Chapter One

“So, I’ve come up with an excellent idea to help me with my problem.” Leah Davis hung her purse over the back of her office chair. Dillon Franklin, her business partner and best friend, looked up from the laptop she’d been working on.

“And just what problem might that be?” she said.

“You know. When Sueann dumped me, she said I was no good in bed.”

Dillon groaned internally. She remembered the day Leah had come in to tell her her partner of five years had broken up with her. Dillon wished she could offer her services to Leah. She’d been in love with her since they’d first met six years ago. But she couldn’t say anything for fear she’d lose her friendship with Leah, and that would be too painful for her to take. Besides, they owned The Rainbow Kitty, the only lesbian bar in town, together. Imagine what would happen if Leah freaked out on Dillon and the mess they’d be in. So Dillon kept her feelings to herself. She played it cool.

“And just what is your excellent idea?”

“Well, you know how I was a virgin when Sueann and I got together?”

Dillon nodded.

“And I thought she would teach me all I needed to know about pleasing her?”

The subject was making Dillon decidedly uncomfortable, but she nodded again.

“So I’ve decided to get some experience. You know, learn how to be a better lover. Then maybe Sueann will take me back.”

“Kiddo,” Dillon said. “Do you really want her back? She hurt you pretty badly. Or don’t you remember that part?”

“Oh, no. I do. But I think if I could please her in bed, she’d want me again.”

Dillon shook her head. She was sure there was more to the breakup than just bad sex. There had to be, right? One didn’t just dump someone because they weren’t good in bed, did they? One might use that as an excuse, but there had to be more. Because someone could take the time to teach someone else how to be a decent lover if one really wanted.

“I still can’t believe you’d take her back. I’d tell that selfish bitch exactly where to go if I ever saw her again.”

“Oh, Dillon. I love how protective you are of me. But it’s all good. And wait until you hear what my idea is.”

“I’m all ears.”

“Have you ever heard of the app Girl World?”

“No. What is it?”

“It’s an app where you post a picture and a profile and then you meet women.”

Dillon was immediately filled with dread. What if Leah met some nut job on this app? Was it a safe app? She felt out of control, unable to protect Leah. She didn’t like the feeling, not one little bit.

“And I’m guessing you set up a profile?”

“I did.” Leah beamed.

“What exactly does your profile say?”

“The truth. That I’m inexperienced in bed and want to learn to please a woman.”

“You can’t put that on your profile!”

“Why not? It’s the truth.”

“You’re going to attract all kinds of weirdos. Can’t you just ask people to meet you for a cup of coffee and see what happens? See if there’s chemistry? You know. Do something a little less radical?”

“Because I know how to drink coffee. I don’t know how to be good at sex. That’s what I need. That’s what I’m looking for. Women to teach me.”

“I think you’re asking for trouble,” Dillon said.

“And I think you’re going to be surprised.”

Dillon once again fought the urge to offer to teach Leah. Nothing would please her more than taking Leah to bed and teaching her all the ins and outs of loving a woman. She’d be patient and kind because she loved Leah. She’d loved her since the moment she’d first laid eyes on her. She loved the way her blond hair framed her face and made her look like an angel. She loved her blue eyes and wonderful smile that lit up a room. And she loved the dimples that bordered that smile. She loved everything about her. She let out a heavy sigh.

“There’s nothing I can say to change your mind?”

“Not a thing,” Leah said. “But don’t worry. You’ll get to check out every woman I meet.”

“How’s that?”

“I’m meeting them all here. You know, so you can check them out and make sure they don’t seem creepy or anything.”

Great, just what Dillon needed. On one hand, she didn’t want to see the women who would be taking Leah home to please them. On the other, she didn’t want anything bad to happen to her and appreciated the concept of vetting the women first.

“So, have you heard back from any women?”

“Sure. Lots. I’m meeting Denise, my first date, tomorrow night here.”

“I’m not usually here on Saturdays.”

“But I figured you’d make an exception for me.”

“You know I will. So, what does this Denise look like?”

Leah grabbed her phone from her purse and opened the app. She flipped to Denise’s profile and showed it to Dillon. Dillon stared hard at the picture, trying to hate the woman, but couldn’t. She looked like just any other woman on the planet. She had salt-and-pepper hair and kind looking brown eyes.

“She looks kind of old,” she said.

“Yep. I figure that way she’s experienced and will have lots to teach me.”

“Leah, you may end up getting really hurt doing this.”

“Oh, come on. Lighten up. It’s something I need to do. I thought you’d support me.”

Dillon sighed again.

“I’ll try.”

The next evening, Leah showered slowly in preparation for her big night. She washed every inch carefully, knowing she would be intimate with Denise in just a few hours. She dried off and put on a blue satin bra before she slipped a cornflower blue sundress over her head. She opened her underwear drawer and searched for something suitable. She decided to be daring and go without. She knew, after all, she was going to get laid. Or rather, she would be doing the laying. At any rate, she didn’t need to waste her time with underwear. It would only be coming off.

She smoothed out her dress and checked herself out in the mirror. She thought she looked good. Good enough to sleep with anyway. She didn’t feel like she was going to scare anybody off, at any rate. She laughed at the thought, but the laughter was nervous. She was terrified. She would be hooking up with a total stranger. Would they come back to her place? Or go to Denise’s? She supposed that should be up to her. She decided she’d bring Denise back to her place. She’d feel safer that way.

Finally, she’d wasted enough time and it was time to go to The Kitty. She arrived and saw Dillon sitting at the bar. She quickly cut through the crowd to get to her.

“Are you really going through with this?” Dillon said.

“I am. Have you seen her?”

