Chapter One

Roused from the couch by an insistent knock on her apartment door, Jude Monaco prepared to dismiss whichever friend or former lover had decided to drop by unannounced. Instead, she fell into stunned silence at the sight of her next-door neighbor Diana—the beautiful, relatively older woman for whom she’d been carrying a particularly lusty torch for the past thirteen months—anxiously shuffling her feet on the welcome mat, elegantly dressed and openly distraught. Her vivid blue eyes lit up at the sight of Jude, which made Jude’s heart sing. She opened her mouth to offer Diana an effusively friendly hello, barely thinking to wonder why someone she’d rarely spoken with except to trade casual pleasantries in the laundry room or at the mailbox would knock on her door this late on Saturday afternoon.

Before Jude could attempt a charming greeting, Diana broke the ice with an awkward wave. “Hi.” She cleared her throat, so overtly nervous that Jude’s stomach churned in empathy. “I’m not sure if you remember me, but—”

“Diana. Of course I remember you.” Opening the door wider, Jude leaned against its blessedly sturdy frame and attempted a carefree smile. “How’s it going?”

“Hi.” Diana repeated, somewhat unnecessarily. “And, well, it’s…” She took a deep breath and dodged the subject. “You’re Jude, right?”

“That’s me.” Jude folded her arms across her breasts, wishing she’d worn a bra to the door. If she’d known who was on the other side, she would’ve stopped to throw one on. “What can I do for you?”

“Well…” Diana grew redder with every second of uneasy silence she allowed to stretch out between them. After an unbearably long hesitation, she muttered, cheeks aflame, “You know what? This suddenly feels like a really terrible idea. I think I should…” She moved a half pace to the right, clearly flirting with the urge to flee toward the safety of her own apartment. “Sorry to bother you.”

“Diana.” Jude stepped into the hallway to catch her neighbor by the wrist. “What’s going on? Did you need something?”

Diana jolted at the contact, so Jude let her go and allowed her gaze to drift to Diana’s luxuriously thick and shiny hair, which fell just above her narrow shoulders and boasted a smattering of gloriously silver strands woven throughout the natural dark brunette. Flustered by the thought of how often she’d masturbated herself to sleep with Diana in the starring role of one of her go-to mature, older-lover fantasies, Jude struggled not to reveal how attracted she was. It had always seemed painfully obvious that Diana considered her a bit of a kid. Probably even a wild child, given that they shared the wall of Jude’s busy bedroom and its revolving door of sexually liberated—and frequently vocal—women of every age, shape, and color.

Of course Diana looked at her and saw her as a child. How could she know what Jude reallywanted? Who she reallywas? Jude didn’t share those hopes and dreams with just anyone. Not even the women who graced her bed.

Diana managed a tense smile. “To be perfectly frank, I came over to ask you for a completely batshit, wholly inappropriate favor…a request that would have almost certainly resulted in you slamming the door in my face. Which I would’ve totally understood, actually. I’m not sure why I ever thought…But I wasn’t sure what else to do, so—”

“So ask me the favor.” More intrigued than intimidated after that rambling disclaimer, Jude beckoned for Diana to follow her into the apartment. “How about you come inside and sit down first? Maybe it’ll be easier that way.”

Diana scoffed and shook her head, yet drifted closer. “I’m not so sure about that.”

“Believe it or not, I ama pretty friendly person. Once you get to know me.” Jude held open the door, grinning as Diana tentatively walked past. “I promise not to be offended, regardless of how inappropriate this favor turns out to be.”

Diana stopped just inside the entryway and released an explosive sigh. “You sleep with women, right?”

Jude closed the door behind them, glad she’d thought to suggest taking their conversation somewhere more private. Her intrigue had become stark fascination. Emboldened by the nature of Diana’s query, Jude quipped, “Sleep usually isn’t all that high on my agenda, but…” She winked, then extended her arm to entice Diana even farther inside. “Yes, I date women. Why? Are you looking to set me up with someone? Because I should warn you, I’m not necessarily in the market for a serious relationship right now. Unless you happen to be matchmaking for Michelle Pfeiffer. Then maybe.”

Twisting her hands in front of her, Diana glanced at the couch Jude was attempting to usher her toward but seemed reluctant to move away from the door. “Sorry. Not here on Michelle’s behalf.” She chuckled, studying Jude with seemingly renewed interest. “I’m thinking she’s too old to be your ideal match, anyway. You can’t be more than, what, twenty-three or twenty-four?”

“Twenty-six, actually.” Tired of waiting for Diana to relax, Jude strolled to the couch and sat at one end. “For the record, Ms. Pfeiffer is fifty-nine, sexy as fuck, and I don’t believe in setting age limits on attraction.”

Diana’s eyelashes fluttered, gaze drifting to the floor in apparent recognition of Jude’s effort to drop a hint—even if their own age difference ran closer to ten or fifteen years. After a drawn-out silence, Diana took a seat at the opposite end of the couch. She angled her body toward Jude’s and looked her dead in the eyes.

“I’m not quite sure how to start, so…I guess I’ll tell you a little more about myself first.” She inhaled. “My full name is Diana Kelley, and I’m a trained psychotherapist—a sex therapist, specifically. Mostly I work as an educator…of a sort. I, uh…” She fidgeted, making Jude wonder if she wasn’t doing an adequate job of appearing nonjudgmental.

“That’s so awesome.” Jude flashed Diana a big, everything-is-cool smile. “I mean, I love sex. It’d be amazing to get paid to talk about it on a daily basis, let alone teach people how it’s done.”

Her vapid response seemed to loosen some of the tension in Diana’s delicate shoulders. She returned Jude’s smile, maintaining eye contact despite her now-perpetually flushed cheeks. “Most days, I absolutely love my job. Tonight? Not so much.” Diana took another steadying breath, then pushed on before Jude could offer more reassurances. “I’ve been hosting these couples’ workshops for women. Each week I cover a different topic—usually a new technique or position, or fresh ideas for foreplay, like spanking or role-play. The goal is to offer erotically charged sexual instruction for women in a safe, judgment-free environment…with the hope that my students will leave inspired and dormant fires will be rekindled.”

