pulled away from the kiss and rested her body against Quinn’s for a moment. She was trembling. She whispered in her ear, “I’m going to come right here on the street if you don’t get me to the hotel room in the next five minutes.” 

Riley pushed her away and started speed walking off, leaving Quinn behind without a glance. She heard a chuckle behind her, then a new sensation from the We-Vibe rocked her clit, a rhythmic pulse that made Riley’s steps falter. Riley wiggled, trying to adjust the vibe a bit, so that it would be less directly stimulating, but to no avail. She heard Quinn laughing, unseen behind her, and she realized she must look conspicuous. Riley resumed the speed walking, trying hard to walk normally, without the strange, writhing gait the vibrator kept inspiring her to assume. Riley was determined to get to the hotel room before Quinn found the right combination of tempo and type of vibration that would cause her to come in the streets. Riley took a long time to reach her first orgasm so she figured she could probably make it back if she focused. Quinn kept on experimenting, pushing different buttons, and Riley kept on enduring, tormentedly on the edge. 

Quinn finally caught up to Riley and they linked arms. 

Riley said, “You’re an evil bitch, you know,” and they laughed uncontrollably for a whole city block. 

As they walked on, Riley was oblivious to everything but her private battle. She was trying with all her might not to spill over the edge into climax in public, but every time she took a step, the ribs of the vibrator rubbed her clit rhythmically. She tried taking different kinds of steps. She tried not to let her thighs rub together. But every time she figured out a way to walk that wasn’t completely torturous, Quinn pressed a new button and she had to figure something out all over again. 

They were at a crosswalk, waiting for the light to turn green, and Riley was snuggled into Quinn, pretending she was trying to get warm, when really she was trying to focus, trying to breathe through it, trying not to orgasm. Large, fluffy snowflakes whirled through the city lights illuminating the evening sky when an older lady waiting for the light beside them struck up a meaningless conversation about the weather. 

“A bit early for snow, isn’t it, dears?”

Riley stiffened and silently begged Quinn to carry this conversation. Thankfully, Quinn replied amiably, “That’s living in Canada for you. You never know what you’ll get, even in November.”

“So true. So true,” the stranger clucked. Riley quivered, her whole body in agony and screaming for release. She stared daggers at the red light while Quinn and the old lady blathered on politely. 

It finally changed, and Riley yanked Quinn rudely away and started all but running for the hotel, which was now within sight. 

So close. So close. So close. Riley kept repeating inside her head. They made it to the elevators. Riley punched the close button and slammed Quinn against the wall and began furiously making out with her, grinding into her and kissing her feverishly. She’s so sexy. She’s so evil. I fucking love her. Shudders threatened to take over her body, and she felt the first stirrings of relief that she could finally let go and slip over, but that’s when a hairy hand pushed its way into the closing door and a bunch of businessmen in suits shouldered their way into the small space. Quinn quickly turned the vibe off, but it was too late. 

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Riley groaned, not entirely to herself, crumbling toward the floor. One of the men seemed to notice and looked alarmed. 

“Aw shit, did you get a Charley horse again?” Quinn asked too loudly. “Here, let me help you.” She began banging her fist dramatically on Riley’s calf in a way that anyone with a real muscle spasm in their leg would have violently kicked her for. The men stared and Quinn bumbled on, convincing no one of anything other than the fact that something weird was going on. In the tumult, the remote fell out of Quinn’s pocket with a noticeable clatter. Everyone looked at the remote and then at each other. Riley felt as though her face could not have been any redder. 

 “Look, honey, there’s the TV remote, we couldn’t find!” Quinn said. “I guess it was in my pocket all along.” Evidently, Riley’s face could get redder, she realized, because the vibrator remote looked nothing like a television remote and Riley’s heart was about to explode from mortification. Just then their floor dinged, and the suits made way for them as Riley fake limped her way past them. The moment the elevator door closed, Riley playfully pummeled Quinn with her fists, while Quinn cracked up all the way to the door of their hotel room.


CHOICE #2: Quinn and Riley’s evening continues and anniversary sex is a given. Will their anniversary sex be: 

A.    Romantic or (Go to page 15)

B.    Steamy or (Go to page 37)

C.   Intense (Go to page 58)




Quinn and Riley have romantic anniversary sex.


“You are so lucky that I’m madly in love with you, otherwise I’d just be mad at you,” Riley shouted from the bathroom as she removed the devilish little vibe that had just caused her so much embarrassment. 

“Oh, come on, that was epic. You’ll be bragging about that in the nursing home on your death bed.” 

“What? You’re crazy,” Riley said, emerging from the bathroom and making her way to Quinn who was looking at the swirling snowfall outside the window. “I’m never telling anyone that story.” 

Riley snuck up behind her and wrapped her arms around Quinn, nuzzling into her neck until Quinn sighed and relaxed against her. They stayed like that a while, watching the big, feathery flakes meander lazily to the ground. Quinn loved watching the world go by, and she had taught Riley to love it too. They often snuggled in silence in parks and just watched the people, the sky, the creatures, the cars; whatever was happening in the moment, they just soaked it up together. This shared, silent watchfulness felt almost sacred to Riley. She’d never had that with anyone else before. 

“I really love you,” Riley blurted without thinking. 

Quinn disentangled herself to turn around and look Riley in the eyes. “I really love you too.” 

They kissed. As they had kissed many times before. But the spark that drew them to each other initially was still very much alive and easily caught to flame. Riley felt her heartbeat speed up and her breathing become heavy. She moved her hands over Quinn’s gorgeous contours.

“I want to look at you,” Riley said, stepping back to gaze at Quinn, framed by the window full of snow billowing and eddying in the evening sky. 

Quinn held her gaze, comfortable and confident within it. She fingered the buttons on the front of her decidedly tight, white blouse. She popped one and arched an eyebrow. Riley smiled and Quinn popped another.

“Do you like what you see?” Quinn purred. 

Riley squirmed in appreciation of the tension building between them. Heat rushed through her, and she knew her cheeks were burning and her sex was wet yet again. Nonetheless, she replied, “I’m not sure; I don’t see much yet.”

Quinn smirked and undid the last of her buttons. She shrugged out of the blouse, letting it fall to the floor. She wore a simple, silky, flesh-colored bra beneath the shirt. Riley gazed at Quinn’s torso, appreciating the slope of her shoulders, the delicacy of her collarbone, the swell of her breasts and the taut lines of her stomach. 

Quinn leaned forward and reached both arms behind her back. She grasped the bra hooks. “Do you think the unsuspecting citizens of the city below will like what they see?” She turned to face the street, her hands prepared to unhook her bra. She looked over her shoulder at Riley, waiting.

Riley nodded and Quinn deftly released her breasts. The bra joined her blouse on the floor. 


CHOICE #3: A part of Quinn’s body is about to receive loving attention. Will it be her: 

A.    Tits or (Go to page 18)


B.    Ass (Go to page 26)