“Yeah. I think so. She’s over in that corner.”

She inclined her head to the right, but didn’t turn around.

Leah turned and leaned on the bar so she could survey the room. She saw a woman who looked like Denise’s photo coming toward her.

“Leah?” The woman’s voice was sultry, and Leah felt a warmth flow over her.

“Yes. Denise?”

Denise smiled. It was warm and reassuring, and Leah felt certain she was going to be okay. She was doing the right thing. And Denise would be the perfect first attempt for her.

“Can I buy you a drink?” Denise said.

“Sure. I’ll have a dirty martini. Oh. And, Denise? This is my friend Dillon.”

“How do you do?” Dillon said as she gave Denise the once-over.

“Protective much?” Denise said.


“Well, you don’t have to worry. Leah’s in good hands.”

“Okay, you two,” Leah said. “Settle down. Let’s all have a drink and then Denise and I can take off.”

“No wasting any time, huh?” Denise said.

“Why bother?”

“Good point.”

“Actually, I just finished my beer, so I’m going to take off now. You two have fun.” Dillon looked pointedly at Leah. “Just be careful.”

Denise took the bar stool Dillon had vacated.

“So, tell me about yourself. I mean, I know what it says on your profile, which is why I’m here. But tell me something else.”

“Well, let’s see. I’m the co-owner of this bar. Dillon is my business partner. That takes up most of my time. What about you? What do you do?”

“I am a mechanic.”

“So you’re good with your hands?” Leah blushed even as she said it.

“Yes, I am. And you’re cute when you blush. But my skills are not in question. Yours are. And we’ll work on them until you get it right.” Leah blushed again and turned away. “No. Don’t turn away. I meant it. You’re cute when you blush.”

“Thanks. I guess.”

“You don’t take compliments very well, do you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Did your ex ever compliment you?”

Leah thought long and hard before answering.

“I don’t know. I guess not. At least not often.”

“Then you have lots to learn,” Denise said. “More than just the obvious.”

“And you’ll help teach me?”

“You have me for one night. We’ll work on whatever we can in that time.”

They finished their drinks and butterflies appeared in Leah’s stomach. She was surprised at how nervous she suddenly was. Was she doing the right thing? She took a deep breath. Yes. This is what she needed.

“Shall we get out of here?” Denise said. Leah nodded. “Your place or mine?”

“Mine, please,” Leah said. “I think I’d be more comfortable there.”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll follow you.”

Leah kept alternating her gaze between the road and Denise behind her. She was driving slowly, determined not to lose her. She wanted to be sure Denise would be with her when she got home.

She pulled into her driveway and Denise parked at the curb. Leah got out of her car and walked over to greet Denise.

“So, this is it,” she said.

“Looks nice. You must do well at the bar.”

“I do okay.”

“Good. Shall we go inside now?”

“Yeah. I suppose we should.”

Leah opened the door and let Denise in first. She closed the door behind her.

“Would you like something to drink?”

“I think I’m okay. Unless you’re nervous?”

“I am. A little. But I think I’ll be okay.”

“Okay. So, let’s sit on the couch for a minute.”

Leah swallowed hard and led Denise to the living room. They sat next to each other and Denise draped an arm over Leah’s shoulder. She pulled her close and kissed her forehead.

“You know, sooner or later we’re going to have to go to bed. We only have one night, and apparently I have much to teach you.”

“We can go now,” Leah said.

“Are you sure you’re ready?”

Leah was anything but ready. She nodded.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Good.” Denise stood and took Leah’s hand. She pulled her to her and kissed her lightly on the lips. The kiss sent shockwaves through Leah’s body. That certainly helped her get ready.

“That was nice,” she said.

“How are you at kissing? Is that a problem? Because that’s hard to teach.”

“I think I do okay with it.”


She kissed her again and ran her tongue along Leah’s lips. Leah parted them and welcomed Denise in. She allowed her tongue to wander into Denise’s mouth as well. Their tongues danced briefly before Denise pulled away.

“What?” Leah said.

“You kind of use too much tongue. Save some of that for later.” She winked.

Leah was embarrassed. She couldn’t even kiss. How was she supposed to be good at sex if she couldn’t even get the easy stuff down?

“How much is too much?”

“You want to trace your lover’s tongue, not stick yours down her throat. Hold off. Don’t put as much of your tongue in my mouth. Like I said, there’ll be plenty of time for you to use that tongue later. Now, let’s try again.”

Denise kissed Leah again. Leah opened her mouth and was conscious not to put too much of her tongue in Denise’s mouth. She just ran the tip of her tongue over Denise’s. But soon she was too excited and she slipped more in. She was still aware of how much she allowed in. Denise broke the kiss.

“That was much better,” she said. She was breathing heavily, which Leah took as a good sign. “Now, come on. I need you. And now.”

Leah was wet with her own desire and was happy she was having that effect on Denise. Denise took her hand.

“Take me to your bedroom.”

Leah walked her down the hall to her Western style bedroom with a giant four-poster bed in the center. She had a solid, wooden dresser and dressing table along the sides of the room, but all she cared about at that moment was the bed, and she was pretty sure that was all Denise would notice.

Denise took Leah’s dress over her head and gasped at her lack of underwear.

“I want to take you right now,” she murmured against Leah’s neck. “I want you so bad, but this is all about you. I need to remember that.”

She reached around and unhooked Leah’s bra and tossed it to the floor on top of her dress. She ran her hands down Leah’s back until she got to her ass. She pressed her pelvis into Leah’s.

“Fuck it,” she said. “I have to have you. We can teach you after.”


“No. No buts. I’m sorry, Leah, but you’re too hot. I want to fuck you and I have to do it. There will be plenty of time for you to please me when I’m through.”