Jude couldn’t help but squirm excitedly at the image of Diana instructing a classroom full of horny women on the best ways to make each other come. Before tonight, she’d only seen Diana as a person who treated their elderly, wheelchair-bound neighbor Gwen kindly, always taking out her trash and regularly walking her small, scruffy dog. To discover this new aspect of Diana’s personality exhilarated her. Far more turned on than she would’ve ever anticipated possible—especially with an entire couch cushion separating them—Jude cleared her throat before attempting to respond to the bombshell revelation about her not-so-mild-mannered neighbor. “Sounds fun. And like noble work.”

Diana chuckled, yet also seemed pleased. “Noble, huh? I can’t say I hear that very often. At least from non-clients.” The corners of her eyes crinkled adorably when she smiled, making Jude’s clit jump. “But you’re right. The work can be very satisfying. Not always, but often enough to keep me going.”

Deciding Diana had to feel at least slightlymore at ease after her demonstration of respect, Jude surrendered to impatience and begged for the answer to her most burning question. “Please, pleaseask me your favor. After that disclaimer, I’m willing to bet it’s not anywhere near as inappropriate as what my perverted brain has conjured up.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” Diana attempted a brave smile, but her hands were shaking. “You’d be surprised.”

Jude’s heart raced. “So surprise me.”

Diana pulled her phone out of her jacket pocket, glanced at the time, then shielded her eyes with her free hand and sighed wearily. “These workshops…I have this friend, Ava, who usually assists me. And her assistance is essential because, well…I employ a hands-on teaching style. My classes are meant to be interactive. With one’s partner, of course. Ava…plays the role of my partner. So I’m able to…demonstrate what I’m telling my students.”

Jude barely resisted the urge to pinch her own arm. She wasn’t dreaming, but she also wasn’t entirely convinced that what seemed to be happening was really…happening.Afraid to speak—hell, afraid to move—she impersonated a statue and simply listened.

“I’m not sure I want to know what you must be thinking.” Diana peered between her fingers, wincing sheepishly at Jude’s wide-eyed stare. “About what I do for a living, about why I’ve told you all of this as a precursor to the inappropriate favor I never should’ve come here to ask—”

“Yes.” To hell with waiting to hear the details. After all this buildup, she couldn’t fathom notdoing anything Diana asked. “I’m in. Whatever you need from me, I’ll do. Enthusiastically.”

Diana’s breath caught, an almost inaudible hitch that elevated Jude’s ardor to ever more dizzying heights. “Maybe wait to hear what you’re agreeing to first.”

Shivering, Jude murmured, “All right. Why don’t you tell me what you need, Diana?”

Diana delighted her with a full-body shudder. “Ava called about an hour ago. She fell and hurt her back seriously enough that she’s at urgent care having images taken to assess the damage. She says she’s okay, not to worry about her, and please don’t cancel tonight’s workshop—which is the very last thing I want to do, believe me, since I would hate to disappoint sixteen clients, refund all those registrations, and lose the rental fee for the space. But as my students signed up for a highly specific type of experience—an experience I can’t easily provide without a partner of my own—I’m not sure I have any choice butto cancel. I can’t very well ask these women to expose their bodies, their sexuality, to the group without doing the same. Not to mention, certain concepts are much easier to show than tell. Especially for the more visual learners.”

Amused by the attempt to rationalize her insanely arousing teaching method, Jude took a chance and leaned across the empty cushion to rest a hand on Diana’s rapidly bobbling knee. “You came over to ask if I’d fill in for Ava tonight, didn’t you? Because you happened to notice that I sleep with women, a lot.”

Diana appeared stricken, flooding Jude with the momentary terror that she’d somehow managed to get this wrong. She removed her hand from Diana’s knee, then sucked in a startled breath when Diana caught her by the wrist and tangled their fingers together. Awestruck that she was literally holding Diana’s handafter pining for months in secret, Jude struggled to stay focused, to avoid getting swept away into a lurid fantasy that would further embarrass one or both of them.

Diana gave her an affectionate squeeze. “That iswhy I came here, yes, but I realized my mistake the second you opened the door. I can’t in good conscience ask a much-younger neighbor to bare her body for a roomful of strangers, let alone allow me to touch her sexually, just to save myself a few thousand dollars.”

Jude raised her eyebrows. “A few thousand?Are you kidding me? Sure you can. Ask away.”

“Jude…” Diana exhaled at length, then stared up at the ceiling for a few beats before turning her attention back to Jude. “Tonight’s workshop is on cunnilingus. You would have to let me go down on you in front of sixteen women—most of whom will be at least a decade older than you, if not two.”

Jude tilted her head, genuinely perplexed by the last part of her disclaimer. “Why are you so focused on my age? I already told you, that part doesn’t matter to me. Or rather, it doesn’t botherme.” She stroked her thumb over Diana’s, teasingly. “On the contrary, I’ve always wondered what it would be like, the touch of a more mature, more experiencedwoman.”

Diana laughed, looking equally flattered and taken aback by the bold admission. “Is it my imagination, or are you trying to tell me you’re the right girl for this job?”

“Admittedly, volunteering to have my pussy eaten by a gorgeous sex therapist slash guru hardly counts as a selfless sacrifice.” Jude raised their hands to her mouth and kissed Diana’s knuckles, noting how she shifted in her seat. “But also, I legitimately hate to think of you losing all that money. Especially since I’ve got nowhere to be tonight, anyway. So…yeah, since you brought it up…” She arched an eyebrow. “You bet your ass I’m the right girl for this job. As in, I’ve never been self-conscious about showing my body to people, I positively adoreoral sex—both giving and receiving—and this wouldn’t exactly be the first time I came for an audience.” She smirked at Diana’s subtle reaction to her disclosure, an easing of her posture that signaled an acceptance of Jude’s sincerity—and clear relief at her exhibitionistic tendencies.

“This wouldbe a job, by the way.” Clearing her throat, Diana disentangled her hand from Jude’s and combed her fingers through that wondrous hair. “Meaning, I’ll pay you. Only five hundred, unfortunately, but—”

“Five hundred dollars?” Jude’s head spun at the thought of making almost a third of her former bi-weekly salary in a single evening. For having an orgasm…with her fantasy lover.