Leah wasn’t sure what to think. She wanted Denise, too. She craved her touch, needed her inside her.

“Fine. Take me. I need you, too. But then promise me you’ll teach me.”

“I will. I’ll be hot and ready for you then, too. You should have no trouble getting me off. Especially under my guidance.”

She slid her fingers into Leah’s wet curls.

“You really do want me, don’t you?” Denise said.

“Yes. Please. Can we lie down?”

“Sure. You lie down and I’ll strip and then join you.”

Leah did as she was instructed. She lay on the bed and watched as Denise removed her clothes. Her body was amazing. Not too tight, but not too soft either.

“I love your body,” she said.

“Thanks. I love yours.”

Denise climbed up onto the bed with Leah and immediately started pleasing her. She sucked first one nipple then the other while her fingers found her wet center.

Leah let out a low moan. She couldn’t believe how good Denise was making her feel. She wanted to learn to make women feel like that. The thought lasted only a moment before she closed her eyes and lost herself in the sensations. It took no time for Denise to bring her to one powerful orgasm then another. She felt her whole world explode into tiny pieces. She finally got herself together and opened her eyes to see Denise staring into them.

“You liked that, huh?” Denise smiled.

“Yeah, I did.”

“Okay. Now you get to do that to me.”

Leah was nervous again, even as she continued to twitch and throb in the aftermath of her climaxes. Her stomach was in knots. It was time to show another person, not just Sueann, how lousy she was in bed. She’d never been more terrified.

“Calm down, Leah. Your heart’s racing.” Denise had her head resting on Leah’s chest. “I mean, not like it did when you came. I mean like you’re scared to death.”

“I am scared. What if I’m as bad as my ex said I was? What then?”

“I’m not expecting perfection. I came here tonight knowing you were inexperienced. I’m only here to help, okay?”

Leah nodded.

“Okay. Can we kiss again?”


Denise moved up her body until their lips met. Leah was careful not to use too much tongue, but to enjoy the feelings Denise was creating with hers. Soon, she was all worked up again and ready to give it her best shot.

She kissed down Denise’s chest until she got to a nipple. She sucked it hard into her mouth.

“Okay. Lesson one,” Denise said. “Nipples are sensitive. Don’t suck it like you’re a vacuum cleaner. Suck it tenderly, lovingly. Otherwise it hurts. Which might work for some women, but it doesn’t work for most.”

“Got it. How about I forget your nipples and just get to the good stuff?”

“That’s not a good idea, either. Nipples are fun. When loved correctly, they can increase the pleasure for your partner, which will get her even wetter and more ready for you.”

Leah sighed deeply.

“Okay. I’ll try again.”

She lowered her head and licked Denise’s hard nipple. She ran her tongue over and around it before gently taking it into her mouth. When it was in her mouth, she ran her tongue over it some more. Denise didn’t say anything, so Leah thought she must be on the right track.

“Oh yeah. That’s good,” Denise finally said.

She kept at it, and Denise gently tapped her on her head.

“Okay, Leah. I need you now. Please me, baby. Take me where I took you.”

Leah was excited then. One thing she loved was the taste of a woman. She didn’t understand what she’d been doing wrong, but she was happy to go down on Denise for instructions.

She spread Denise’s legs and climbed between them. She gazed hungrily at the sight before her. Denise was pink and swollen and wet and looked delicious. She lowered her head and began to lick and suck on everything she found. Denise was delicious, just as she’d known she would be.

“Whoa there, cowgirl,” Denise said. “There’s no method to your madness there. You’re going all over the place. You want to know what someone once told me about eating pussy? Use your tongue and write the alphabet in cursive. Why don’t you try that?”

“Is that what you do?”

“No. But I know what I’m doing at this point. Every woman is going to be different, so even if you get me to come, it doesn’t mean what you do to me will work on the next woman you’re with. I think it’s a good place for you to start.”

Leah took a deep breath and began again. She made an A, took a breath and made a B.

“Don’t pause. Just do it in one motion. A, then B, then C.”

“Upper or lower case?”



Leah began again. This seemed easy enough. She got through the alphabet and Denise put her hand on her head.

“That’s great. That’s a good start. I’m feeling it now. Now dip your tongue inside. Lick all around.”

Leah did as she’d been told. She buried her tongue deep inside Denise and licked up all the juices that were flowing there. She was in heaven and Denise was writhing on the bed.

“Now suck my clit, baby. Gentle. And lick it while you do.”

Leah ran her tongue along the length of her until she arrived at her nerve center. She could feel it throbbing between her lips. She sucked lightly and flicked at it with her tongue.

“Holy Jesus. I think you’ve got it. Don’t stop.”

Leah smiled to herself. She had no intention of stopping. Encouraged, she sucked harder and licked faster. She was determined to make Denise come.

“Whoa. Stop,” Denise said. “Too much. Why didn’t you keep doing what you were doing? You had me on the brink.”

“I thought I did keep doing what you said.”

“No. You started licking faster and harder. You took me right out of the space.”

Leah felt dejected. She’d been so close. How could she have failed?

“I’m sorry. I thought it would make you feel better.”

“Well, you didn’t. You had me close though. We’ll call that a win for tonight. I think you have a good head start now.”

“Thanks, Denise.”

“I’m going to head home now.”

“Okay. Look, I really am sorry.”

“It’s okay. I came here knowing you were inexperienced. I only hope you remember a little of what I taught you.”

“I’ll try.”

Leah stood at the front door looking at her feet.

“Hey, you’re a beautiful woman. And you’re smart. You’ll get the hang of it. I’ve no doubt. All it’s going to take is practice and patience in a partner.”

Leah wanted to ask, to beg, for another chance, but knew the deal. Each of these was a one-night thing and Denise had taught her all she felt she could in their one night together.

“Take care, Leah,” Denise said. She kissed her cheek and left.

Chapter Two

Dillon was prepping the bar for opening Monday morning. She kept checking her watch, wondering where Leah was. She needed her either at the bar to finish setting up, or to run to the bank with the weekend deposits. She was getting annoyed. It wasn’t like Leah to be late. Suddenly, she realized she hadn’t heard from Leah since her date Saturday night. She felt a pang of fear and her annoyance slipped away. She was worried about her. She knew nothing about this Denise woman. She wouldn’t even know where to find her. Shit. Where was Leah?

She damned near jumped out of her skin when the bells on the front door jingled signaling someone’s arrival. She turned to see Leah waltz in and head to the office. She followed close on her heels.

“Slow down there, woman,” Dillon said. “I need to know how your date went. Come on out and talk to me. I want to know everything.”

The latter wasn’t true. Dillon really didn’t want to know details about Leah’s sexual encounter, but she knew she’d feel better hearing that it was really a one-time thing and she held out hope that Leah had changed her mind about using this whole app thing after all.

“There’s nothing to tell.”

“Nothing? Nothing happened?”

Dillon’s heart soared at the thought.

“No. Things happened. Things I apparently am terrible at.”

“Oh. I’m sorry, Leah.” She pulled Leah into her arms and held her tight. Leah pushed her away.

“No. It’s okay. I learned some valuable information. I’ve improved my technique already. But there’s more I need to learn. So I won’t be terrible.”

“She didn’t say you were terrible.” Dillon was in disbelief.

“I turned her off. But I don’t want to talk about it.”

Dillon stared after Leah as she left the office. How could she possibly turn anybody off? She was the hottest woman Dillon knew. And from the way Denise had been looking at her Saturday night, she clearly felt the same. And yet Leah had turned her off? She needed more information, so she joined Leah behind the bar.

“How did you turn her off? I’m going to need some explanation.”

“I told you, I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Please, Leah.”

“No. It’s not going to happen. Now, have you made the deposit from the weekend yet?”

Dillon let out a deep breath.

“Fine. Be that way. And no, I haven’t made the deposit yet. You can go ahead and get it ready.”


Dillon finished getting the bar set up. They would open in a half hour. So she had some time to relax before she’d take her place behind the bar to greet the patrons. She walked into the office to see Leah still counting cash.

“Are you just not focused today or what?”

“No. Holy shit, Dillon. We kicked ass this weekend.”

“Yeah? That’s awesome.”

“Yeah it is. Give me some time to get this deposit finished. Then I’ll head to the bank.”

“Right on.”

Dillon sat in her chair across the desk from Leah and watched her add the remainder of the money. She wondered anew what had happened Saturday night, but knew she had to give her the time and space she needed to get over it. She was curious if she still planned to keep using that stupid app.

Finally, Leah put the deposit in her bag and rose.

“I’ll be back.”

“Okay. And maybe we can talk when you get back?”

“And maybe not.”

Dillon watched her walk out the door and get in her car. Why was Leah being so secretive about Saturday night? They normally talked about everything together. She knew Leah had been a virgin when she got together with Sueann. And Leah hadn’t been too ashamed to tell her Sueann had dumped her because she couldn’t please her. So now, on this mission to learn to please a woman, it seemed logical that they would talk about how it was going. She shook her head. It must have been bad. Really bad. And, again, there was nothing she could do to make it better.

Leah got back to the bar just before Dillon switched on the neon lights to signify they were open for business. Leah was smiling and had a slight spring in her step.

“You seem like you’re feeling better,” Dillon said.

“I am. That deposit was amazing. It was our biggest one ever. I’m going to go enter it in the system before we get too busy.”

“That’s great. And I’m glad to see you smiling again.”

“That’s only partly due to the deposit.” Leah called over her shoulder as she walked into the office. Dillon followed her and leaned against the doorjamb so she could see both Leah and the bar.

“And what’s the other part due to?”

“A woman named Donna has agreed to meet me Saturday.”

“Donna? You got something for women whose names start with D?”

Leah laughed.

“Nope. It’s just the way they’re playing out.”

“Okay, well let me see this woman.”

Leah handed her phone to her.

“She’s pretty, don’t you think?”

“She’s older again. You like older women suddenly?”

“Look, I’d take damned near anyone who is willing to date me now. I need someone to teach me, and if she’s willing to take the time, I’m all over it.”

Dillon wanted to point out that her name started with a D. And that she’d be more than happy to teach her. But she kept her mouth shut. She couldn’t say anything. She was past due to be with a woman. She wasn’t into one-night stands, but she knew when she needed a woman’s touch, and that time was drawing near. She told herself it must be all the nonsense with Leah and let the thoughts go.

“So what’s the plan with this one?”

“Same as before. We’ll meet here Saturday so you can check her out. Sound good?”

“Sure.” Dillon tried to sound anything but depressed. “Sounds great. But I have to ask. Why strangers?”

“Who am I supposed to ask? My next-door neighbor?” Leah laughed.

Dillon bit her tongue.

“Seriously,” Leah went on. “They have to be strangers, women I’m not likely to see ever again since apparently, I’m really not good at this.”

How bad could she be? She was gorgeous. Surely if she just did what came naturally, she’d bring any woman to her knees. But Sueann and now this Denise had told her she was lousy. God, Dillon wished she could find out for herself.




Saturday night rolled around again, and Leah walked into the bar to find Dillon in her usual spot at the bar. She seemed to be lilting a little.