“I could go up to six hundred, but that’s—”

“Whoa, whoa.” Jude waved her hands to stop Diana from reducing her profit margin any further. “Five hundred dollars is more than enough, given all you’re really asking me to do is lie back and let you lick me.” She lowered her hands and narrowed her eyes. “Isthat all you’re asking?”

“Basically.” Diana folded her hands on her lap, coming across far more prim than should’ve been possible. “I’d appreciate a little verbal interaction during the lesson, along with vocal feedback from you during the act—you know, to offer the students some idea about how well my techniques work.”

“I highly doubt that’ll be a problem.” Surprised by the mild heat crawling up the back of her neck, Jude admitted, “I’m, uh…not exactly shy about letting my satisfaction be known.”

“Perfect.” Diana gave her a careful smile. “How do you feel about letting me penetrate you with my fingers? To be clear, it’s not a deal breaker if you’d rather—”

“You can put your fingers inside me.” Jude shifted her weight, keenly aware of how wet this conversation—and Diana’s proximity—was making her. Her neighbor’s hesitation was palpable, but pointless. Jude couldn’t envision saying no to anything Diana offered. “Especially if you want to make me come faster.”

Diana swallowed, throat rippling in a way that made Jude’s mouth water. “Good to know. Beyond that…yes. All I’m asking is for you to let me perform cunnilingus on you in an educational setting, for six hundred dollars.”

“Five hundred. I don’t feel right taking any more than that.” She barely felt right accepting money at all. Having the chance to play out this stunningly kinky older-woman fantasy in real life—with the sexiest older woman she knew, no less—was compensation enough. She stuck out her hand, waiting for Diana to shake and close the deal.

Instead, Diana hesitated. Glancing from Jude’s hand to her face, she said, “You don’t think this will complicate our relationship? Meaning…you’re a good neighbor. Despite the occasionally loud fucking at all hours of the night—”

“Sorry.” Jude winced, remembering a particularly voracious screamer she’d brought home around a month ago. “I’ll be sure to start covering their mouths after midnight.”

Diana ran her tongue along her top lip, then bit back a smile. “That won’t be necessary. There areworse nighttime soundtracks than two women having mind-blowing sex.”

Wait—had Diana ever masturbated herself to sleep with fantasies of her? Jude loved that such a possibility even existed, whether or not it had actually happened. Forcing her mind back to the question she’d been asked, she said, “No. I don’t think this needs to complicate our neighborly coexistence. We’re talking about a simple business transaction, right? You need to hire a last-minute substitute assistant, I’m more than qualified for the position, we’ve successfully negotiated a salary…nothing complicated about that. Sure, you’re hiring me for sex, but that doesn’t mean things have to get weird between us. We both know what this is. You’re looking for someone to bail you out, and I’m looking to spice up an otherwise boring Saturday night—and earn some much-needed extra cash. Seems straightforward enough to me.”

Diana reached across their buffer cushion for a brisk handshake. “Okay, then. Class starts at seven. I can either text the address to your phone or you can hitch a ride with me—your choice.”

“I’ll ride with you.” Startled when Diana hastily stood, Jude followed with her eyes as she hurried toward the door. “What time do you want to leave?”

Diana swiveled to face her. “Six? I prefer to get there early so I have time to set up before the students arrive.”

“Six it is.” Jude rose from the couch as well, mentally planning the remainder of her now-busy afternoon. “That should give me plenty of time to shower and, uh, groom.”

“Great.” Halfway through her turn toward the door, Diana stopped. She met Jude’s eyes, gazing at her with more kindness than she was used to seeing from anyone—ever. “But please don’t go crazy with the grooming—at least not on my account. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and attractive, by all means, but…” She smirked. “Well, I’ve read your generation is more likely than mine to feel compelled to shave themselves bare. I want you to know that as far as I’m concerned, pubic hair is a natural, functional, perfectly lovely feature of the feminine landscape. Its presence won’t impede my appetite in the slightest.”

Shaken by Diana’s perceptiveness, Jude managed a nonchalant smile. “Noted.”

“All right, then. See you at six.” Diana put her hand on the knob before looking back at Jude one last time. “And thanks. For saying yes, of course, but also for being open-minded. I was afraid you’d be offended that I would think to ask you at all. But I have to say, this turned out to be much easier than I ever expected.”

Jude grinned. “You mean Iturned out to be much easier than you ever expected.”

Chuckling, Diana opened the door and backed into the hallway. “More charming, too.”

“And older!” Jude followed Diana into the hallway, watching as she stopped in front of the next apartment. “A whole three years, remember?” She answered Diana’s playful eye roll with a toothy grin. “Twenty-six, not twenty-three.”

Diana shook her head and opened her door. “A bona fide grown-up. I remember.”

“You’re about to find out exactly how grown up I can be.” Thrilled by the verbal foreplay, Jude kept on teasing. “Aren’t you?”

“I suppose I am.” Lips quirking, Diana moved halfway into her apartment, then tipped her head in farewell. “Go on, then. Take your shower—and get ready for school.”


Chapter Two

A little over four hours later, Jude sat perched atop a sturdy, blanket-covered platform, wondering what the hell she’d gotten herself into. Clad in a thick terry-cloth robe from Diana, she surveyed the sixteen rosy-cheeked, partially dressed women who surrounded her on all sides. Their eyes roved Jude’s body anxiously, and their quiet whispers set her nerves even further on edge.

She didn’t understand her rising trepidation. Granted, this would be the first time she’d ever gotten naked in front of so many people—the audience she’d mentioned to Diana had been more like a small crowd, if you could even call three people a crowd—but the prospect of disrobing wasn’t responsible for the uneasy knot in her stomach. While her body was far from flawless, naturally, she’d never felt much shame about its imperfections. Deep down, she wondered if her reticence had more to do with the idea of being touched by a woman she’d wanted with utter desperation—for too many long, lonely nights—while all these strangers looked on.

What if she made a giant laughingstock of herself and came instantly? Or accidentally burst into tears of joy as she mentally scratched oral sex from Diana Kelley off her sexual bucket list?

Diana rested her hand on Jude’s bare knee, shaking her from her haze. “Ready?”

Steeling herself for what was about to occur, Jude gave a resolute nod. “Ready.”

“You sure?” Diana squeezed her knee, a gesture that triggered an involuntary shiver that both began and ended between Jude’s thighs. “I won’t be upset if you’ve changed your mind. Honestly. We’ll move forward only if you’re still comfortable enough to try.”