“You okay?” Leah said.


Leah checked out her eyes. They were glossy. Oh, my God, Dillon was drunk. That was a very uncommon experience.

“Why are you so hammered?” Leah said.

“I don’t know. Just felt like it.”

“Dillon, you’re slurring your words. I need to get you home.”

“I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not.”

“You’re right. I can’t drive. I’ll call a cab. Don’t worry.”

“Give me your car keys.”

Dillon fished in her pocket for her keys. She took her car key off and handed it to Leah.


“Thank you,” Dillon said. “By the way, I haven’t seen your stupid date yet.”

“That’s odd. I’m even a little late.”

Dillon shrugged.

“Don’t know what to tell you.” She looked up at the mirror behind the bar. “Oh, wait. I think she just got here. She’s dressed in all leather. Interesting. Be careful, Leah.”

“Always, Dillon.”

The woman in leather approached Leah and Dillon.

“I’m Donna,” she said. “You must be Leah?”

“I am. And this is my best friend, Dillon.”

“Nice to meet you. You guys partying or what?”

“I’m not. I just got here,” Leah said. “But Dillon’s had a few.”

“And now it’s time for me to call a cab. You two have fun tonight.”

“Oh, don’t you worry. We will,” Donna said. She placed her arm protectively around Leah.

Leah wasn’t sure about her level of comfort with Donna. She seemed nice enough, and what did it hurt if she had her arm around her? She was going home with her that night. There was no need for games.

“Can I buy you a drink?” Donna said. “Or should we just get out of here?”

“I think I’d like a dirty martini.”

“Excellent. A dirty martini for my dirty minx.”

Leah forced herself to laugh.

Donna signaled for the bartender and ordered their drinks. While she waited, she turned back to Leah.

“So, how bad are you in bed? I mean, really?”

Leah looked around, unable to believe Donna had asked that question in a crowded bar. But no one seemed to have noticed.

“If you don’t mind,” she said, “we own this place so I’d really rather not discuss that here.”

Donna shrugged and handed Leah her drink.

“Suit yourself. I just wanted to know what I’m in for.”

“You’ll have a lot of teaching to do.”

“Well, I kind of got that from your profile. It took guts, though, I’ve got to say, for you to post that.”

“Well, it’s what I need. It’s the only reason I’d sign up for one of those sites.”

“Some women actually use them to find potential life partners.”

Leah shook her head.

“Oh, no. Once I know what I’m doing, I’m going to get with my ex, show her I know what I’m doing, and win her back.”

“After she dumped you?”

“Yep. I know, it probably sounds crazy.”

“More than a little. Someone dumps me and I say good riddance.”

“It’s not that simple with us. She never said she doesn’t love me.” Leah lowered her voice. “Just that I don’t satisfy her.”

“So you figure you learn how to satisfy a woman and she’ll want you back. I see what you’re saying, but it still sounds to me like you’re opening yourself up to a heart break.”

“You don’t know Sueann.”

“No. No, I don’t.”

They finished their drinks.

“You need another one?” Donna said.

“No, thanks. Let’s get out of here.”

“You’ve got it.”

Donna took Leah’s hand and led her out to the parking lot.

“Which car is yours?” she said.

“That one.” Leah pointed to the green Kia Soul.

“Great. I’ll follow you.”

Leah watched as Donna walked over to a truck and climbed in. She waited until she was behind her before she pulled out. When she arrived at her house, she took a deep breath. Donna was different from Denise. And Sueann. And they were the only two women she’d been with. She didn’t know what it was, but something about her made Leah more nervous. She shook it off. They both knew what they were there for, and Donna sure carried herself as an experienced woman. Leah was certain she would learn a lot that night.

As soon as Leah had closed the front door between them, Donna pressed her against it and kissed her hard on her mouth. Leah remembered what Denise had said about not using too much tongue. She kissed Donna back with a fervency she hadn’t known she’d had.

Donna broke the kiss and backed up some.

“Do you have a short tongue or something?” she said.

“I don’t think so. Why?”

“I don’t know, but I think kissing should be the first thing we work on. You act like you’re afraid of my tongue. Don’t be. Let your tongue loose, Leah. Let it roll around with mine. Light me up with it.”

Leah was confused. She had been trying to do what Denise had told her, but apparently, that wasn’t working with Donna. She kissed her back and used her whole tongue. She was getting wetter by the moment and only hoped Donna was, too. She felt like she would implode from the fire burning inside when Donna finally broke the kiss.

“Come on. Let’s go to bed. I need to have you,” she said.

Leah led her down the hall to her bedroom. Donna wasted no time taking Leah’s dress over her head. She saw her breasts overflowing from her bra and reached around to unhook it. She held Leah’s breasts in her hands and ran her thumbs over her hardening nipples. She slid her hands lower and cupped Leah’s bare ass. She traced her hip bones and soft upper thighs as she brought her hands around to tease her.

Leah spread her legs to welcome Donna’s touch, but it didn’t come. She opened her eyes to see Donna smiling at her.

“Time for me to get undressed now so you can show me what kind of skills you’ve got.”


“If you treat me right, I’ll please you later. If not, you’re on your own.”

Leah was shaking in her need. She swallowed hard and took a deep breath to try to get control of her body. She looked down at the hard body of Donna lying spread out before her on the bed and decided she could do it. She’d learned enough from Denise that she felt she could please Donna. And then she’d get relief.

She decided to start at Donna’s small, firm breasts. She licked her nipples and felt them grow. She lowered her mouth over one and sucked it softly and ran her tongue over it.

“What’s the matter?” Donna said. “Are you afraid?”