Unable to imagine a potential embarrassment that could make her feel worse than canceling their demonstration surely would, Jude conjured a brave face and a broad grin. “I’m fine, promise. A little nervous, but…who wouldn’t be, right?” She batted her eyelids playfully. “I’m also superturned on. Like…super. Hope you’re prepared for that.”

Diana’s blue eyes sparkled with what Jude read as genuine delight. “I make it a point to always come to class prepared. Tonight is no exception.” She squeezed Jude’s knee a second time, then stepped away from the platform to address the class.

“All right, ladies. Good evening, and welcome to Cunnilingus 101—or for the less clinically inclined, Intro to Pussy Eating. Now, while I do recognize quite a few of your faces, I know we have a few newcomers tonight. Welcome, one and all. My name is Diana Kelley, I’m a licensed sex therapist, and my goal for this workshop is to help you and your partner rediscover at least a little of the passion and intimacy that initially drew you together. I’ll do that by sharing my favorite tips on how to give excellent head, by answering any questions you may have about one of themost intimate sexual acts you can perform on a lover, and by inviting you to watch an erotic, live-action demonstration of my tried-and-true techniques.”

She pivoted to make eye contact with the other half of the room. “To those of you who currently enjoy an active sex life—congratulations. Keep up the good work!” About half the women chuckled proudly; two bumped fists. Diana continued. “To those who came here tonight hoping to reintroduce some heat into a relationship that’s cooled for one reason or another—bravo.Bravo for taking the initiative, together, to recognize how important physical intimacy is in a romantic relationship and for choosing to repair a crucial bond that far too many long-time couples fail to nurture. Either way, regardless of why you’re here, I hope this lesson inspires a whole lot of mind-blowing sex. Tonight, and in the future.”

Everyone clapped, including Jude. Transfixed by Diana’s warm introduction, by the rich, impressively professional timbre of her voice, and by her students’ rapturous gazes as they watched the commanding performance, Jude failed to suppress a gasp of surprise when Diana’s hand found her knee once more, then slid higher up her thigh.

Diana smiled at Jude, then the class. “Please extend a warm welcome to my beautiful young friend Jude, a real trooper who very graciously agreed to make her classroom debut here tonight despite being asked to fill in at the last minute. This will be my first time working with Jude in any capacity, so while she and I did discuss boundaries prior to class, you’ll be hearing me check in with her on a fairly regular basis. Even more than I do with Ava, simply because I don’t know Jude as well.”

Jude’s attention drifted to a stocky brunette on her left, whose deep frown creased an otherwise unlined forehead. “Diana, if you don’t mind me asking…where isAva? I mean, she’s all right…right?”

“Not to worry, Sadie. My lovely assistant tweaked her back this morning and didn’t want to test her luck by attempting to withstand the earth-shattering orgasm I had scheduled for her tonight.” Diana’s hand crept closer to the juncture of Jude’s thighs. “Sadly, that means poor Jude has to shoulder this burden instead.”

Amidst the light chuckles of her peers, Sadie’s concern gave way to amusement. “Sure. Poor Jude.”

Licking her lips, Jude attempted a pithy remark of her own—to prove she was actually in possession of a personality, and a sometimes appealing one at that. “Call me crazy, but I’m not exactly disappointed about the turn my Saturday night has taken.”

A woman who sat across from Sadie—blond, middle-aged, and sporting a seemingly perpetual smile—winked at Jude, calling out, “I’d call you crazy if you didn’tdrop everything for this gig. Diana sure knows her way around the female anatomy.”

Jude fought back a whimper as she pondered the blonde’s insight, yet failed to suppress a low moan when Diana’s fingertips brushed across her bare inner thigh. Closing her eyes so she wouldn’t have to see the reactions from the peanut gallery, Jude bit the inside of her lip as Diana withdrew her hand from beneath the robe to take hold of the belt knotted around her waist.

Diana spared her from having to invent another wisecrack by launching into the introductory speech she’d outlined to Jude during the drive over in an effort to obtain her explicit consent once she’d explained its purpose. Like everything else about this situation, what seemed doable in the abstract felt daunting in the moment. Jude focused on Diana’s spiel, bracing for the impact of having her body exposed to those breathtakingly blue eyes.

“Each and every one of you should make it your personal mission to master your own partner’s anatomy. Wasn’t it Confucius who said ‘she who masters her lover’s pussy rarely stays in the doghouse for long’?” When Jude opened her eyes to join in with the good-natured laughter, Diana flashed her a reassuring smile and wrapped up the lighthearted portion of her lecture. “While I can’t guarantee the skills you’ll learn here tonight will be the ticket to endless get-out-of-jail free cards, I canassure you that satisfying, not entirely infrequent sex will almost certainly bring you closer to your partner. That’s because great sex doesn’t simply end at the physical pleasure you’re giving and receiving. Having lots of great sex helps bring about emotional wellness, both individually and as a couple. It enables the healing of emotional wounds. Perhaps most critically, it’s a way to have fun with someone you care about, largely by making sure they feel amazing and extremelydesirable.”

Won over by the impassioned sales pitch for consistent fucking, Jude almost stopped breathing when Diana moved directly in front of her and stared into her eyes. “Jude, sweetheart, would it be all right if I opened your robe?” Her right hand toyed with the knot at Jude’s waist while the left skimmed up her inner thigh, so high she expected Diana’s fingers would come away wet. “I want to see that gorgeous body I’ve been imagining all night.”

Jude shivered, wondering how much of Diana’s verbal seduction was for her, how much was for show, and whether she meant anything she was saying. Ready to find out, she maneuvered her hands beneath Diana’s to untie the belt on her own. “Yes.”

Diana held the robe closed for another moment—to study Jude’s face and grin faintly at whatever she saw there—before pulling it open to reveal Jude’s painfully hard nipples to her sweeping gaze. “You’re stunning,” Diana murmured, and deliberately pushed the robe off her shoulders, then down her arms, until the material fell from Jude’s body and pooled around her waist, baring her completely.

Grateful for Diana’s decision to mostly shield her from view, Jude battled an uncharacteristic wave of self-consciousness. Not because of the sixteen pairs of eyes currently straining for a peek at her tits, but because Diana—Diana, the goddess next door—seemingly had no reservation about drinking in the sight of her nudity like they were the only ones in the room. Jude mustered a shy “Thank you,” then gathered the will to plant her hands behind her hips and lean backward to offer a better view. “I really am fine with this,” she whispered, hoping to encourage Diana onward. “In case you were wondering. Feel free to let everyone look.” Jude flushed when Diana’s gaze lingered on her chest. “If you want.”

After a drawn-out pause, Diana’s attention drifted lower, down to Jude’s naked lap, and she gave her lips a sensuous once-over with her tongue. “Absolutelystunning. Delectable, too, no doubt.”

Jude’s awareness of the world narrowed to only Diana and the thundering of her own heartbeat, lulling her into the seductive illusion that they were alone, together. In awe of the mindless anticipation coursing through her veins—of how aliveshe felt, waiting for Diana’s touch—Jude eased her legs apart to show off the sparse, downy covering of pubic hair she’d left mostly untouched to disprove the suggestion that she was yet another form-over-function millennial. Astonished to find her voice while Diana’s intoxicating blue eyes drank in the sight, Jude tossed off a flirty retort—anything to keep Diana moving. “I’m happy to let you have a taste. For science.”

A radiant smile broke across Diana’s face. She lifted her eyes to Jude’s, winked, then faced their rapt audience. “When it comes to licking pussy, my motto is ‘Always Start Slow.’ That same advice applies to anal sex, by the way—an act for which ASS is, admittedly, a more suitable acronym.” As Jude chuckled along with everyone else, Diana reached blindly for her thigh, landing mere centimeters from her lap. “Now when I say slow, I mean slow.Like, don’t even consider touching her below the waist for the first five minutes…minimum.”

Jude groaned unconsciously, dismayed to hear she would be made to wait for the first touch of Diana’s tongue to her labia, let alone her clit. When a few women giggled at her vocal disapproval, Jude reverted to her class-clown days, doubling down on the performance of impatience in a bid to gain control over everyone’s amusement so it wouldn’t be at her expense. Locking eyes with an attractive, pleasantly round middle-aged woman to her right, Jude flashed a goofy grin. “Can you blame me? A situation like this doesn’t really require much foreplay.” She looked at the woman’s snickering partner. “I’ll be honest with you guys. It’s been almost a year since a woman’s gone down on me. Now that dry spell is about to end, purely for your gratification. So, like…come on, right? Cut the last-minute substitute assistant a break.”

The woman whose gaze she held raised an amused eyebrow. “Personally, I think you should listen to Diana. She knows what she’s doing. Just…enjoy the anticipation.”

“I appreciate your confidence in my sexual judgment, Yolanda.” Diana stepped aside, angling her body toward Jude’s to allow their audience an unobstructed view. Before Jude could complain about the injustice of delayed gratification, Diana molded her palm against Jude’s clavicle and stared into her eyes. “Do you like having your breasts touched?”

“Yes.” She’d already answered the same question earlier, in the car, but gladly obliged Diana’s eagerness to illustrate the erotic potential of explicit consent. “Very much.”

Diana lowered her hand, smoothing over the slope of Jude’s right breast, then gingerly rolling the nipple between her fingertips. “What if I wanted to kiss them? Would you let me?”

Dizzied by the way Diana’s sultry tone further blurred the line between her fantasies and this increasingly surreal version of reality, Jude nodded dumbly. She leaned into the thrilling contact, desperate for somethingbeyond that simple caress, but soon understood that nothing else would happen without her definitive permission. Swallowing, Jude uttered, “Kiss them, please.

Diana bent to place her lips on Jude’s left nipple, tenderly. Her fingertips continued to tease its twin, wrecking Jude’s ability to linger on any single, rational thought for more than a millisecond. She couldn’t predict what she would do when Diana finally ventured between her legs. What if she passed out? Or spoke in tongues? Or otherwise acted like a real dumbass in front of all these nice ladies?

Jude cried out, ecstatic when Diana’s searing tongue finally skimmed over the puckered flesh of her areola. Transported by the sensation of skillful, insistent lips sucking her breast into the wet cavern of Diana’s now-wide-open mouth, Jude arched her back, then hastily thrust her hand into the narrow space between her thighs. Finding her labia soaked, she cast a furtive glance around, keenly aware that her every action was subject to scrutiny. Luckily, just about everyone was too preoccupied with the task of undressing themselves and their partners to notice her self-pleasuring. Jude left her fingers exactly where they were, greedy for even the subtlest friction near her clit.

“Ah, ah, ah.” Diana latched onto Jude’s wrist and yanked her hand away. “At least five minutes, remember? That goes for both of us.”

Jude failed to suppress a pout, despite not wanting Diana to see her as even more of a relative child. “No fair.”

Diana straightened to murmur next to her ear. “My poor, sweet darling.” She dragged the tip of her tongue along the sensitive earlobe, triggering multiple contractions of Jude’s vaginal muscles so that she very nearly climaxed prematurely. With a deep, longing sigh, Diana shifted to nibble on Jude’s other ear. “I never promised fair. Only good.”

Diana hadn’t even touched her pussy yet, and already Jude knew that “good” was a woefully inadequate descriptor for this sex therapist’s expertise. Overwhelmed by the strength of her desire, Jude checked the crowd once more, this time spotting a few fleeting glances in the process. It was then that she realized the worst of her self-consciousness had eased. Scorched away by her mindless arousal, she assumed, along with any sense of shame she’d possessed before today. Jude flexed the wrist Diana still held, hissing when the already firm grip tightened.

Pulling back, Diana grabbed Jude’s free hand and pinned both her wrists against the platform, next to her hips. Jude gasped at the forceful move, caught off guard by how perfectly Diana channeled the confident, sexually dominant older woman of her dreams. This experience would do nothing to extinguish the massive torch she carried for her next-door neighbor, contrary to the lies Jude had been telling herself all afternoon. Obviously, this decision to quench her thirst was going to backfire. So long as Diana continued to outshine even her most salacious forays into the land of make-believe, Jude’s crush would grow and grow. She might even fall in love.

Trembling with want, Jude begged, “I’ll behave, Diana, please. Please.