“Hm?” Leah didn’t let go of the nipple.

“Those things are attached. They’re not coming off. Suck it like you mean it.”

Leah was confused, but determined to make Donna come. She needed her in the worst way, and that wasn’t going to happen unless she got her off. So she sucked her nipple deep into her mouth and played with it with her tongue.

“That’s it. Now you’re on the right path. Fuck, that feels good.”

Leah ran her hand down Donna’s tight belly and played her fingers in the wetness between her legs. She wanted to taste her. She needed to. She believed she could follow Denise’s instructions and at least get her warmed up.

She released her grip on her nipple and kissed down her body until she could position herself between her legs. She lowered her head and began to write the alphabet in cursive with her tongue.

“Okay, woman. That’s a start,” Donna said. “Now fuck me. I mean really fuck me. Like you mean it. I’m ready for you.”

Leah wasn’t sure what Donna meant. She dipped her tongue inside as deep as it could go and lapped at all the juices flowing there.

“Fingers,” Donna said.

Leah slipped two fingers inside Donna and moved them in and out, plunging them deeper with each thrust. Donna was arching off the bed, meeting each thrust.

“More,” she said. “Give me more.”

Leah wasn’t sure what she meant, so she slid another finger in and continued to pump in and out. She licked her way to Donna’s swollen clit and took it in her mouth. She licked it with her tongue while she sucked it between her lips.

“Oh dear God,” Donna said. “I’m so close.”

Leah kept up at a frantic pace until Donna tapped her on her head.

“I’m not sure what’s up, but it’s just not happening.”

“Can I keep trying? Please?”

“I’m getting sore. So, no. You did okay. You just need to learn how to take a woman over the edge. You had me close. I don’t know what to tell you. You just need to seal the deal. Good luck.”

“But, Donna…” Leah looked pleadingly at Donna.

“I told you. You’re on your own. I’ll see you around.”

Leah shut the door and fought tears. She had come so close to giving Donna an orgasm. But she hadn’t. She felt dejected, but even feeling that way, she was still aroused beyond words. She padded to her bedroom and climbed up into the big bed. She piled her pillows behind her head and ran her hands up and down the length of her body. It tingled everywhere she touched. She pinched her nipples and twisted them. She kept opening and closing her legs as more and more fluids flowed the more she tweaked her nipples.

She slid one hand down her stomach to the wetness between her legs. She slipped her fingers inside and stroked her tender walls before her clit begged for attention. She gave it the attention it needed by rubbing frantically on it until her whole body tensed up, she felt white heat explode through her body, and then she relaxed onto the bed.

Although she was satiated, she still hadn’t learned how to please anybody but herself, and that wasn’t going to get Sueann back.

She closed her eyes and cried herself to sleep.

Chapter Three

Dillon woke up the next morning with a throbbing head and a dry mouth.

“Ooh,” she groaned. “Too much tequila and beer last night.”

She got out of bed slowly and made her way to her entry hall. She peeked out at her driveway. No truck. Great. So she hadn’t driven home. That’s right. Leah had taken her keys. Leah. It was all her fault anyway. If she hadn’t started this stupid sex search she was on, Dillon wouldn’t be drinking like a fish to drown her sorrows.

Dillon started a pot of coffee and took two ibuprofen with a glass of water. That should help the head. She sat at her kitchen table to wait for the coffee when her phone rang. She reached into her pajama pockets. No phone. It was ringing incessantly. She hurried, as fast as she could go, to her bedroom, but the ringing stopped before she got there. She sat on the bed while the dizziness cleared and checked her phone. A missed call from Leah and a voice mail. She listened to the voice mail.

“Hey, Dillon, it’s me. I’ve got your keys. I thought maybe I’d give them to you over breakfast? What do you say? I know I could use some grease this morning. Call me back.”

Dillon didn’t even stop to think. She called her back.

“Hey, Dillon. How are you today?”

“Horrible. And you?”

“About the same.”

“Oh, no. What happened?” Dillon didn’t like to think of Leah feeling horrible, but if she’d crashed and burned again, maybe this nonsense would end.

“We can talk about it over breakfast. Or lunch for me, rather. I want a chili burger with extra onions.”

Dillon laughed.

“Okay. Give me fifteen minutes to get ready and then swing on by. I’ll leave the door unlocked.”

“Sounds good. See you then.”

Dillon climbed into the shower and let the hot water wash away the disgusted feeling that covered her. She felt clean and human when she stepped out of the shower a few minutes later. She must have taken a longer shower than she thought because when she walked out to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, with only her towel wrapped around her waist, she was shocked to see Leah at the kitchen table.

“What the—?”

“I’m sorry,” Leah said. “I got here a little early.”

Dillon beat a hasty retreat to her room where she quickly dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. She walked back out to the kitchen.

“Sorry about that,” she said.

“No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gotten here so early. For heaven’s sake, you’re allowed to wander around your house half naked if you want.”

“Thank you for your permission.” She crossed the room and kissed Leah on the top of her head. “How’s the coffee?”

“Delicious. Nice and strong.”

“Oh, good. Just what I need. Do we have time for me to have a cup before we go?”

“Sure. Relax and enjoy it. I’m not in any hurry.”

“Me neither, really. Except I’ve got a wicked case of the munchies.”

“Okay. We’ll get you all greased up. But relax and enjoy your coffee for now.”

“So, you want to tell me about your night last night?” It was actually the last thing Dillon wanted to hear about, but she figured she’d rather be a sounding board so she had some idea of what was going on rather than be totally in the dark.

“It was horrible. Just horrible. Can’t we go to the restaurant to talk about this?”