Diana kissed Jude’s neck, then her shoulder, without releasing her hands. “I know you will.” She bent to take Jude’s nipple between her teeth, laving the tip with her warm tongue. The grip on her wrists remained firm, even when Jude squirmed restlessly in a halfhearted attempt to break free. Diana quashed her faux resistance by stopping altogether, then murmuring, “You must like being held down.” Her fingers loosened ever so slightly. “Is that it? Do you like having control taken away from you? Or do you just need to be licked thatbadly?”

Yes.” Jude thrust out her chest in a mindless bid to force her nipple back into Diana’s mouth. Diana smirked, easily avoiding the lame ploy with a well-timed retreat. Recognizing her utter powerlessness, Jude clarified the non-answer to entice Diana’s willing return. “I like when you take control, and I do need to be licked.Sobadly.” She repeated, beseechingly, “Please.”

Diana brought her mouth to the breast she had yet to suck but didn’t make contact. Instead, she tightened her grip on Jude’s wrists. “Does it make you wet to be teased like this?”

Jude blurted the first thing that came to mind, which also happened to be the truth. “Youmake me wet.”

Diana moaned and licked around the turgid nipple. Once…twice…and then, distressingly, she backed away yet again. A knowing grin on her pink lips, Diana rose to her full height and made eye contact. She waited for Jude to squirm, then closed the distance between their faces for a brief, exceedingly amorous kiss. Jude was still catching her breath when Diana mumbled against her mouth, “Open your legs, sweetie. Show me howwet.”

Jude obeyed without thinking, parting her thighs until she felt cool air hit her molten center. She tensed in anticipation of the first, exploratory caress, but rather than deliver, Diana returned her attention to the students. “Once you’ve spent a decent amount of time tormenting—I’m sorry, exciting—your partner, I recommend you make a game of ‘checking’ to see whether she’s ready to be licked. No doubt she will be, but that type of foreplay will get her even hotter for the first touch of your tongue.”

“If you don’t drive her fucking bananas first.” Jude relished the scattered laughter from their audience—interspersed with hushed whispers and muffled moans—but she was only halfway joking. She’d never wanted anyone this fiercely. It hurt. “Take it from me. Your partner has been hot for your tongue this whole time. So give it to heralready.”

Diana patted Jude’s knee, smirking at the crowd. “If you’ve done your job right, as it appears I have, your partner should be begging for more by this point—all without you having gone anywhere near her pussy.” She winked at Jude. “Until now.”

No longer concerned with modesty, Jude spread her legs as wide as they would go—until it felt downright obscene—and showed her sopping center to everyone who cared to see. Once a few pairs of eyes had strayed in her direction, including Diana’s, Jude said, “I’m more than ready, but go ahead, check anyway.”

Diana swallowed, throat tensing visibly. Encouraged by the minor hint that she wasn’t alone in her desire, Jude threw back her shoulders, meeting Diana’s gaze head-on when the older woman dragged her attention up to Jude’s face. Shaking her head, Diana said, “Just look at the mess you’ve made. Badgirl.” She pressed her lips to one corner of Jude’s mouth, then the other, before initiating a deeper kiss. Their tongues instantly established an ardent rhythm, dancing together as though they’d made out dozens of times before that moment.

When Diana’s hand crept up her inner thigh, fingertips gliding suggestively over her slick, exposed labia, Jude broke away with a gasp. The fingers deepened their exploration, pushing between Jude’s sensitive folds to ghost across her labia, then forge a slow, winding path up to her clit. Jude rested her forehead on Diana’s shoulder and closed her eyes, overwhelmed by all she was being made to feel.

“You areready, aren’t you?” Diana massaged her more firmly, spreading around the hot juices that poured from Jude like a waterfall. “Ready for me to lick you clean?”

Nostrils flaring, Jude attempted to not sound quite so out of her mind as she felt. “Yes, ma’am.” The response was automatic, a phrase she’d uttered countless times within the context of her “dominant Diana” fantasies. She stiffened while awaiting Diana’s reaction, embarrassed by her deference. So much for convincing her I’m a grown-up.

Diana swirled her fingers around Jude’s opening one last time, then withdrew. Seconds later, she laid her hand flat against Jude’s chest and pressed her down onto the platform. Jude went willingly, grateful to be free of the responsibility of holding herself upright any longer. Being able to stare at the ceiling was nice, as well—and far easier than facing the witnesses to her seduction. Jude moaned when Diana’s hands slid up the insides of her thighs, then held her breath as careful fingers opened her labia and displayed her arousal to the room. Although Diana had already obtained permission to incorporate her body into this tutorial, Jude wasn’t sure how she was going to endure such a blatant examination without bursting into flames.

“Oh, my. Would you lookat that mouthwatering sight?” Diana held Jude open with one hand, using the other to rub up and down her hypersensitive folds. “Remember our motto, ladies: Always Start Slow.That means stay away from her clit in the beginning, until you’ve driven her right to the edge of ‘fucking bananas.’”

Jude uttered a tortured moan, driving a few of the women to even heartier laughter. Clamping her eyes shut, she shivered at the scrape of wood on tile as Diana dragged a chair in front of the platform and sat down. Jude listened to the distinct soundtrack of women lost in pleasure playing out in the background, a provocative melody composed of murmured endearments, strangled moans, and the occasionally lewd slap of two bodies coming into contact. Diana repositioned her hands at the crease of Jude’s thighs, using her thumbs to stroke the tiny hairs that covered her vulva.

Jude’s toes curled painfully at the first, steamy breath Diana blew across her dripping hole. She cried out when Diana followed up with another slow exhalation, one that washed over her clit and left it throbbing, and reached for her own breasts to give the nipples a vigorous tweak. Already she was dangerously close to orgasm, and Diana had barely even started. Wishing for leverage, Jude lifted her hips to seek out the source of that tantalizing warmth, frantic for the end of Diana’s interminable foreplay.

“I recommend licking her outer lips first. Softly.” Diana paused to do exactly that, trailing her tongue down one side, then up the other. “In my experience, the best way to send a woman to heaven on earth is by taking the time to appreciate each part of her body—especially those spots that don’t usually get a whole lot of attention.” She planted a string of kisses across Jude’s vulva, nuzzling the short hairs with her nose. “Don’t make the mistake of going for her clit too early. Get her quivering first. Make her beg.

Please,” Jude keened, angling for some way to fast-track Diana’s process. “See? Begging already. Pretty please.

Diana fitted her smiling mouth against Jude’s slit, then poked out her tongue to casually delve between the slippery folds. She released a goose-bumps-inducing groan at her first taste, unleashing a renewed flood of arousal that Jude could feel slowly trickle between her ass cheeks. She went to reach for Diana’s head, then stopped. It didn’t feel right, somehow, to resort to her usual assertive methods or, really, to try to assume control of this encounter in any way. Diana was in charge here and presumably hadn’t hired Jude to contradict the lessons she sought to teach.

“Good girl.” Diana captured the hand still hovering in the air above her head, guiding Jude’s wrist back to her side. “Do as I say, and I promise you won’t be sorry.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jude said again, not quite under her breath.

Diana rewarded her with a long, languorous lick that started at Jude’s opening and ended just below her clit. “You know I’ll take care of you, don’t you?”

Yes.” Jude hissed at the careful probing of her labia by Diana’s talented tongue. Her hips came off the platform when the insistent muscle pressed deeper to lap at her sensitive inner folds. It was everything she’d dreamed, and more. “Fuck, yes!”

Perhaps to punish her enthusiasm, Diana scooted her chair backward and to the side, leaving Jude not only bereft, but exposed. Jude shuddered, driven that much closer to release by both the denial and the knowledge that everyone could see exactly how wet Diana made her. A gentle rap on her thigh pulled Jude’s attention to the shiny, openly amused grin of her tormenter. “Sweet, sexy Jude. I can’t remember the last time I feasted on a pussy thisjuicy.”

Jude’s stomach muscles tensed as Diana’s fingers inched closer to her vulva. Lacking a suitable rejoinder, she muttered, “I…can get crazywet.”

“The glory of youth.” Diana winked indulgently at Jude before directing her next words at the class. “Before I turn my focus toward making my unbelievably delicioustemp assistant come all over my tongue, I want to offer you a friendly reminder: Eating pussy isn’t just about making your lover come. It’s about making her feel things nobody else can. Not like this. I mean craved. Desired. Sexy.” Her voice softened. “But, above all, accepted.”

Though she hadn’t forgotten their audience, Jude startled at an unfamiliar voice from somewhere beyond her line of sight. “Excuse me, Diana? My name is Liz, and I, um…well, the truth is…I don’t know how to get over my insecurities when it comes to receiving oral sex. I mean…it’s not that I think there’s anything wrongdown there, exactly—”

A second voice cut in. “Because there’s not. You’re perfect.”

“I know that’s what you say, but…” After a hesitation, Liz asked her question in a more tremulous voice. “How do I overcome this?”

Unable to see the couple who’d stalled their momentum, Jude watched the smile they’d elicited transform Diana’s already beautiful face. “Believe me, it’s not uncommon for women to feel self-conscious about their genitals—for one reason or another. If you’re concerned about your appearance, all I can say is don’t be. Every woman is unique, and despite what the media tells you, there isno standard you need to meet. There’s beauty to be found in every aesthetic—something that’s especially true when you’re gazing upon the body of a woman you love.”

“And I dolove you.” The partner’s voice wavered with emotion. “You know I do, sweetheart.”

“I know.” Liz sounded even more choked up than before. “And I love you, too. But that doesn’t change the way I feel about my body.”

Jude tried not to groan when Diana kicked into therapist mode, turning away from her completely to establish eye contact with her struggling clients. “I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Cunnilingus is one of the most intimate sexual acts you can give orreceive. It requires an immense amount of trust to allow your lover to put her head between your legs. Some women find it downright impossible to be in a position that vulnerable, that exposed. To be clear, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling that way.”

Diana delivered the reassurance without any hint of judgment, in a calm, compassionate voice of authority. “Never force yourself to do something that doesn’t make you feel good. Sexually, at least. Sadly, the IRS doesn’t share my opinion when it comes to filing your tax returns in a timely manner.” She waited for a few semi-distracted chuckles to subside. “On the other hand, if you genuinely want to enjoy having your pussy licked, all I can tell you is that practice makes perfect. Take whatever steps you can to boost your confidence beforehand. Put on an outfit or some lingerie that makes you feel extra sexy. Keep the lights dim, or turn them off altogether, if that will help alleviate your anxiety. Maybe make a ritual of bathing together first, so no one’s worried about her taste or smell. And—as a bonus—washing your lover serves as rather potent foreplay.”

“We can attest to that!” A different woman called out from the opposite side of the room. “I always know when my wife is planning a trip downtown because she invites me to take a hot bath. At some point she’ll rub her fingertips along my clit and labia, back and forth, to clean me. It’s so erotic, to know she’s preparing me for her tongue.”

“Indeed.” The huskiness of Diana’s reply caused Jude’s inner muscles to tighten, then contract, igniting an ephemeral burst of pleasure that ripped a girlish moan from her aching throat. Diana’s eyebrow shot up at the outburst, and she turned toward Jude. “Poor thing. I have you all worked up, don’t I?”

Thankfully, Liz delivered Jude a little mercy by interjecting, in a more relaxed voice, “Sorry, Diana. I didn’t mean to sidetrack us from the lesson at hand. Keep going, please.” She snorted. “For poor Jude’s sake, if nothing else.”

Jude held her tongue, not trusting her ability to speak with Diana’s clever fingers on either side of her clit. The unabashedly gratifying caress felt like Diana praising her for a job well done, a concept that thrilled Jude more than she cared to admit. Indeed, when Diana rolled her chair back into position, she stared at Jude approvingly. The electricity of their shared look coaxed another whispered plea from Jude’s dry throat. “Please.

Diana’s smile widened. “Yes. Poor, poor Jude. It’s time to reward her patience, isn’t it?”

Jude raised her hips off the table, chasing Diana’s hand as it drifted away from her pussy to resettle on her upper thigh. “Way past time,” she groaned, only half kidding. “Remember how I’m doing you a favor here?”