“Sure. I thought this might be a little more private, but if you want to talk in public, that’s fine by me.”

“No. You’re right. Of course. It’s just that I’m starving and I’m still not sure yet how much to tell you.”

“Leah, I’ve been your best friend for six years. Is there anything you can’t tell me?”

Leah grew even more sullen.

“I don’t know. I just don’t know. Plus, I’m so confused.”

“How so?”

“Finish your coffee. I’m starving.”

They drove to their favorite restaurant and placed their orders. Dillon leaned back against her booth and surveyed the mostly empty restaurant. Their conversation should be private enough.

“So, what’s the deal?” she said.

“Women. I don’t understand them.”

“Why do you think I’m still single? I’d rather be married to the bar than deal with a woman.”

“Don’t you miss the companionship, though?”

“Sometimes. But I keep myself busy enough,” Dillon said.

“Don’t you miss the sex?”

Dillon laughed.

“Sure I do. Now what happened last night?”

“Well, here’s the deal. Everything Denise told me to do, everything she corrected me on, Donna contradicted.”

Dillon tried to hide her smirk behind her hand.

“You think it’s funny.”

“No. No, I don’t. But, kiddo, every woman is different. Just because one woman wants it a certain way doesn’t mean they’re all going to want it that way. You need to learn to tell what each woman wants.”

“And how do I tell?”

They were silent while the waitress deposited their food.

“You pay attention to the way they move, the sounds they make, the things they say.”

Leah just shook her head.

“The thing is, these women are supposed to be helping me. If one says one thing and the other says the exact opposite, like exact opposite, how am I supposed to ever learn?”

“So you agree this isn’t the way to go about doing this?” Dillon was hopeful.

“Oh, no. Au contraire. I’m more determined than ever. I’m going to get the opinions of as many women as I can and go with the majority rules approach.”

“So just exactly how many women do you plan to sleep with?”

“As many as I can.”

Dillon’s appetite suddenly diminished. She pushed her plate away.

“I thought you were hungry,” Leah said.

“Yeah, not so much anymore.”

“Why not?”

“Leah, I’m worried about you. I don’t know that sleeping with every woman in town is the healthiest way to cope with the loss of Sueann.”

“I’m not coping, Dillon. I’m learning. And once I’m good in bed, I’ll get Sueann back again.”

“Are you serious? Leah, please don’t get your hopes up. Sueann may have moved on by then.”

“I doubt it. I was the love of her life for five years. It’s going to take longer than a few months to get over me.”

“Women can be fickle. That’s all I’m saying.”

Dillon had never liked Sueann. Sure, she’d been jealous as hell of her relationship with Leah, but there was more to it. Something about her struck Dillon as slimy, not trustworthy. She wouldn’t have been surprised if Sueann wasn’t seeing someone else when she split up with Leah. But she kept her mouth shut. Clearly, Leah would defend her to the ends of the earth.

“And what makes you such an expert? When was the last time you even had a date?”

“What does that matter? This is about you, not me,” Dillon said.

“I’m just pointing out that you got dumped. Hard. And you haven’t even gotten back in the saddle and it’s been how long now?”

“Ten years, but who’s counting?”

“Well, my hoochie can’t wait ten years. I need to learn how to treat another woman so I can show off to Sueann and get her back.”

Dillon had to laugh at Leah’s vernacular.


Dillon just shook her head.

“Nothing. You’re exasperating me, but you’re also cracking me up.”


But Leah had started laughing, too. She seemed to have realized that the terminology she had used was rather amusing.

Dillon moved her plate closer and began to eat again. She was hungover as hell, and the food was just what she needed to soak up the alcohol in her system.

“So who’s the lucky woman this weekend?” she said.

“I don’t know. I haven’t heard from anyone yet.”

Leah watched Dillon eat what was left of her breakfast. She admired her. She always had. She was a very handsome woman and quite unlike Leah in every way. She had dark skin and eyes and was several inches taller than she was. She knew Franklin wasn’t her birth last name, but Dillon had never told her why. And Leah didn’t pry. While she was pretty much an open book, Dillon kept things to herself. She was a very private person. Just once, Leah wished she’d open up to her, but she knew that wasn’t going to happen. And she had too much respect for her to pry.

“Really?” Dillon said. “I thought they’d be beating down your door.”

Leah laughed.

“I wish. No. So far, Donna and Denise have been the only two to actually reply.”

“Maybe people don’t believe your profile is real. I mean, a beautiful woman asking for help with her sex techniques? That’s like a dream come true. They probably think you’re a fake.”

“Oh, I hope not. This is serious, as you know.”

“Yeah. I know. But do they?”

“What can I do?” Leah said.

“I don’t know,” Dillon said. “I don’t know anything about those apps.”

Leah got up out of her side of the booth and sat next to Dillon.

“Here.” She handed the phone to Dillon. “What else should I say?”

Dillon pushed the phone back without looking at it.

“Look. I really don’t know.”

“You didn’t even look at it.”

“What can I say? I don’t need to know what you’re doing in your free time.”

“How can you say that?” Leah said. “You’re my best friend. I trust you to help keep me safe. I need your help here. Please?”

Dillon stared hard at Leah until Leah started to squirm.

“Fine,” she said. “Here. Give me your phone.”

“Is the picture okay? Should I put something more provocative on there?”

“No,” Dillon said quickly. “The picture is fine. You look great. It shows your personality with that smile. Keep the picture. Now where’s the profile?”

Leah scrolled down on the page. Dillon read out loud.

“Single white woman needs to learn to please a woman sexually. I’m clean and you should be, too. Hit me up if you’re willing to take a night to teach me how to make a woman feel good.”