“Touché.” Diana nudged Jude’s thighs farther apart and lowered her mouth to hover over her straining center. “Thanks for filling in tonight.” Without breaking eye contact, she dragged her tongue from Jude’s opening to the sensitive spot right above the hood of her clit. Diana’s eyes sparkled at the full-throated cry Jude didn’t even try to hold back. She echoed Jude’s pleasure with a satisfied hum of her own, sending intensely satisfying vibrations throughout Jude’s taut body. Moving lower, Diana sucked lightly on her labia, then nibbled the tender flesh for long, taunting seconds before flashing Jude a wicked grin. “I really do owe you one.”

Jude’s limbs shook, the muscles no longer under her control. “Pay up then,” she whimpered, plaintively. “Seriously, Diana…I beg you.”

Diana covered Jude’s labia with her open mouth, then undulated her tongue so the tip only barelygrazed her slick opening. The feeling was so exquisite Jude nearly allowed her eyes to slip shut again. She was able to keep them open only because she couldn’t bear to miss even the smallest detail of this experience. The bliss of Diana’s mouth on her pussy, the confidence of the hands pushing her inner thighs apart, the healthy luster and shine of the hair she hung on to while trying not to come right away—Jude memorized every sight and sensation so she could revisit this event whenever she wanted. Diana was ushering her toward a true sexual awakening, unparalleled by anything Jude had felt in the decade since receiving her first orgasm from someone else’s hand.

Diana’s oral talents sent her to another plane of existence, a utopia where nothing existed except the diligent tongue on her pussy and the firm yet gentle grip of warm hands on her quivering thighs. Jude tried valiantly to delay the inevitable, not prepared to end their lesson quite yet, but it was useless. Once Diana latched onto her clit and began to suck—head bobbing, eyes glittering—Jude was a goner.

Urgently, she whispered, “Fuck. Gonna come.”

Diana gave her an encouraging caress, stroking her thumbs over the tender juncture of Jude’s hips and thighs. She intensified the suction without altering her rhythm, then—right as Jude hit her peak—grabbed her right hand and held on tight. Grateful for the anchor, Jude reluctantly let go, allowing the tremendous pleasure to seize hold of her body for endless, earthshaking seconds. Uncontrolled moans and whimpers—along with other noises she’d never heard herself make before—escaped from Jude’s open mouth throughout the lengthy duration of what had to be the greatest orgasm she’d ever experienced. Diana moaned with her, turning an already overwhelming climax into a true test of fortitude. Muscles shaking, Jude fought to withstand as much of Diana’s mastery as her body would allow, but eventually her left hand rebelled, sinking into Diana’s lush hair to push her away.

“Stop,” Jude breathed, hating herself for giving in. “Fuck.

Diana placed one final kiss on her labia, then pushed back her chair and stood. “Come here,” she murmured, slipping an arm beneath Jude’s shoulders to help her sit. Heavy with exhaustion, Jude fell forward into Diana’s open arms and buried her face in the soft, fragrant neck of the woman she secretly adored. Diana rocked her lightly, swaying their upper bodies from side to side while smoothing her palm up and down Jude’s spine. “You did great,” Diana whispered, making Jude snort. “Thank you.”

Jude straightened to meet Diana’s slightly unfocused eyes. “Thankyou.” Noticing the clear arousal in her smoky gaze, Jude very deliberately brought her mouth to Diana’s for a quick but passionate kiss. She groaned at the taste of her own juices on Diana’s gorgeously full lips and pressed her tongue deeper, breaching the intoxicating heat of her shockingly adept mouth. Jude tightened her hands on Diana’s shoulders and locked her legs around her thighs. They kissed for at least a full minute, which wasn’t nearly as long as Jude wanted. She suppressed a disappointed frown when Diana broke away and expelled shaky, surprised laughter.

“Come back here.” Urging Diana forward using the ankles she’d crossed behind her calves, Jude initiated another kiss. This one was shorter than the first but every bit as passionate.

Diana retreated, full of palpable regret. “Jude…” She hesitated, then gestured toward their audience. “I’m sorry. I wish we had more time to cuddle, but…”

Afraid to appear clingy, Jude waved off the apology. “Don’t be silly. Of course. You have a workshop to run.”

Diana spent a moment searching her face, then gathered Jude into another fast hug. “Let me check in with everyone. I’ll be right back.”

Embarrassed, Jude said, “I’m all right, you know.”

“You’re more than all right.” Diana embraced her one last time, planting a friendly kiss on her cheek. “You’re magnificent.”

Breathless at the compliment, Jude was almost relieved when Diana turned to face the group. She barely registered Diana’s speech to the class, too fixated on the fact that she’d been licked to orgasm by the indomitable Ms. Kelley to focus on the educational takeaway of their encounter—the encounter that had changed her life forever. Blinking, Jude flitted her distracted gaze from student to student—none of whose names she remembered anymore—wondering if anyone in the room understood how powerfully shaken she was by all that had occurred before their eyes. Probably not, given how distracted everyone was by their respective partners. Right as Jude’s attention drifted back to Diana, the older woman planted her hand in the center of Jude’s bare chest.

“The class seems to be doing a fine job of keeping themselves occupied, and we still have forty minutes on the clock.” She pressed lightly on Jude’s clavicle, urging her to recline. “Why don’t you lie back and let me demonstrate the multi-orgasmic magic of sex between women?”

Tempted as she was by the notion of an encore, Jude wanted something even more. Resisting Diana’s attempt to maneuver her down onto the platform, she fingered the hem of her neighbor’s form-fitting blouse, then tugged on the waistband of the linen pants she filled out to perfection. “Or you could grant me the privilege of reciprocating.” She caught her bottom lip between her teeth, suggestively wetting the bruised flesh with the tip of her tongue. “You can show me how you like to be licked.”

Diana’s throat tensed, then bobbed. “Jude, I didn’t ask you here tonight—” For the first time since they’d arrived at class, her easy confidence flagged. Looking past Jude, she said, “No reciprocation necessary. This workshop isn’t about my gratification.”

“Is it about mine?” Moving past the momentary sting of Diana’s rejection, Jude clung to her certainty that the chemistry between them wasn’t purely one-sided. “If so, please know that absolutely nothing would gratify me more than having you in my mouth.” When Diana inhaled to answer, Jude interjected one more reason for her to say yes. “Besides…” She affected an exaggerated pout. “How will I ever learn unless you teach me?”