“What should I change?” Leah said.

“Nothing.” Dillon shoved the phone back at her. “Not a thing.”

“What’s wrong? You seem pissed.”

“You know I don’t like this business. I can’t believe you made me read your profile. You’re basically opening yourself up to strangers. I don’t like it, Leah. Not one bit.”

“But I need your help. I need to make this happen.”

“Okay. Fine. For what you’re using it for, I think your profile is fine.”

“Then why haven’t more women contacted me?”

As if on cue, her phone buzzed.

“Is that a potential instructor?” Dillon said.

“It is indeed.” Leah was all smiles as she opened the app.

“What’s she say?”

“Her name is Chris. She’s soft butch and thinks she can help me. She wants to meet me.”

“Well, there you go then. Someone new.”

“I know. And look. She’s cute.”

She showed Dillon the phone.

“She’s not my type,” Dillon said.

Leah rolled her eyes.

“I don’t know why you’re being so difficult about this. I need to learn and these women are willing to help. I’d think you’d be happy for me.”

“Whatever. Where is our waitress? I want to pay our bill and get out of here.”

“I’ll pay my share.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You got me out of the house and made me eat. For that, I am eternally grateful and don’t mind buying you a chili burger.”

Leah’s phone buzzed again.

“She wants to meet tonight. Do you mind if I’m a little late tomorrow? And would you mind hanging at the bar tonight?”

“After last night, the last place I want to be is back at the bar tonight,” Dillon said.

“Please? I really want to meet her. I’m thinking she could be the one who really teaches me something that makes sense.”

“Okay. Fine. I’ll hang out tonight. But how late do you think you’ll be tomorrow? It’ll be Monday after all. And there will be lots to do.”

“I’ll try to be on time. I promise. I might just be a half hour late or so.”

Dillon let out a heavy sigh.

“That’s fine. I mean, it’ll have to be.”

Leah leaned over and kissed Dillon on the cheek as she frantically typed her response to Chris.

After breakfast, Leah went dress shopping and bought a new blue dress and blue pumps. She was going to look amazing for Chris, since she believed Chris was the one. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but there was just something in her eyes, her smile, that made Leah believe she had the confidence and patience to teach her all she needed to know.

She went home and soaked in a long, hot bath full of lavender oils. After, she showered and dried off, carefully patting every spot she knew Chris would touch just minutes later. When she was clean and dry, she put on her blue bra and slipped her dress on. She guided her feet into her shoes and looked in the mirror. She looked good. Damned good, even if she did say so herself.

Leah grabbed her keys and drove to The Kitty. She parked next to Dillon’s truck and said a silent prayer that Dillon wouldn’t be in the same shape she’d been in the night before. She entered the bar and found Dillon at the bar drinking cola.

“No beers for you?” Leah said.

“Hell, no.” Dillon laughed. “No beer and no tequila for me for a long time.”

Leah laughed, too.

“That’s probably not a bad thing. So, have you spotted Chris yet?”

“I’m not sure, but I think she’s sitting in the corner by the jukebox.”

Leah carefully scanned the room and tried to look as casual as possible, though her heart was thumping in her chest. She saw a woman who did indeed look like Chris. She was looking into her beer.

“So what do I do now?” Leah said. “Do I wait for her to come up to me? Or do I approach her?”

“How should I know? This is your gig.”

“There’s that support I count on.”

“Sorry. But I seriously don’t know. You could approach her, but then I wouldn’t get to meet her. And isn’t that the whole point of me being here?”

“I suppose you’re right. I could go talk to her and bring her up to the bar.”

“You could do that.”

Leah hadn’t been watching the mirror and almost jumped out of her skin when she heard a soft, melodic voice say her name. She turned to see Chris, a woman of moderate height with short dark hair much like Dillon’s, standing there. She had bright green eyes and an easy smile.

“Hi. You must be Chris.”

“I am. I hope I’m not interrupting anything?” She looked from Leah to Dillon and back again.

“No. Chris, this is Dillon. She’s my best friend.”

“Ah. So she’s here to make sure I’m not some wacko, huh?”

Leah laughed at her brazenness.

“Pretty much.”

“Well,” Chris said. “What’s the verdict?”

“I don’t know yet,” Dillon said. Leah cringed. “Pull up a seat and join us.”


Chris sat on the bar stool on the other side of Leah.

“Can I buy you a beer?” she said.

“I’d like a dirty martini,” Leah said. “Dillon?”

“I’ll have a beer.”

Leah shot her a surprised look, but didn’t say anything. Dillon seemed serious about checking out Chris and Leah wasn’t going to complain.

“So, what are your intentions?” Dillon said.

Leah laughed nervously.

“Well, I read Leah’s profile and was hoping to do what she asked. That is, teach her to make love to a woman.”

Dillon didn’t say a word, and Leah was surprised at how easily Chris had said that. She didn’t seem embarrassed in the least. She liked her easy confidence. She liked Chris. She was now sure she’d been right. Chris would be the one to really teach her what she needed to know.

“Well then,” Dillon finally said. “I guess my work here is done. Thanks for the beer. You two enjoy yourselves.”

And with that, she left the bar.

“She barely touched her beer,” Chris said.

“She’s a bit hungover.”

“Ah. Well, nice of her to let me buy her a beer anyway. She must really care about you.”

“Yep. We’ve been best friends for six years now. I’d do anything for her and she’d do anything for me.”

“Yeah? Well then, why isn’t she teaching you the finer points of sex?”

Leah felt a warm sensation flow over her. What was that?

“That would be weird. We’re friends, not lovers.”

“Got it.”

“So you about ready to get out of here?” Leah said.

“Lead the way.”